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Rajasthan Folk Music and Dance

Rajasthan Dance Rajasthan Dance

The human imaginations and emotions are endless which are sometimes reflected in their various moods in the form of music, dances, paintings and many other activities etc. that are directly and indirectly related to the world of spiritualism that comes from inner side. The Kalbelia Dance or the snake dance performed by the women to the enchanting tune of musical instruments is one of the best examples of the human emotions in which movements and the costumes bear resemblance to that of the serpents to catch the snake! Dance of Rajasthan is the treasure of Incredible India full of enchantments, illusions and magical incantations where every act further accentuates the human imaginations and fascinations! The various other dances of Rajasthan are as under:

Ghoomar Dance
This dance of Rajasthan is derived from word “Ghoomna” where the women in community move clockwise and anti-clockwise gently and gracefully while wearing the Ghagra.

The Kucchi Ghodi
This dance of Rajasthan is mainly performed during the festival of Holi where the men and the “Kucchhi Ghodi” or dummy horse are attired in same color.

Gair Goomar
This dance of Rajasthan is famous for its balance with patience. As this dance is performed at gay occasions, the dancers have to carry brightly lit brass pots on their heads while displaying many flexible motions of the body.

Fire Dance
This dance of Rajasthan is mainly associated with the ritual of divine power of Jasnathis of Bikaner and Churu who are renowned for their tartaric power. The dancers perform on a large ground with live wood and charcoal where their steps move to the beat of drums that rises in crescendo till the dancers appear to be in a near hypnotic state.

Other Dances of Rajasthan
Rajasthan is famous all over the world for its folk dances and music that reside in nature and behavior of the people of Rajasthan. Some of the famous folk dances of Rajasthan are Terah Taal (Thirteen Beats), Caari or Pot Dance, Ghoomar Dance, Gait Ghoomar, Gait, Chart Dance, Kachhi Ghodi, Kathputli, Pabuji Ki Phach, Maand, Bhavi, Drum Dance, Gair, Kathak, Sapera Dance etc.

Rajasthan Folk Music

Rajasthan is regarded as abode of several Indian musical development including Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur the influence of which found in the nearby areas and other side of the border like Sindh. The royalty, vibrancy and legacy of Rajasthan are combinedly reflected in its folk music and dance that evolved during the long course of its history. This folk music and dance of Rajasthan has great contribution in enriching the vivacious Indian culture and regarded as the “treasured jewel in the Indian culture”. Keeping in mind, the importance of Rajasthan folk music, the State Government is providing patronage and opportunities for self employment for folk artists by organizing festivals and cultural programs.

Rajasthan Folk Music Tradition
The folk music tradition of Rajasthan is kept alive by the major groups of Rajasthan like Langas, Manganniyars, Mirasis, Dholis and Panihari for their distinct musical styles. The Langas group is exclusively famous among the Muslim audiences while the Manganniyars are famous among the audience for liberal approach. The Mirasis of Rajasthan has assimilated ecclesiastical traits and benevolence of Hindu and Muslim saints and prove as real personifications of secularism in India. All the major folk groups of Rajasthan like Mirasis, Dhadhis, Langas, Manganiyars, Kalbelias, Jogis, Sargaras, Kamads, Nayaks or Thotis and the Bawaris are commonly termed as “Dholis” whereas the Panihari is a traditional music of women of Rajasthan mostly about water and is cantered around the well.

Folk Musicians of Rajasthan
The contribution of preserving and sustaining the folk music of Rajasthan goes to the hard working musicians who belong to the different Gharanas of Bhaats, Mirasis, Nats, Bhopas, Bhands and Dholis. They are considered as the backbone of Rajasthan in glorifying the musical tradition and its rich culture heritage. These musicians of Rajasthan are patronized by the villagers and even tourists making their life more pleasant through their artistic talent handed down from generation to generation.

Instruments of Rajasthan Folk Music
The melody of Rajasthan is hidden in the primitive looking instruments of various variety used by the experts musicians during the time of the fairs, festivals and special occasion. Some of the famous Rajasthani folk instruments are the stringed instruments like Sarangi, Rawanhathha, Kamaycha, Ektaara, Mochng, Morchang etc.; wind instruments like Algoza, Bhil playing the Nad, Kalbeliyas; autophonic instruments like the bells, Ghanti or the Ghanta, ghungroos, Ramjhol, Manjeeras etc.; percussion like Damru or Dugdugi Maadal, Daf, Chang, Jugalbandi with Algoza & Matka etc.

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