Away From The City’s Traffic, Explore These Finest Place In Bhutan

If you are looking for a tourist place which is not that well-known among the tourists and you get the opportunity to explore the unknown and unpredictable, you can consider Bhutan on the top of your list. We look at the best places to visit in Bhutan – perfect for all travelers.


Known as the ‘Land of Thunder’ Bhutan is favorite for the adventurists, nature lovers and also for those who want to explore a different type of culture and tradition. Guarded by the high walls of the Himalaya, this small country is really a land of astonishment. The country is throbbing with the Buddhist culture and religion, which has its influence in the lifestyle of the locals. So, if you are planning to arrange a tour to Bhutan in your coming holidays, you can make a list of the best places to visit in this country.


Explore 5 Finest Places in Bhutan




Dzong’ means fort or temple in Bhutan. While you are in Bhutan, you will find lots of ‘Dzong’ in this small but beautiful country. Among those, Rinpung Dzong is one of the most beautiful forts that attract tourists from different parts of the world. This ‘Dzong’ is the best example of exclusive Bhutanese architecture and vibrant culture


You will find several temples and shrines over there, among which Sandalwood Stupa, Monk’s Assembly Hall, Protector’s Shrine, Kung area, etc. are really popular for their beauty.




This monastery is one of the most adventurous and extraordinary monasteries in the world. The monastery hangs on the cliff of the mountains and is surrounded by deep, dense forest. And the blue pines and rhododendrons are like ornaments on that monastery. If you love to trek, you won’t want to miss trekking up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery


You can also take a pony ride, but that will take you up to the café. Then, you have to take the steep and narrow stairs to reach the monastery. Once you are there, you can get amazed by the spectacular view of the Paro valley and the Snow Lion Cave.




While you are in Bhutan, you have to visit Thimpu, the largest and the capital city of Bhutan. The valley of Thimpu is mesmerizing. This city is the home of the royal family of Bhutan, and it lies on the banks of Wang Chhu River. 


Once you are in this city, you can visit the Tashichho Dzong, which is one of the most ancient monasteries in the country. For the younger generations, the nightlife of Bhutan at Thimphu is fascinating and amazing.




Chele la Pass is located at an altitude of 3989 meters, and it is in the Haa Valley of Paro. This is the highest road pass of this country where the pass is surrounded by the outstanding view of the magnificent Himalayan Range. Once you are here, you can get a view of the adjacent peaks, mount Jomolhari that is considered the most sacred mountain in Bhutan. 


To enjoy Chele La Pass at its best, you can visit the place during the Haa Festival. You can experience the rich Haa culture and tradition of the nomadic life of the local people.




Punakha Dzong is the second largest ‘Dzong’ in Bhutan, which is really magnificent and majestic. Located between two rivers, Po Chu and Mo Chu, this place is really awesome. The Dzong is connected with the mainland with a wooden bridge. The soothing temperature and the lilac-colored jacaranda flowers will welcome you warmly at this place.


It is really difficult to encompass all the wonderful places in Bhutan within limited words. Explore the country, and you will find lots of amazing places here. Plan now and arrange the tour to have a lovely vacation.


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