15 Reasons Why Bali Should Be High On Your Bucket List Of Travel

You have seen the “God’s Own Island” – Bali on your favourite travel bloggers Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Now get ready to pack your bags and hatch a romantic escape with your travel partner in the magical energy of Bali and discover why this island nation has long been a staple of romance, adventure, and relaxed lifestyle.



A Glimpse of Bali

Bali with its 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, stands alone in its incomparable beauty. This humble island is so damn awesome. From sugar sandy beaches of Uluwatu, Seminyak and Kuta to the laid back romantic island vibes in the Gili Islands to the never-ending hippies’ fire in the cool cousin of Seminyak – Canggu, this Indonesian island has everything that can lure backpackers and honeymooners.

Bali is the perfect amalgamation of great hiking trails, photogenic temples, surfing paradise and so obvious, the Island of God’s boosts swoon-worthy drop gorgeous hotels and resorts that are destination themselves.


And the best part is, you can pre-book your stay in Bali by making a loud call for Bali tour packages on our platform.


Visa Policy For Bali


Bali is the ultimate romantic getaway for honeymooners nowadays, thanks to its 30 days visa on arrival policy. Bali allows Indian tourists for 30 days to make their stay. In Bali, you’ll come across with oh-so-fabulous beach clubs where you can enjoy glittering nightlife with your sweetheart and your gangs of the wanderer.

What could you ask more from any destination? If you’re planning to visit Bali anytime soon or know someone who has plans to visit Bali in the future, then you better share our checklist of reasons to visit Bali with your friends.


15 Reasons Why Bali Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

With plenty of reasons to visit Bali, here are top 20 excuses to pack your bags and discover why Bali is famous for, why you should visit, and what are the experiences you will cherish on your Bali tour


1. Long Walks On Secluded Beaches



Want to rouse a romantic spirit on your Bali vacations? Imagine walking hand in hand with your sweetheart and strolling amidst the secluded beaches and the virgin coral islands. The idea itself delivers a strong vibe. Isn’t it? The Bali boosts surprisingly amazing long stretch beaches but Jimbaran Bay and Medewi beach top them all.

While you’re on your Bali holidays, we suggest you satiate your taste buds with mouthwatering seafood and enjoy the sunset and sultry vibe at Jimbaran Bay. Adventure couple should not miss the chance to make a tranquil escape at Medewi Beach where you can swim, surf with world-class waves.


2. Mouth-Watering Food To Die For


Bali Food


If you’re a foodie junkie and always prowl for delicious cuisine on the international getaway, then Bali should be on your top of the list. The food here in Bali is extremely cheap yet delicious.

From tasty lip-smacking tofu, spicy local food to tempeh and red rice in coconut milk, options are many for you to get indulge in a delicious food affair of Bali on your Bali vacations. Non-Veg food here is also very tasty.

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To help you to taste lip-smacking food on your trip to Bali. we suggest you satiate your food thirst at The Spicy Coconut, Nook, Sea Circus, Sprout and Cinta for the best pancakes overlooking the rice terraces.


3. Insane And Vibrant Nightlife


Night Life


Who would agree that after a laid-back adventure at the long-stretched beaches and satiate your food cravings at the finest restaurants, nothing beats the idea of partying all night with your heart in the insane nightclubs of Bali that too with your sweetheart and bachelorette group? Well, Bali is a party lovers paradise.

Parties here are wild and loud and tourist flock to this island all year round for experience the unique nightlife. Choose to plan and action pack evening on your Bali vacations.

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For the ultimate #nightlife scenes, head to Kuta – The Party Capital of Bali where you’ll find many restaurants. Party animals can also make their way to the Seminyak for the more sophisticated nightlife.

So, now you know when the party animal calls out loud for nightlife fun, you know where to head.


4. Surprise Your Sweetheart With A Beach Side Movie At Karma Beach


Karma Movie Night


With the fast approaching Valentine’s Day, we personally recommend you to surprise your romantic partner by planning a date in unique style at Karma Beach. With our Bali tour packages, make your sweetheart swoon in romantic style while gazing stars and let the waves of Karma beach soothes you.


5. Shopping Hopping Venture



What could be better than shopping together on the island of Gods with your sweetheart? Grab your totes and get, set, shopping! Leave a space in your suitcase when you are on your Bali holidays because Bali is a shopaholic’s wonderland. From street markets, trendy stores to handicrafts and amazing silver and gold ornaments, Bali literally have everything in store for you.

The malls in Kuta and the Seminyak Flea markets, never miss impressing tourists. What we really like about shopping therapy in Bali is the fact that Ubud, Seminyak and Kuta boost amazing shops and boutiques that are also featured in the travel documentary. So, shop till you drop on your Bali vacations.

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6. Enjoy The Dining Experience In The Middle Of The Paddy Fields



Imagine sipping your favourite drink and sitting in the middle of the vast green paddy fields watching the sun to set. Put all of this together, that’s how one can imagine their dining experience in the Ubud.

Of course, if you want to cut from the monotonous life and wish to spend some quality time with your romantic partner than dining amidst the paddy files of Ubud would be your must do the thing on your Bali tour package.

