10 Reasons That Makes International Tourists Go Crazy For India

Rich in colour and extreme in vibrancy, the only country which blazes it’s way more than any other country, India is a tapestry of oldest traditions and civilization in the world. From the deep-rooted history to spectacular 30+ UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reasons to visit India are more than it should be.


From tourists point of view, India is one of the maxima visited destination by international tourists since India offers free tourist visa on arrival to international tourist for more than hundreds of countries. To know whether your country is listed in that visa on arrival list, follow Culture Holidays to get all your answers about India tour package.

What entices international tourists to visit India are the many factors like affordable price, affordable accommodation, and pristine beaches and handsome lofty hills, Here we have done half of the work for you and presents the ten reasons that make tourists go crazy for India.


1. History and Architecture :


If we talk about richness in history, and architecture, there is no other country on the planet that sounds the same as India does. With more than 30+ UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the architecture of India is breathtaking to watch. Discovering the history and architecture of India is best explored in the Golden Triangle India Tour.


Wondering what the Golden Triangle Tour is? Tap here!


2. Culture and Traditions :


The only country in the world known for its rich culture and traditions, India will give you a major cultural shock no matter where you visit. Each of the destinations in India has its own charm, own tradition, and its own history. For your better understanding, the culture and traditions of India seem like this:


If you visit north India like Rajasthan, you will find men wearing colourful turbans and women wearing a specific style of clothes covering their head and face. However, if you visit South India like Kerala, you will locate that the Rajasthan and Kerala both are distinct from each other in terms of language as well as attire and lifestyle.


3. Religion :


With the strongest democracy in the world, India is home to the majority of religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Islam. To learn about these religions on India journey, there are separate places where you can seek blessings from God.


4. Spirituality :


Well, this is something that acts as a tourist magnet to international tourists. Spirituality is pretty synonymous with India, and there is a place to practice the spirituality seasons. The holy destinations like Haridwar, Varanasi, Pushkar, and Rishikesh are home to ashrams, and ghats, where the spiritual people perform their spiritual tasks.


5. Food :


Whether you a local food lover or you want to fix your hunger with the cuisine of your country’s food, you will find plenty of eateries serving Asian cuisine and all major international culinary delights, that too without making a hole in your pocket.


6. Warm Hospitality and People :


Indians welcome tourists with the saying; “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which means the guest is synonymous with God to the Indians. Such is the level of hospitality India delivers to tourists that it is still unmatched with any other country in the whole world. For a first-class celebrity-like treatment, visit Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra on your India visit.


7. Diversity :


From diverse climate to distinct culture, pristine beaches and handsome mountain ranges, India is a deck of diversity. If you are a nature lover, you would love to visit the Himalayan towns like Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling, and Gangtok. For beach hopping and sun tanning adventure, south India is a perfect place to make some beach affairs.


8. Shopping :


It is one of the best things to do in India tour package. We are saying this because shopping in India is itself an adventure no tourist left without doing it. Shoe your bargaining skills while doing shopping in Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra, which are famous places for shopping in India.


9. Adventure :


Form rafting to mountain climbing to dune bashing to stargazing, the list goes on and on… India is pretty famous for hosting paragliding events, and there is a place to indulge in adventure sports activities in India.


Adventure Sports Destinations in India – Rishikesh for river rafting, Paragliding in Bir Billing, dune bashing in Jaisalmer, and mountain biking in Ladakh.


10. Super Affordable Friendly :


Well, that’s the major reason why many citizens of the United States and European countries hop on their India journey. It is the super affordable destination to visit and explore the top attractions. Here in India, the dollar always gets the best deal on INR – the Indian currency. What else do you want more?


Do you know any other specific reason to visit India? If yes, share with us, and we will post your India travel story on our Facebook and Instagram profile.


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