Paradise Island Resort & Spa: The Place To Fasten Your Romance Lust In The Maldives

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Hola, awesome travelers! Aren’t you looking for trooping over to the first romantic weekend getaway with your BAE? No worries, as we have got you this super coll private island resort in the Maldives that we wanna tell you all about. Read on and make sure to arouse and bury your romance lust in this place to visit in the Maldives.

Paradise Island Resort & Spa in the Maldives is the 5-star island resort in the Maldives, which will be soon be aired for arousing romance amidst the tropical ambiance. This place has everything to keep honeymooners and family vacationers busy, including an outdoor pool, spa, and four delicious restaurants to eliminate your gastronomic sins. Your stay here at Paradise Island is all about unlocking the world-class luxury with breathtaking views of the majestic Indian Ocean. From world-class cuisine to comfortable accommodation options, the resort is perfect for spending a vacation with your BAE, family, or friends.

Distance From Airport: The Male International Airport is approx 11 km from Paradise Island Resorts. Through speedboat, you will be driven to your property in just 15-20 minutes.

Other Amenities – Comfortable & spacious private villas, bungalows that guaranteed absolute privacy. Plus, most of the rooms are equipped with coffee or tea machine, and air conditioners, tiled floors, and private balcony are there for the guests to gaze at the vast views of the majestic sea.


Accommodation Options At Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Browse the super luxurious villas at Paradise Island Resort & Spas per your budget and interests :

1.  Superior Beach Bungalow

Just like its name, this type of accommodation will reward you with access to a paradise island beach, and you can enjoy the amazing views of the turquoise waters from your veranda. The superior beach bungalow acquires are of approx 25.65 sqm and have a capacity of accommodating 3 adults or 2 kids +1 children.

2. Water Villa

With sunset and sunrise facing villas, this type of villa gives guests access to step down to the lagoon. You can enjoy the lagoon views. Not only views, but you can pump your adrenaline with snorkeling and swimming activity and return your water villa later. Prepared to be pampered in the water villa accommodation at Paradise Island, since the villas hold approx area of 77 sqm. Only 2 adults can stay with one kid in the water villas.

3. Haven Villa (Lagoon View)

If your idea of romance in the mesmerizing Maldives is not restricted to just relaxing, and you can shed down more cash, then Haven Villas, facing lagoon views are the accommodation of your type. Spread across 80 sqm, this accommodation allows 2 adults to enjoy the mesmerizing ocean views. Secluded space and utmost privacy for couples is guaranteed at Haven Villa. Plus, you will get the separate check-in areas of your own.

4. Ocean Suites (Ocean View)

Now, this is something which we could say the best of the best accommodation in the Paradise Island Resort & Spa. With 2 king-sized beds, 2 sofa beds, your stay at Ocean Suites will reward you with the private pool, terrace, and magnificent lagoon and ocean views are absolute bliss. Its a two-bedroom suite that sprinkles luxury, comfort in one place. The Ocean Suites villas in Paradise Island are spread over an area of 386 sqm.

Best Things To Do In Paradise Island Resort & Spa

1. Catamaran Sailing

You can feel the thrill of catamaran sailing, which is amongst the amazing things to do in Paradise Island.

2. Windsurfing

Have you tried windsurfing yet? If not, then do try it at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa. If you have not idea how to indulge in windsurfing, then fret not! The resorts professionals will assist you in how to slide on the waves.

3. Canoeing

Imagine paddling a boat with your loved ones on the turquoise blue waters of the MALDIVES. This activity is enthralling for couples.

4. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is the yet most joyous things to do in Paradise Island since it offers thrill in abundance you can imagine. The resort staff will take care of your safety and will tell you how to drive the jet ski on the waves in a safe manner.

5. Waterskiing

Water Skiing is yet another way to stretch your adrenaline muscles if you want to skip the relaxation part, like spa therapies.

6. Parasailing

Parasailing at Paradise Island Resort will reward you with the unique way of witnessing the absolute essence of Paradise Island. Expect to soar high in the soaring sky and unlock panoramic views of the whole island and ocean under you!

So, on your next Maldives vacay, you know where to start your relaxing, rejuvenating, and adrenaline-pumping adventure. Paradise Island Resort & Spa is calling you!

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