5 Reasons Which Convinced Me To Spend My Hard Earned Money On Traveling Rather Than On A Big Fat Wedding!

Traveling to a far-flung destination is a better approach than spending cash on a massive fat wedding! Anywhere on the planet, a woman or maybe a man is considered to be settled when he/she’s wed in a good household where his/her spouse is great; family members are adoring. This guide is not about gender equality or disheartened a very pure and blissful tradition called marriage.

This report will loop around choices. The options I will opt to make with my own life and why they are acceptable for me and everybody who thinks similarly as I believe!


Now discuss the notion of marriages, if they’re in your countries or some other countries, people shed a huge sum of money in elaborating their union functions. A big fat wedding and also a destination wedding have been the new trend in the current lifestyle. You may relate to the fact that more and more people spend their hard-earned money and invest lakhs of dollars for only one wedding, which can be the normal matter for more than 95% of those people all across the globe.

However, this normality is not for me. I’m a different kind of person. I prefer to travel to some far-flung destination or explore a destination that I always want to discover. On the flip side, spending a huge sum of money at a wedding is the choice, but it’s also perfectly fine if someone does not need to do the same.


I don’t think and like the concept of marriage since it demands huge cash to spend on! If you dive deep into the concept of marriage, then marriage is thought of more blissful when you reproduce kids — with a baby after marriage is another step for being settled in the union. I would rather spend tons of money on traveling the world on a large fat wedding.

In this blog article, I will explain why this decision is totally justified. Thus, give me your ears since this blog is going to be somewhat intriguing.


  • I Want Something Different From My Life

I’m not like any other man in the world who wants to have a married life to become settled. For me personally, satisfaction in existence and having a smile on my face when I return is something that I will treasure more. I find my joy in researching the new destination and finding the offbeat and touristy place to the destinations I’d intend to visit. I really don’t think the joy of travel could be substituted with the union. You might find my idea of a joyful life distinct. However, I am like this!


  • Investing In Traveling Is Like Investing Time & Money In Yourself

I am the kind of person who always and will always opt to invest in travel to obtain a life filled with experiences instead of spending the same amount on my wedding. When I compare the amount of money individuals invest in their wedding to exactly the identical amount they might be investing in the traveling, I discovered the latter one is more rewarding than the formal one. I’m against spending a huge amount of money for one day to sponsor hundreds of your guests for supper. I mean, who cares about the marriage function apart from the mouth-watering food?

However, if the identical amount of cash you choose to spend on travel includes more returns, it fills the heart and mind with pure happiness, actual bliss. Moreover, traveling resembles releasing rich adventures that feed your spirit and change you as someone for a complete life.



  • I Want To Embrace Myself Throughout Your Life

I never forget myself to embrace the first before than any other person in the world. I’ve seen a number of women and men in existence, such as my mother and dad, that they’ve put everything and every individual at first before placing themselves in the exact same place. For example, my mother had sacrificed lots of her desires for us and has learned to be hugely selfless. My dad was able to earn money for us, never believe himself the first one to devote exactly the same. I really like all of them, but I honestly don’t want to be like these.

It is not because what they’ve done in their lifetime is lame and not admiring, but because I don’t dare to be so selfless and consider so many people ahead of myself! I know that – to learn the way to be happy and fulfilling life, you first must explore and discover the adventures which are worth searching for!

  • For Me, Being Settled Is Not Only About Having A Marriage

Unlike most of the people on Earth, I enjoy putting and bookmarking my own preferences for travel first besides having a regular life where folks get married and have a baby the very next year — for me personally, setting down means that I’ve traveled enough of the places I always wanted to explore. My type of satisfaction in life is different in making new friends, exploring the unexplored areas, and ticking every undone experience in my bucket list of adventures.

Seriously! I don’t require the certification of marriage to reside and traveling with my loved one. Although it’s also true that I always plan my own world of joy in my mind with all the person I wished to get married and learn more about the world, but deep down inside, I know that I am not someone who needs a postage to be married to this person just in order to warrant the so-called culture. For me, the definition of love, travel, and admiration is totally different from the rest of the audience!


Lastly, I’d wind up saying that I completely respect the idea of union and agree that union is absolute bliss in anybody’s life. Possessing a union is also an experience that’s very harrowing to digest. But should I say myself! I really like to travel over anything because I discovered the perks of traveling are in abundance. I don’t want to appear back when I’m in my old 50s sense that I have missed something in which I can achieve the exact same! That’s me:-RRB-!

Do not forget to discuss your views on marriage and travel! I know a number of you are increasing your creativity. It’s better to share your views in the comments section down!


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