Do You Know? Taking A Dip In Specific Water Bodies Can Heal Your Physical Injuries & Diseases

While some of you may be raising your imaginary thoughts and minds and thinking about how is this possible that taking a dip in specific water bodies can heal your physical injuries and long term diseases? But it is true! There are places to visit on India trip that has put logic into wonder. The nation India which we all think is about marvellous architectural masterpieces, majestic forts, and divine temples is also known for its umpteen cultures, unique traditions and rich beliefs.




As per the beliefs of locals in India, there are myriad places across India where taking a dip in the divine water bodies can heal your long term diseases and minor injuries. This list will give you a quick glimpse of such injury or disease healing locations in India that everyone should check while embarking on India tours. 


  1. Gurudongmar Lake


Situated in the northeast region of India, Sikkim is a beautiful place that is known for its tropical climate, snow-clad mountains and lush greenery. Out of the many tourist attractions Sikkim, there is a high altitude lake over there which name is Gurudongmar Lake, which is a defined holy by Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhist communities alike. 


Special Element – This magical lake is associated with Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who was the founder of Sikhism. Locals narrate a story of this lake which goes something like this. Guru Nanak Dev Ji once touched a part of the lake, which ended up making it prone to freezing. Ever since then, locals of Sikkim claim that whosoever will drink sacred waters of Gurudongmar Lake can strengthen their life and immune system.


Tip – Visit this Instagrammable location on your India visit! While the best you can do is to make Gurudongmar Lake the major inclusion in your Golden Triangle India tour package. 


  1. Bhimkund




Bhimkund is a mysterious waterbody situated in Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh. Its mystery is so amazing that the Discovery channel crew couldn’t resist themselves to visit it. Many stories and sayings are narrated about Bhimkund, which states that this water body exists from the bygone era of Mahabharata, which is the famous epic of India. 

Special Element – Locals claims that no human being can’t locate the actual depth of this waterbody, and the water here at Bhimkund rises mostly with a natural disaster. If you think the locals are the actual guides of the particular place, visit Bhimkund to wash your sins and heal your diseases. 


  1. Manimahesh Lake




Nestled in the most famous hill stations of India, Himachal Pradesh, Manimahesh Lake is a high altitude lake and has magical properties to heal unsure wounds and diseases. This lake is the major tourist attractions of many international tourists as well along with the thousands of locals since the water is crystal clear. 


Special Element – In accordance with the locals, if you walk around the banks of the Manimahesh Lake three times, chances are huge that you will be able to restore your muscle strength. 


  1. Gangnani




If you are wondering where this place is tucked, then let us tell you plenty more things about Gangnani. Gangnani is located in Gangotri, Uttarakhand, which is also called “The Land Of Gods.” This small picturesque town falls on the famous Gangotri route and is the ideal spot to cure to diseases. 


Special Elements – It has hot water springs where thousands of travellers stop to plunge their body. Many of the tourists, as well as locals, stated that taking a dip in the hot springs of Gangnani has given them the strength for trekking activity. 


  1. Pushkar Lake 




Well, this lake is something that demands a visit if you are intending to take Golden Triangle India Tours. Located in the hippie town of Rajasthan, Pushkar Lake is tucked in Pushkar and has origination from the bygone era of Mahabharata and Ramayana. 


Special Element – Pushkar Lake has sulphur waters that locals state is highly beneficial for several skin diseases. You would be surprised to know that plenty of locals experienced that a dip in the sulphur-rich waters of Pushkar Lake has cured their cancer. 


Don’t just doubt and think that it is a flipping article instead, visit any of the one places from the above-mentioned list on your India vacations. After all, nothing is more convincing than trying it and experiencing it yourself! 


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