Dare To Bare: 10 Of The Best Experiences To Cherish In Rajasthan

Although still in Rajasthan, which is also called the “The Real Essence Of Art, Culture and Royalty”, have always on the top of the tourist radar for Indians as well as humans from throughout the world.

Rajasthan is all about experiences – wandering around crumbling forts and havelis of Jaisalmer and Jaipur,  bathing in the marble bathroom of Umaid Bhawan in Udaipur, dining lip-smacking Rajasthani Cuisine in Amber Fort, Rajasthan has many claims to Fame the ultra-romantic and the most dazzling destination of the word.

Yeah, it’s little expensive, but I guess, extravagance and the experience of living in the grand palaces of former Mughal King, (which are now converted into swoon-worthy hotels) has a price for all the right reasons. Don’t you think so?

Our definitive list of much-needed reasons to visit Rajasthan and cherish the life-changing experiences will force you to throw words like wanderlust and bucket list. Read on!

And these experiences on not on the map. Exactly!


1. Lip-Smacking Jaipur Cuisine


Lip-Smacking Jaipur Cuisine


The Pink City Of India – Jaipur is the place where humans from across the world throng for its delicious cuisine. The taste note of the Rajasthani street food as well encompasses the magnificence of Rajasthan so rightly. While you’re visiting Jaipur incoming Valentine’s Day, you could savour a grand romantic meal with a view. And I guess, nothing could be more romantic than dining in an ambience that gives the rustic Rajasthani feel.

If you’re a person like me who like to eat and travel in minimum expenses, then you would love to know you can warm your hands on a glass of mulled chai or coffee and bite into some crunchy samosas, pohas.

Pro Tip:

There are restaurants that give you the panoramic romantic view of Nahargarh Fort, Ganesh Temple as well.


2. Thrilling Wildlife Safari In Ranthambore National Park


Ranthambore National Park


Wildlife connection is the heart of travel for some frequent travellers. While travelling to Rajasthan – India, catch more of a glimpse of the Bengal Tiger during the thrilling safari ride. You’ll be able to see how the wildlife of Ranthambore is still preserved and cared. No trip here is complete without witnessing the wildlife, so definitely get this family-friendly giant beauty on your bucket list asap!

How to Get There:-

The Best way to go there would be to hail a safari ride or canter ride. You can feel thrills in the lap of wildlife at Ranthambore in 2 shifts per day, the first one is in the morning at 7 AM and the alternative in the evening at 2 PM.

If you want to experience the thrill you may need to wake up early because, at one time along with 5 distinct zones, only 20 vehicles are permitted inside the National Park.

3. Learn the History


historical places rajasthan


Keep your DLSR’s ready and revise the interesting history of Rajasthan, you can tour the various small towns like Dundhlod. Their art and architecture of mirror work, glass windows and fine antiques are sure to leave you spellbound.

Places like Chittorgarh has some great stories to cherish. The world largest fort, Chittorgarh. Apart from the fort, various temples and mansions will definitely intrigue you to dwell into the history of the Rajput Dynasty.

If you’re travelling with family, tour the nutshell Bundi village. Here you’ll come across narrow blue streets and rich architecture, palaces with impressive sculptures.


4. Take A Walking Tour In Madogarh Village


Madogarh Village tour


The rural village life of Rajasthan is everything every past traveller to Rajasthan narrates interestingly. Madogarh is one such village where Indian women are dressed in colourful attire along with perfect balance brass pot of water on their head.

What we like most about this place is it’s not very commercial, however kind and comforting hospitality is at its best here!


5. Make Romantic Affair In Udaipur


Udaipur Tour


You probably have heard the phrase “ Venice Of East” and maybe read about it. But for me, the only place that perfectly describes this is Udaipur. If you’re planning to tour Rajasthan, tick Udaipur in your bucket list because the city is laced with shimmering lakes and Jewels Of Mughal Architecture. The lapping water running through the city amidst stunning backdrops and glorious lights sure do call for some romantic rekindling.

There is some unique experience to try in Udaipur like taking on a serene boat ride on Lake Pichola while watching unparalleled scenic and elevated hills.


6. Tour The Blue Gem Of Rajasthan – Jodhpur


Jodhpur Tour


This city surpassed the challenge of featuring in Lonely Planet Travel Magazine cover also. Jodhpur reverberates the famous phrase  “Raum-raumsaa, keekarho?” Hello, how are you? Foreigners couldn’t resist themselves strolling and photobombing the colour full street, shops, houses of Jodhpur.

Jodhpur bounds to seduce you with its handsome forts, shimmering lakes and the colourful stories of the handsome Mehrangarh Fort.


7. Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer Tour


If the weekend getaway is your thing and you’re looking to get away from the monotony, let it be Jaisalmer! Even the wind has the story to tell here. The land of beauty and grandeur, Jaisalmer is a true traveller paradise. Located in the middle of the second largest desert, this beautiful state of India lures thousands of tourist hats. There is something about Jaisalmer that makes you feel like you’re stepping back into another time and age. Jaisalmer offers experiences that you won’t ever forget for a long time.

The city is the perfect place for romancing in Rajasthan. Here you’ll find the best ambience that will evoke your love even more. Tent house stays with your love under the moon, with thousands of twinkling stars and perfect Rajasthani folk dance is what will give you cherished memories for a lifetime.


8. Chit Chat With Locals



Forget about your tour guide; the best place for you to learn about the culture and tradition is from the local humans by asking a million questions. Make new friends while you’re on your trip to Rajasthan and they will treat you with amazing hospitality.

For a life-changing experience, we advise you to get up close to the day to day life of locals. You’ll come across kids speaking their English homework to you. Trust us, it will be a beautiful, memorable exchange that will surely make for the best travel moments.


9. Desert Camping At Bikaner


Desert Camping At Bikaner


Certainly, there are experiences in life which money can’t buy for you and life won’t just handle them over to you. Camping at the golden dunes of Jaisalmer could be your ideal call if you’re a true adrenaline junkie. It’s true that camps not boost that luxurious amenities that you usually get in the hotels, but in still, if you’re true nomad you’ll love the dazzling sky, vigorous folk dances, flashy puppet shows, yummy authentic meals and I guess, that’s enough to rejuvenate your senses. Don’t you think so?


10. Get Spooky Tingling Feeling At Bhangarh Fort


bhangarh fort most haunted place in india


Romantic, comedy, drama, culture and traditions – all these genres are fine but the actual fun is when you tour the fort that brings chills down your spine. Prove your chops and tour the Bhangarh Fort which is fraught with eerie activities and scary memories. We mean, this vicinity is so exciting that humans are thrilled to get into it at some stage in the middle of the night (even by paying a bribe to the watchman).

This ruined 17th-century castle has a very exciting story of being cursed through a black magician, in line with which, no soul can stay right here peacefully! As a result, more than one testimonies about how someone who visits here after dark doesn’t stay to peer the day or the voices and paranormal sports witnessed here have efficaciously freaked out tens of millions of people.

There, didn’t we just sort all your Rajasthan vacations plans? Just call up your gang, clear your schedules and head over to have a swoon-worthy bash in the Land Of Royals – Rajasthan.

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