While you’re in Ubud, we suggest you photobomb the Tegenungan Waterfall, which is one of the best waterfalls to witness in Bali and demands a visit on your trip to Bali.


7. Pamper & Rejuvenate Yourself At The Top Rated Spa



Imagine spending some “Me” Time” and rejuvenating at the cliffside resort with the ocean waves sound in the background? While you’re in Bali, rejuvenate and ignite the flame of intimacy by taking a couple spa treatment together.

Bali is the one heck deck of places that boasts world-class spa treatment in the entire world. To get the tempting offers on Bali tour package with cliffside accommodations, browse our Bali tour packages.


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8. Scale And Hope The Gili Islands


scale and hope the gili island

The tour to Gili Islands will surely win your heart. Positioned on the Northwest coast of Lombok, Gili Island in Bali is where you should be on your Bali holidays.

This 3 small group of islets Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air is packed with amazing snorkelling and diving sites along with the wonderful eateries and resorts.

The Gili Islands ranks amongst the top in the list of most romantic islands of Bali. Here you’ll find the horse-drawn carriage, automobiles are no more there in Gili Islands and you have hope in the horse-drawn carriage from one place to another.

Couples who’re travelling to Bali should consider visiting Gili Islands for the laid back oh-so-amazing on their Bali honeymoon tour package.


9. Get Your Prayers Answered At The Famous Temples Of Bali


Bali Temple

Need your prayers to be answered? Well, that’s possible. On your trip to Bali, you’ll find many shrines which hold strong mythological value along with excellent architecture.

Give yourself the taste of spirituality by visiting Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple which is unquestionably one of Bali’s most grand temples, as it’s situated on Lake Beratan up in the island’s sloping focus.

Combined with the perspective of the mountain extend, this makes Ulun Danu Beratan an astonishing spot for photographs. For a more enchanting experience, you can likewise invest some energy in the lake and visit the adjacent greenhouses to make a fun day of it.


10. Luxury Hotels That Are Destination Themselves


The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel


Last but not least, if nothing makes you more convinced to plan Bali holidays, then we advise you to check the swoon-worthy luxurious resorts and hotels of Bali that are destination themselves.

Accommodations options in Bali are many for honeymooners. From commitment to discreet, personalized service, and the opportunity for couples to enjoy intimate moments, honeymooners would have a great time while on their Bali vacations.


11. Rice Terraces


Tegalalang Rice Terraces

If you want some ME time on your Bali tour and love the idea of getting surrounded by the lush green rice field terrace, then we can exactly tell you that how you would be feeling in the rice terraces in Bali. Your visit to rice terraces will calm your senses, and you will enjoy you the picturesque setting of rice terraces as you’ll be in the valley surrounded by lush greenery. The rice terraces in Bali are so picturesque that when you’re here, the outside world seems very far away!

There are many rice terraces in Bali, but the most famous one is Tegalalang Rice Terraces, which is located a short distance from Ubud – the cultural heart of Bali. Tegalalang Rice Terraces could be explored in around 45 minutes.

Entry Cost – It costs around 10,000 IDR to visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace. 

How To Reach – Tegalalang Rice Terraces are located just around 10 km from Ubud. The best way to reach the rice terraces is to rent a scooter and go for hopping adventure. It will cost you less and give more exposure to admire the lush green beauty of Bali. 


12. Sunsets To Die For


What to Expect after Hiking

If romance is the spice of your relationship, then we are sure you the idea of watching the gorgeous sunsets with your lady love or hubby lures you. Isn’t that true? Make your Bali tour as romantic as the Hollywood movies by watching the impeccable sunsets throughout your Bali tour package. There are popular beaches in Bali from where witnessing the sunsets with your partner is the most romantic things to do in Bali

Beaches like in Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Lembongan, Uluwatu, and Jimbaran are places to capture the amazing sunset views on the beach shores. You can make your time more romantic after sunset watching in Bali by going for happy hours at the beach clubs. There are plenty of beach clubs in Bali where you can enjoy the sunset views while sipping your favourite cocktails


 13. Tropical Whether All Year Around


best time to visit canggu bali


It would be correct to say that Bali is one of those few destinations to visit that draws tourists over the globe throughout the whole year. Bali enjoys 12 to 13 hours of sunshine each day, and there are opportunities to get yourself cool down in the pristine waterfalls in Bali, best beaches in Bali – where you can swim, surf, snorkel, and relax. The average temperature of Bali throughout the year ranges from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. 


14. When Experiences Rain?

Rainfall experience at Bali

Rain in Bali starts from October to March. Sun is expected to comes out after the rainfall in Bali. 


15. It Has Amazing Culture


Just like it’s beaches, temples, resorts, the culture of Bali is no short of any magical experience that you will love on your Bali trip. The culture of Bali showcases the rhythm and inspire the way of living for Balinese people. From Balinese dance to ancient rituals, get to learn about various festivals in Bali on your visit. Catch a live celebration of Balinese traditional dance performances and a full glimpse of other spiritual dances that personifies the amazing Balinese culture. 

So, now we’ve got you covered. Make your way to the Bali in the upcoming weekends with our tempting Bali tour packages. Share our blog post to raise awareness amongst your friends and help them to make their Bali vacations.


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