10 Best Reasons To Visit SriLanka In 2020 That You Will Love To Read


There are plenty of reasons to visit SriLanka if you’re planning an international trip. SriLanka is a jewel-shaped island nation and is located in the majestic Indian Ocean. This jewel-shaped nation has now become the tourist paradise for fun packed and relaxing vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cultural bum, or a beach lover, or the scenic landscape fan, SriLanka has everything in abundance that will make you think why haven’t you visited it yet? 

Compared to neighboring countries like India, SriLanka is also much easier to travel, and at the same time, it’s a very affordable paradise for vacations for honeymooners, backpackers. Affordable, cleaner, and less crowded, is what makes SriLanka the best place to visit in 2020. 


Travelers who are looking for the best reasons to travel to SriLanka must have to digest the fact that though SriLanka is smaller in size, but it has rich orange sunsets, tropical climate all year round, beaches that seem right out of the postcards, gorgeous landscapes and hiking trails that every traveler would like to explore on their Asian destination exploration. 

Here is our list of the 10 best reasons to pack your bags and head to fun-frolic vacay at SriLanka. 


  • Thrilling Asian Wildlife Safari Experience 



If you haven’t been to wildlife safari in your life, then you can make your experience count by doing it the very first time in SriLanka. Wildlife safari in SriLanka is a thrilling wildlife adventure that is pretty much the same in appeal and demands the less cash to invest in compared to African wildlife safaris. In this pearl of Indian Ocean nation, you can encounter wildlife in abundance, including leopards, elephants, wild boar, and many other species. 

National Park For Safari: Yala National Park, Wilpattu National Park. 


  • Hiking & Outdoor Activities


Hiking & Outdoor Activities sri lanka

Do you consider yourself the no-pain-no gain backpacker kinda? If yes, then hiking the Sigiriya is your reason why you should visit Srilanka in 2020. Hiking the top of Sigiriya is a unique experience for the adventure seekers since the whole climb takes a few hours. Sigiriya is one of the important historical monuments in SriLanka, and locals call this wonder the Eight Wonder In The World. The Sigiriya sits on top of the giant rocky plateau and is the perfect example of magnificent man-made wonder across the planet. 

Outdoor Activities: From surfing to cycling to rock-climbing, do yourself a favor and indulge inasmuch outdoor activities in SriLanka. 



  • Mouth-Watering Cuisine


Mouth-Watering Cuisine sri lanka

It’s no surprise that the SriLanka cuisine is world-famous since it reflects the taste and flavors of its people. The country has a unique blend of Indian curries, spices curries, coconut water, and appetizing seafood. Tourists who are looking for the reasons why you should travel to SriLanka must know that in the future, Sri Lankan cuisine may take over the world-renowned Thai cuisine. Such varieties of food you can taste on your SriLanka vacations. 


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  • Ancient Temples & Buddhist Culture


Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple

The most tempting reason why you visit SriLanka in 2020 is to explore its ancient temples and Buddhist culture. SriLanka ranks amongst the best countries where tourists can have a deeper understanding of Buddhism culture. Around 70% of the population is Buddhism in culture, and there are plenty of Buddha Statues and religious sites you can explore on your SriLanka visit. 

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  • To Discover Locals Life & Traditions


Traditional Dance of Sri Lanka

Just like its neighboring country India, SriLanka has pretty much the same traditions that you could find in India. India and SriLanka draw a number of similarities in their traditions and local way of living. But SriLanka, in contrast with India, is less chaotic. So, this reason to visit SriLanka is liked by many travelers, and they find the great opportunity to travel to the jewel-shaped nation while enjoying the slower pace of life.

BONUS POINT – Locals in SriLanka are very amiable with a smiling face. They have a happy heart and warm, welcoming attitude towards the guests who visit their country. You can spend carefree days with the locals in SriLanka at their lush green environs while sipping the tempting coffee or tea. 



  • Road Tripping Across Countryside


Road Tripping Across Countryside sri lanka

You may not be aware, but the landscape beauty of Sri Lanka is the most tantalizing reason why you should visit SriLanka on your next vacay! Form surely towns along the coast to laid back country lifestyle across manicured tea plantations at the Kandy, exploring SriLanka’s trial on a two-wheeler is a great way to see the jewel-shaped nation uniquely! 



  • Luxury In Budget


Luxury In Budget sri lanka accommodation

SriLanka remains to enchant tourists, be it be honeymooners, backpackers, family travelers with its affordable luxury options. You can stay in SriLanka for one weak in USD 560$, which is pretty affordable compared to other destinations like Maldives, Philippines, Switzerland, and more! Sri Lanka is the perfect example of respective tourism and is amongst the best tourism nations in the world. 

BONUS TIP: There are loads of luxury hotels in Sri Lanka at this moment where you can experience the luxury at its best. Amongst the most admired hotels are Chena Huts in Yala National Park, Wild Coast Lodge also in Yala. 



  • Train Travel



Most of the travel bloggers have written various blogs on Sri Lanka train travel that Kandy to Ella Train Ride is the most amazing train journey in the world. Kandy to Ella train journeys is itself the reason why you should visit Sri Lanka once in your lifetime. The journey is so revitalizing that you can sit on a train and watch the world sweep by to the rhythm and clatter of the wheels. This will be your chance with your sweetheart to retain the old world charm and watch the manicured green valleys, breathtaking valleys, and towering mountain ranges without spoiling your modern bums. 



  • The Magnificent Landscapes


The Magnificent Landscapes sri lanka

Imagine waking up in the wonder every day and watching bright blue train slowly meanders its way through the pristine mountains, spectacular valleys as you pass through tea plantations. Sri Lanka is a paradise nation for hassle-free holidays amidst the magnificent landscapes. With tea plantations, pristine beaches stretched lush greenery, the landscape beauty of Sri Lanka will amaze you! Be sure to witness the spellbinding sunset views, and take waterfalls tours too on your Sri Lanka vacations. 


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  •  Sri Lanka Is Super Affordable

Sri Lanka is amongst one of those countries which won’t break your bank if you’re looking for a perfect laid back holiday amidst the sun, beaches, luxury hotels, heartwarming locals, and more. Sri Lanka is a destination that offers such great value for your money. In approx $3, one can dine; in less than $5, you can embark on the most scenic train journey that commences from Kandy to Ella. If you’re still not convinced, then you must know that the whale watching and wildlife safari excursion could be done at a rate starting from $20-$30 per person. I think this is the main reason why tourists are getting crazy for Sri Lanka. 

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Still curious? Hey, we are Culture Holidays: Thanks for reading this article on the top reasons to visit Sri Lanka. If you want to learn more about the things that make tourists go crazy for Sri Lanka, then sign up your comments down, and we will get back to you with more profound things to do in Sri Lanka. 

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