From Sunrise To Sunset, Here Are The Best Beach Clubs In Bali For Sunsets, Drink Up & Dance

Recharge the party animal in you at the best beach clubs in Bali for a romantic getaway!

Are you just looking for a new place to party or eat in luxury at the luxurious beach clubs with your pals? We are sure that you are tired of visiting the oh-so-common party clubs in your city or country and just thought that you are looking to take an escapade from your current living destination. If you are looking for drink up, dance, and oh-so-amazing partying ambience at a new foreign land, then Bali is a place to consider. And it’s no wonder why!

With around 200+chicest beach clubs in Bali, you can transport yourself in the Island of God’s, and gaze upon glamorous sunset and sunrise and bask yourself in the electrifying experience. Tick the tropical dream of vacationing in Bali and get to enjoy what real parties are made up of at its world-class beach clubs!

  1. OMNIA Dayclub Bali

OMNIA Dayclub Bali

Known for its image of operating with a 21+ policy, Omnia Dayclub in Bali is located on the scenic cliff at Uluwatu. This one of the trendiest beach clubs in Bali is distanced approx 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Partying at this beach club is all about redefining your daily experience with a breathtaking design, exceptional service, breathtaking views of the majestic Indian Ocean and beyond.

You will be welcome with pumping music that will make you unstoppable to shake your legs on the rhythm of the music. This dazzling beach club has the oceanfront infinity pool where you can unwind your day while sipping the mocktails or cocktails while lazing on daybeds. You can kill your starvation since there are multiple bars and restaurants. The most famous restaurant’s name is Sake no Hana which serves drool-worthy Japanese food.


  1. Sunday Beach Club, Uluwatu

Sunday Beach Club bali

If you want to leave the monotony of tourist crowd behind, then pay a visit down the Bukit Peninsula spectacular cliffs to arrive at the Sunday Beach Club. It is indeed a slice of heaven and has earned its reputation as one of the most iconic beach clubs for a reason. It’s honestly full of fun activity since the Sunday Beach Club have got paddleboards for those who crave a little ocean sport.

You must visit this soul capturing beach club in Bali early if you want to beat the queues and delve into relaxing vibe in the turquoise blue lagoons. Also, you can raise your dining experience with your gangs of the wanderer since Sunday Beach Club offers signature cocktail drinks and who wouldn’t mind dining while enjoying the ocean view?

Plus, you can make your booking to one of its Vip Beach Bungalows that comes with the dedicated butler if you are considering to visit Bali with your soulmate on Bali vacation package. We urge you to swim, sip and marvel the ocean views until the sunsets. Later, you can station yourself next to a bonfire and enjoy some great time.


  1. Tropicola Beach Club, Seminyak

Tropicola Beach Club, Seminyak

Incline yourself to the paradise time and era and enjoy the poolside drinking while the salty sea breeze is hitting your face – this is Tropicola for you! This one of the interest pulling beach clubs in Seminyak, Bali is known to turn out to be the rendezvous hotspot for backpackers across the world since it is tucked directly across from Batu Belig Beach. You can nosh on the flavoursome Mexican cuisine while devouring on the cocktails, mocktails at the poolside.


  1. Finns VIP Beach Club, Canggu


If you ask about our favourite beach club in Bali, we tell you that it’s Finn Beach Club in Canggu. This is one of the luxurious beach clubs has an ah-mazing kind Bamboo pavilion that guarantees breathtaking sunset views to every guest who arrives here. Tourist who has been to Finn VIP Beach Club has narrated the experiences that this beach club in Bali is like the new cool kid in town where lazing around the colourful day beds and sunbathing with a cocktail in hand is one of the best things to do.

Did we mention that you could enjoy the head-spinning uninterrupted ocean views and spellbinding sunset while savouring the radiant drinks and drool-worthy food at the Rooftop Bar? If you are lucky, you may spot the hottest female vocalists over Finn VIP Beach Club.


  1. El Kabron, Uluwatu

El Kabron, Uluwatu

Inspired by Spanish cuisine and awe-inspiring sunsets, El Kabron is a stylish Bali beach club tucked away on the Uluwatu Cliff. This finest beach club is blessed with extravagant white interiors and has trendy bars, restaurants where you can gorge on lip-smacking cuisine food. There is also an infinity pool at the El Kabron where you can unwind your day aimlessly floating around the infinity pool which gives this place a swanky look that will make you whip out your cameras and get clicking,


  1. Sandy Bay Beach Club, Nusa Lembongan

Sandy Bay Beach Club, Nusa Lembongan

Sandy Bay Beach Club is crowned as the best beach clubs in Bali is known for its magical and memorable experience. It is placed at the west coast of Nusa Lembongan and is known for exuberating its rustic charm averse to the breathtaking backdrop of the raw beauty of its landscape. If you are visiting Bali and looking for the perfect place to unwind, at the white sands, then Sandy Bay Beach Club is the place where you will get to witness the glorious sunset reflecting its rays at the picturesque limestone cliffs.

Also, if the perfect partying idea for you involves enjoying the flavoursome meal with sipping wine and cocktails, then Sandy Bay Beach Club is the place to go for. You will be spoiled with the sound of the crashing waves in the evening.



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  1. La Brisa, Canggu

La Brisa, Canggu

Under the moon and over the sea, La Brisa beach club is tucked on the most renowned Echo Beach and never fails to impress its guests with its warm hospitality, flavoursome food, and tranquil atmosphere. The interior and the decor furniture of La Brisa beach club is made up of eco-friendly materials. If you are a sea cuisine lover, then this Bali beach club is the place for you!

La Brisa boasts a unique ambiance for dining and partying, and worlds would not do justice the experience you will get to unlock in the crisp morning, sunny afternoon or the golden hours of sunset.


  1. COMO Beach Club, Canggu

COMO Beach Club, Canggu

Electrical DJ sets, traditional surf shacks, and good vibes all around the place, Como Beach Club is the most visited beach club in Canggu and is the perfect place to visit in Bali for spending your vacation in style. From its design to interiors to the food it serves, the COSMO Beach Club has 52 rooms and suites including surf side residence, penthouses, that gives its guests the ultimate ocean view accommodation experience too! Cosmo Beach Club in Bali is wellness heaven for those who want to tick pampering, reviving massage therapy while soaking the views of the outstanding surf breaks

Make your stay extra special and get into party scenes from sunrise to sunset at these top-notch beach clubs in Bali. Sit in the lap of luxury of the pull of value for money deal like nowhere else.

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