10 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka In 2020 To Indulge In Luxe Vacations

If you’re looking to create special moments with your family or sweetheart in an affordable Asian destination, then think of holidaying in Sri Lanka. It’s a jewel-shaped island nation tucked in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is rich in culture, versatility, landscape beauty and provides quintessential vacation experience to the travellers across the globe.

This small jewel-shaped island in the Indian in the Indian Ocean formerly known as Ceylon and now it’s world-famous for its immaculate clean beaches, swaying coconut palms, lush green tea plantations, scenic waterfalls and much more!

In terms of colonial and historical beauty, Sri Lanka has some of the best places to visit for those who are interested in unfolding the colonial architecture that dates back from the time when the Portuguese, Dutch and English was in the rule there.

For culture vulture and beach bum, Sri Lanka never fails to entice tourists. The growing tourism in Sri Lanka is on the radar of the thousands of the backpackers and honeymooners because Sri Lanka is quite affordable, safe, and less crowded than the other countries around it.

Whether you want to test the adrenaline in you by watersports or you want to tour the historical sights, Buddhist temples, there are places you should not miss to visit in Sri Lanka if you want to make your Sri Lanka vacations an experience to remember for the lifetime.

best places to visit in Sri Lanka

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 2020.


  • Bentota


Bentota is a famous tourist attraction in Sri Lanka laden with swaying coconut palm trees and is the first Indian Ocean Beach Resort to indulge in water sports like surfing, sailing, snorkelling and more. Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Bentota is the destination to explore if you want a change of pace. According to us, Bentota is a river that blends with the sea and forms an outstanding lagoon.

Don’t miss exploring the turtle hatchery on a day trip. Explore hands in hands with your beloved in the lush gardens. Seek divine blessings at Old Buddhist Temple that dates back from Medieval times.


  • Mirissa


Mirissa is one of the best honeymoon places in Sri Lanka for newlywed couples and why its rightly dubbed as the tropical paradise for couples is what you should know. Dotted with swaying coconut palm trees, glorious golden sand beaches, sizzling sunset points, Mirissa is where you can enjoy the best dolphin and whale watching experience with your loved ones. 

Don’t just believe us, instead, go and explore Mirissa on your Sri Lanka vacation package on your own and discover why locals and tourists alike call Mirissa the crescent-shaped piece of paradise.


  • Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

Do you know that you can explore Little England in Sri Lanka at the lovely city that is set on the hilly side? Can anyone guess it’s name? It’s a Nuwara Eliya. Dubbed as the replica of England, Nuwara Eliya is listed in the top romantic places in Sri Lanka for couples. This Sri Lankan tourist spot is known for its massive production of tea. If you’re a tea lover, you should defo learn and explore the production of the tea at Nuwara Eliya. This hilly getaway is set at an elevation of approx 6,100 ft, and thus, the temperature is temperate to bear.

Stroll hands in hands in the tea production capital of Sri Lanka, – Nuwara Eliya and sip the finest tea while witnessing the sizzling sunset and sunrise. See how far your love can hike with on a trekking trail. Spend relaxing romantic time at the pristine waterfalls like Lovers Leap Fall, Lakshapana Falls, Ravana Falls.


. Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Considered to be the mecca of leopards across the world, The Yala National Park is titled in the list of best wildlife places in Sri Lanka. For tourists who love nature and are wild at heart, witnessing the density of leopards, elephants, water buffalo is the best thing to do in Yala National Park on your Sri Lanka vacations. The National Park is approximately 242 km from the capital, Colombo. With around 200+ special birds, your visit to the Yala National Park will reward you with a new wildlife experience for sure.

Advice – The Yala National Park remains closed in the September month because of the Leopard breeding season. So, plan your visit accordingly. For the jungle nightlife experience, choose to stay at Yala National Park resorts like Elephant Lake Yala, Yala Leopard Mobile Camp.

. Kandy 


Kandy is the second-largest city in Sri Lanka after Colombo and is a famous honeymoon tourist attraction in Sri Lanka for the couples. The region is known for its tropical plantations that grow both tea and rubber. A scenic road ride to Kandy from Colombo is a rewarding experience since it will give the best landscape views of Sri Lanka. Kandy is world-renowned for the Temple of The Tooth Relic and houses the most sacred Buddhist Temples in the world. Get personal with Elephants and watch the elephant bathing at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

If you want to get immersed in the culture of Sri Lanka, you can savour the true culture and its flavours to fullest in Kandy. Don’t miss attending the Kandy Festival if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka in July and August. Kandy is dotted with a range of affordable resorts for couples. Some of them are Ozo Kandy Sri Lanka, Sevana City Hotel.


. Negombo


Soak the comprehensive tranquillity in abundance and head to Negombo if you want to explore the topmost place to visit in Sri Lanka. Negombo is a fishing village and housed the large Christian community, and you can sneak peek at the Portugues and Dutch-influenced colonial buildings. This notorious honeymoon attraction in Sri Lanka is located at a convenient distance from the airport and its pristine sandy beaches; turquoise blue waters is sure to spark your romance differently!

Witness the beautiful architecture and magnificent paintings at the St. Mary’s Church, and seek divine blessings. Gaze at the sun setting against the beautiful backdrops of the ocean with your bae. Shop your heart out at Negombo plaza and be a shopping spree.


. Polonnaruwa


Yes, it’s true that Sri Lanka is one of the famous tourist attractions for the romancers around the world, but it’s also the best place in Asia that is world-famous for its UNESCO Heritage Ruins. From Instagrammable spots for shutterbugs to spots for the romantic stroll with BAE, Polonnaruwa is a blend of beauty and beast that goes hand in hand. You can explore the Archeological Museum, Royal Place.


. Galle

Galle sri lanka

Gale is a famous historical place to visit in Sri Lanka since the 17th century and is a pretty popular attraction in Sri Lanka for its Galle Fort that was built by Dutch Colonists. This magnificent attraction perched and overlooks the majestic Indian Ocean. The fort depicts the beautiful architecture style and thus, it’s a fortified city.


. Sigiriya


Sigiriya is the most visited tourist attraction in Sri Lanka not only the locals and the international tourists but its a favourite place of the archeologists too. Its an ancient city that is built on a steep slope, topped by a plateau (approx 600 ft). The plateau is called – Lion’s Rock and overlooks the lush green jungle down. You can reach Sigiriya Rock by taking the staircase and on your visit, be ready to get dazzled with the ponds, gardens and the fountains. According to the locals, Sigiriya is the Eight Wonder of The World.



December to April is the best time to explore Sri Lanka’s beaches and hilly areas because the weather remains dry. However, the accommodation gets skyrocketed at this time.

May to August is the time when Sri Lanka experiences the rainfall in most of its areas. The accommodation during these months gets cheaper.



To explore the best of Sri Lanka’s top tourist places, you must reserve your Sri Lanka vacation package for 5 to 7 days if you truly want to explore the best of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful spots.

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