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Rajasthan Crafts

Rajasthan Crafts Indian crafts are the composite reflections of regional crafts nestled in its states and villages that mesmerized the art lovers since the ancient time. Rajasthan crafts are one of such reflections which are famous in India and abroad for their special quality of woodcraft, earthenware, paintings, art & crafts, sculpture, textile, stone work, gems and jewelry etc.

History of Rajasthan Crafts
Since the ancient time, the crafts of Rajasthan are popular all over the world for their artistic genius and superb skill of the craftsmen. Considering the evolution of the crafts in Rajasthan, there were number of schools of crafts and paintings developed during the course of time. During the period of 10th Century, the famous art schools came into existence were the Hadoti School of Art, the specimens of which have been preserved in the museums of Rajasthan. Other schools which developed during the course of its evolution were Raagmala Painting and the Kangra School of Art which were renowned throughout the world. During the medieval period, observing the prosperity of arts and crafts of Rajasthan, Sawai Jai Singh the founder of Rajasthan invited the artisans from all over the country to come and settle in his new capital! Like the citadels (the place of artisans) during the ancient period, Sawai Jai Singh designated the special areas for the artisans to live. These craftsmen also used to the incentives!

Stone Craft
The craftsman of Rajasthan is famous for making the beautiful marble icons of gods and goddesses for worship. These stone craft in the form of Gods and Goddesses are being sold not in the Indian market but also in the international market for eye catching designed and works and craftsmanship. Apart from religious icons, the stone craft of Rajasthan is popular all over the world for other works of stone craft like staircases, furniture, tableware and artifacts etc. The cities of Rajasthan like Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaipur where tourists can see the fine examples of lattice, worked on screens and panels in the palaces of these cities.

As the driest region of India, the pottery works of Rajasthan are very famous especially the small mouths of the water pots which are made in such a way that helps to circulate the air and keep the water cool. The most famous pottery of Rajasthan is the water bottle among others like Pokran and painted pottery of Bikaner.

Other Famous Crafts of Rajasthan
Art and crafts are the part and partial of Rajasthani way of life famous in the world for Jaipur as the world’s largest gem cutting centre, traditional silver jewelry-chains, bangles, belts, anklets, earrings, gem painting, block printed textiles, painting on wood, cottons, Jadau and Kundan jewellery from Jaipur, blue pottery of Jaipur, woodworks, lacquerware, gesso work, cottons works, embroidery works, tie-and-dye textiles, leather craft, quilting, blue pottery etc.

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