8 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka That You Just Cannot Miss In 2020

Beaches In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is becoming a very popular beach destination not just for the Indians, but also
for travellers all across the globe! The countless tourist flocks to this jewel-shaped
island nation to swim, surf, snorkel and relax at the best Sri Lanka beaches. Sri Lanka is
a jewel-shaped island nation which is tucked in the Indian Ocean. The country is
relatively small in size but large in experience.

From manicured lush greenery to pristine waterfalls, from appetizing sea cuisine to
enthralling wildlife, one will find plenty of reasons to visit Sri Lanka on their vacay! If
you want to know the topmost reason that pulls travellers crazy about Sri Lanka, read
our blog post!

This blog post will tell you about the top 8 beaches in Sri Lanka where the warm blue
waters, green palm trees are a sight to behold. From watersports to idyllic vast views of
the Indian Ocean, our guide to most visited Sri Lanka beaches is a major shoutout to all
the beach lovers!

We have listed down the best of the best Sri Lanka golden shores that will force you to
pack your bag and book your escape to the sizzling Sri Lankan beaches. Make sure to
explore as many as the beaches on your Sri Lanka itinerary!

Let’s get started!

1. Wijaya Beach

Wijaya Beach sri lanka

Only a few beaches of Sri Lanka have palm trees leaning over the turquoise blue waters
and Wijaya Beach is amongst one of them. This beach is known for its white sands and is
also the place for watching the baby turtle head popping up out of the waters during the
dusk! You can take a swim in a natural swimming pool since there is a beautiful coral
reef in front of Wijaya Beach.

Which Season Is Best – Except May, June, October and November, the rest of the
months are perfect to go!

2. Mirissa Beach

mirissa beach sri lanka

The only paradise Sri Lankan beach, Mirissa Beach is a family-friendly beach which is
widely famous amongst the travellers for its whale watching experiences. This beach is 2
km long and attracts couples, family travellers, solo backpackers since its an ideal spot
on the south coast for sunbathing, surfing, snorkelling and much more. The beach is
surrounded by cosy eateries and restaurants.

Which Season Is Best – We suggest you visit Mirissa Beach between November to April.
However, August to October is also the ideal to go!

3. Arugam Bay Beach

Arugam Bay Beach sri lanka

If surfing is what you are seeking from your Sri Lanka beach vacay, then it’s dumbness to
avoid visiting the Arugam Bay Beach. It is rewarded as the #1 Sri Lanka beach for
surfers since it draws surfing enthusiasts across the globe. You can take your family or
sweetheart at Arugam Bay Beach and indulge in surfing experience. It’s not a matter of
concern if you don’t know how to surf. Some trainers will give you the surfing lessons.
Make sure to check it out the Arugam Bay Beach and visit it on the weekend to make the
most of your beach vacay amidst the golden sands.

Which Season Is Best – April-September. This is the time when the beach remains less
crowded by the tourists.

4. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach sri lanka

Imagine surfing and swimming at the banana-shaped beach, isn’t this sounds unique?
Unawatuna Beach is bestowed with white sand lines, swaying palm-fringed trees, and a
dozen of beachside cafes and restaurants that go on all night! Unawatuna Beach is
tucked in a great picturesque village and the beach is located in a bay, which means you
can take perfect romantic walks, a swimming experience anytime throughout the day.
From drool-worthy chocolate rottis to beachside margaritas to mouth-watering sea
cuisines, restaurants dotted on the shore of Unawatuna Beach are worth a visit!

Which Season Is Best – November to April. This is the time when the beach remains less
crowded by the tourists.

5. Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach sri lanka

Hikkaduwa Beach is the foremost Sri Lanka beach to witness the giant-sized turtles
swimming near the beach. The beach is located on the west coast to Colombo and you
should visit it if you want to marvel at the rich orange sunset views with your BAE!
However, you may spot plenty of other tourists at the Hikkaduwa Beach since this
awesome Sri Lanka beach is widely famous amongst the locals and international
travellers too! Why? From surfing to scuba diving to snorkelling to exploring the
underwater world on a glass-bottomed boat, things to do in Hikkaduwa Beach are
endless. Awaken your beach lust at Hikkaduwa Beach.

Which Season Is Best – November to April. This is the time when the beach remains less
crowded by the tourists.


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6. Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach sri lanka

Surf, Kayak, Relax, Rejuvenate, and take magical romantic walks on the Bentota Beach.
It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka that has the finest stretches of white
sands. The surrounding areas of Bentota Beach are lined with affluent hotels for couples
and family vacationers. One can find the luxurious staying options since many hotels
around Bentota Beach are nestled amongst the palm trees. One such reason to visit this
beach is that Bentota is known as the “Watersport Hub” of Sri Lanka. Begin your lust for
watersports and romantic beach strolling with your BAE at Bentota Beach.


Which Season Is Best – November to April. This is the time when the beach is not
occupied with other tourists.

7. DickWella Beach

DickWella Beach sri lanka

Dickwella Beach is, however, not oh-so-famous Sri Lanka beach but it doesn’t change
the fact that unexplored places are always worth chasing! Located in the town
Dickewella, the beach is undiscovered and untouched by mass tourism which means you
should defo explore it. The beach is widely famous amongst the family vacationers since
your child can even learn swimmings lessons too without the fear of accidentally ranging
out into the sea. The Dickwella beach is protected by the sandbars, reefs and other
natural formalities. For newly-wed couples, there are many affluent resorts staying

HOW TO REACH – You could reach this beach by taking a bus or cab ride from the

Which Season Is Best – Throughout the year!

8. Negombo Beach

Negombo Beach sri lanka

Negombo Beach however not boasts watersport options but it is still one of the
favourite beaches in Sri Lanka amongst the tourists. It is located close to Colombo on
the west coast and is surrounded by a range of beach resorts for couples. Negombo
Beach is ideally situated close to the main airport, so reaching this beach is not a hectic
option. If you are someone who wants to unwind on golden sands, then Negombo Beach
has plenty more options like authentic sea cuisine, friendly locals and a dose of cultural
aspects of Sri Lanka too!

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