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Rajasthan Arts

Rajasthan ArtsIncredible Rajasthan is known to the world as "treasure trove of Indian handicrafts" and "shoppers' paradise" as the arts and handicrafts of Rajasthan are famous all over the world which is beyond comparison! The famous commodities which are sold in the international market are jewellery, pottery, painting, hand-printed textiles, furniture, leather ware, metal craft and many other local items. The village bazaar of Rajasthan is itself the composite reflection of its age old customs and traditions revealing in its vast range of arts and crafts.

Rajasthan Shopping
Since the Indian State of Rajasthan is regarded as the hub of precious and semi-precious stones in India, so the shopping of Rajasthan is based on different kinds of rich handicrafts and handlooms which are developed and flourished under the direct patronage of royalties. Some of the famous commodities which are sold in the international market are textiles, paintings, jewellery, floor coverings, metal-ware, terracotta, blue pottery, stone craft, leather ware, toys & dolls, furniture, woodcraft with exquisite workmanship and superb artistry. Almost all the major shops of Rajasthan are accepting the major credit cards whether it is in the offbeat rural area or a lively urban market.

Rajasthan Jewellery
The continuity of unique style of sophisticated works on precious and semi-precious stones made Rajasthan one of the major hubs of jewellery market of India. Number of techniques like 'Kundankari' and 'Minakari' are used by the artisans to give the attractive shape to the precious stones. Rajasthan jewellery is famous for "Kundan" work of Jaipur which is also a famous centre of diamond and emerald cutting. Rajasthan jewellery industries have attracted the international market for hand-cutting of gems and the precious stones like Ruby, Emerald, Garnets, Agate, Amethyst, Topaz, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian, etc.

Rajasthan Leather Wear
The arts and handicrafts of Rajasthan are reflected even in the leather works that include the items of foot-wear, chairs, musical instruments (Tabla, Dhol and Dhapli), mojaries, painted lampshades, shields, vases, bags, belts, hats, etc. The cobblers of Rajasthan use the skins of buffalo, bull, camel, cow, and goat to make different leather items like Jutis, Mojaris (slippers), bags, sandals, shoes and purses after tanning the skins.

Rajasthan Paintings
The paintings of Rajasthan are so vast and diverse that they reflect in different schools of paintings like the Mewar School, the Bundi-Kota kalam, the Jaipur, Bikaner, Kishangarh and Marwar schools. Not only this, folk paintings have also developed side by side. However, the miniature paintings of Rajasthan have fascinated the visions of tourists from all over the world for their distinctive styles.

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