10 Best Instagrammable Places to Visit In Bali

Looking out to the tourist attractions to explore in Bali? Then hold down for a couple of minutes. The very first thing I would like to quote for Bali is – Bali is not one destination, but really it’s lots of destination all in one.

Tip – You can read first why everyone is getting crazy About Bali and you should too!

Whatever, if you are planning to go to Bali in your solo or honeymoon trip, there’s something for everybody in Bali. From it is secluded beaches to relaxing beach clubs; from exceptional Balinese culture to Instagram worthy Rice Terraces, you will find infinite numbers of reasons why you need to visit Bali this year.

Take a look at all of them. I’m sure, you would really like to hear about the top experiences in Bali to make your sweetheart say YES on Bali tour.


  1. Seminyak For Sunset Viewing

bali sunset

Image by @littlebalilove

Pay a visit to the most vibrant division of this Bali Indonesia, Seminyak includes Instagrammable pubs, restaurants, sea temple, and hot beach clubs which operate across the beach coastlines. You’ll discover surfing places, boutique stores, and countless art galleries. Viewing the stunning sunset is the ideal thing to do in Bali for couples.

Advice – The trendy city of Bali, Seminyak is situated quite near Kuta, Jimbaran, and Canggu.


  1. Bali Swing For Insta Famous Photo

bali swing

Image by @sarabeloff

If you visit Bali and skip out to check out the Instagrammable Bali Swing, please for god sake, don’t tell your friends that you had been to Bali. Bali Swing is definitely must do experience. Swing and scratch your fear of heights and enjoy the swing ride as you enjoy surreal scenery before your eyes. Click the pictures of Bali Swing watching your lady love swinging high above the treetops. Bali Swing has a gushing river flowing below down which makes it the best Instagrammable spot in Bali visit in Bali.


  1. Bali Gate – The Entrance To The Heaven

bali gate

Image by @justinejehanno

Also known as Handara Golf Resort, Bali Gate is just over 30-minute distance out of Ulun Danu Temple and is a hot Instagrammable place in Bali. See the clouds rolling in across the towering mountains at the backdrops. It could be a cure when you’ve got a drone. Managing drone ensures you’ll have the very best photographs of your Bali vacations.


  1. Tegenungan Waterfall For Pool Adventure

Tegunagan waterfall bali

Image by @lospasosdegaby

If you’re a nature lover and would really like to shoot the Bali’s nature photograph, see Tegenungan Waterfalls. The path to reach this among the best waterfalls in Bali makes it the best Instagrammable place to see in Bali. Enjoy your drive from Ubud (10 kilometers ) to achieve Tegenungan Waterfall and respect the surreal lush green scenic rice terraces on each side. You may encounter some Gorgeous paved cities throughout your trip

On hitting the waterfall, then venture to the pebbly foundation and dip to the scenic pool. The entire experience is well worth admiring if you’re seeking romantic thoughts about Bali vacations.


  1. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

tegallangang Rice Terraces

Image by @oliviatalbot21

Located in Ubud, Tegallalang Rice Terraces is the most visited Instagrammable location in Bali because it has the beautiful spectacle of rice paddles. The picture that the traditional Bali irrigation method and revel in the huge panoramic view dispersing down throughout the valley. This among the greatest places to see in Bali is a cure for people who wishes to elaborate a fantastic Bali photograph opportunity.

Advice – Wake up early to observe stunning sunrise, and jump the rice terrace in the night time to respect the orange sunset. Avoid visiting afternoon because day fever is generally hot.


  1. Uluwatu Temple

ulluwatu temple Bali

Image by @thisgirl_doesitall

Consider yourself blessed since you’ve gotten the chance to see Uluwatu Temple that’s also the finest temples in Bali. It’s perched across the Uluwatu Seacliff in South Bali, it is setting is sufficient to look at this place the Instagrammable renowned.

Advice – Uluwatu Temple, is a bunch of six important temples, also referred to as the spiritual pillar of Bali. Locals consider these columns shield them from bad sea spirits. Is not is well worth visiting?


  1. Campuhan Ridge Walk To Mindful Walk

campuhan ridge walk

Image by @our_wanderlust_life

Bali isn’t just about love defining luxury hotels, and besides, it’s a picture of the greatest romantic island to see, Bali is enormously visited by tourists to see the breathtaking all-natural landscapes.

If fortune is on your favour (the weather ), you may get to find that the Mount Agung Status tall, which will be a gorgeous experience to cherish at Bali.


  1. Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

kelingking beach nusa penida

Image by @tanamezz

The island country Bali is famous for its fair share of beaches that are highly popular across the world since they’re sun-drenched and the seas are cobalt blue. If you’re short on time but wish to pay a visit to the very best beach in Bali, see Kelingking Beach at Nusa Penida. Defining the elegance of shores, Kelingking Beach is your definition of heaven shore.

The cliffs lack security, but on visiting with absolute care, it’s a completely safe increase. Watch the stunning sceneries and revel in the sounds of cobalt blue water flowing.


  1. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

Image by @mrbalitour

Located 25 kilometres from Denpasar Airport and 20 kilometres from Uluwatu Temple, you can not miss out to see Balangan Beach if viewing the sunset is the most intimate thing to do in Bali. It’s from the finest beaches in Bali because the enormous cliff with all the shore makes it Instagram worthy place in Bali. When you’re there, see on peak of the cliff to have the couple take. See the royal Indian Ocean and browse the waves of Balangan Beach.


  1. Pura Lempuyang

pura luhur lempuyang

Image by @livinginbalipodcast

But it would take a while to reach Pura Lempuyang; however, your attempts would be well worth trying since you will be able to observe the picturesque perspective of Mount Agung throughout the temple. The gate is a gateway to paradise as lofty clouds are extremely nearby for you!

Have you ever seen Bali yet? If so, they sure have some classy tips to share with our readers. Feel free to discuss your views and if you’d like to know the best time to visit Bali, click here!



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