The Perfect Destination To Hit For Vacations: 10 Things That Makes Kerala The God’s Own Country

It’s not often that a single state of India can boost sugar sandy beaches, wildlife national parks, emerald tea garden hills.  But somehow, tranquil Kerala manages to do that all. Positioned down in India’s southern state, Kerala is a magical paradise from everything the usual set of travel books often associated with the north of the country. Locals of India define Kerala “God’s Own Country” for all the right reasons.

One of the finest and cleanest places to travel in India, Kerala is the perfect alternative to rejuvenate your senses right from lazing around the Kovalam Beach to cruising the winding backwaters of Allapuzha to wandering around the verdant tea garden hills of Munnar.

As a frequent traveller, I’ve put together a few of the reasons that signature Kerala “The God’s Own Getaway”. Below mentioned experiences are my personal experiences and I bet, will also sort your plans to travel to Kerala. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

Kerala “God’s Own Country

1. It’s Completly Different From The Rest Of India

If you want to witness the picturesque landscapes where the crowd is less and fun is more, then you’re in for a treat in Kerala. Kerala offers multiple experiences together right from it’s lip-smacking food to friendly hospitality to romantic staycation. Taking a flight from India’s capital down to the state of Kerala only takes a few hours. That means you could travel to Kerala to calmer and slower down your pace of monotonous life.

2. It Is One Of The Finest Place To Encounter Wildlife In Their Natural Habitat

Let’s jump it onto the real fact, endangered species and animals are at their verge of extinction in this whole world and nowadays, it’s not easy to encounter a wildlife experience in their natural habitat. But Kerala has something unique for all the wildlife lovers. Here, there are national parks like Periyar National Park that boos amazing wildlife experience to encounter. You’ll get to see black monkeys, water buffalo and Bengal Tigers if you’ll make yourself available for the safari experience. What’s more, the place is super green with courteous humans and super affordable too makes it the ultimate getaway for backpackers.

Kerala Landscapes

3. Swoon-Worthy Dreamy Landscapes

No tourist in Kerala left empty-handed. I mean, from massive waterfalls to the rolling beaches, and even to the tea plantation of Munnar, there’s no question that Kerala has a surplus of dreamy landscapes that you’d see in anything from action thrillers to sci-fi fantasies, and even in one of India’s most expensive film ever, Bahubali. This $40 million movie actually got shot over there in Kerala.

Athirapally Waterfalls was the place where the high budget Bahubali movie was shot. As you climb up the pristine fall, you can see the river flowing past huge rocks and trees. The falls are so huge that for a minute you can’t believe that they can be so huge. One look at them and you will start believing in magic, that’s how the beautiful waterfalls are. They are definitely the most charismatic ones. Lie down on the rocks and enjoy some fresh mist spraying on your face from the waterfall, while admiring your surroundings. The scenic beauty of Athirapally Waterfalls will definitely thrill your sense.


4. Cruising The Winding Backwaters Of Allepey

Picture yourself perched by the lakeside, a book and cuppa in hand, admiring the beauty of the backwaters of Kerela. Feel the stress slipping away? That’s exactly how picturesque a hotel must be to rid you of all the strain! The main purpose many travellers come to Kerala is, of the route, to revel in the famous backwaters. Actually, the backwaters are a complicated chain of lakes and lagoons main inland from the Malabar Coast.

Once used for transporting rice and spices around the kingdom, the lengthy wooden houseboats are actually in most cases for travellers – a few actually have onboard Jacuzzis and private cooks. You can also spend a few days traversing the maze of backwaters, or only a day as I did. Either manner it will likely be an unforgettable experience.


5. Fire-Up Your Tastebuds Thrice A Day With Lip-Smacking Food

I won’t hesitate to mention that the satiating my food craving in Kerala was the best choice of my Kerala trip. The food of Kerala will fire up your plate with its Kerala-style dosa, loaded with coconut chutney, masala potatoes and a sour lentil and tamarind broth known as Sambar. This is the traditional breakfast or lunch of Kerala locals and trusts me, you’ll also love the food.

The food here is served in Banana leaves which I liked the most. Even a light breakfast hits my hungry soul and I couldn’t resist booking my trip to Kerala in upcoming 2019. That’s the beauty of Kerala food.


6. Rejuvenate Yourself With Ayurveda Treatment

The humdrum of fast city life has made even the sprightliest of souls droopy. And realising the need to get in touch with the riches of our soul, indulging in the Ayurveda treatment of Kerala could be the major highlight of your Kerala trip. And if you’re not aware of the blissful Ayurveda treatment of Kerala, then I must say you don’t know what Kerala could offer you. Whether it’s simple message or Ayurveda treatment, options are many to rejuvenate your senses in the God’s Own Country!

Honeymooners could hunt this opportunity to take couple massage together at the spa of Kerala. There are many accommodation options that provide an end-to-end holistic experience that will soothe all your senses and make way for a better, happier you! Ask for Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic, Herbal and Natural Therapy, Patented Color Healing and relaxing Yoga sessions are waiting for you in Kerala.

Kathakali Dance

7. Watch A Traditional Kathakali Dance

I bet you would love watching this traditional dance. Kathakali is a well-known classical dance shape which is also the soul of Kerala. With the help of this dance and their expressions, the dancers narrate an interesting tale a good way to mesmerize you and make you quick of words. usually, those performances take region all through the night time.

Paragliding Kerala

8. Nerve-Racking Paragliding Adventure

Gear up for a thrilling time in Vagamon and try thrilling paragliding here at Vagamon! Paragliding is flying inside the sky for a few quantities of time with a pilot and feel like a loose bird. There’s no such feeling as pure as being there, up against within the sky.

It’s so intoxicating which you’ll come returned as a special individual. GoPro devices are to be had for paragliding that is used to make videos of paragliding. Consider, how jealous all your friends are going to be once they see the images of you in the sky! We suggest you don’t overlook to feature those locations on your itinerary.

kerala Beaches

9. Sunbath At The Sand-National Beaches

Kerala’s most stunning and famous beaches have a little little bit of the entirety for anybody, from the young circle of relatives in search of unspoiled sands and enjoyment activities to the player checking out the nearby skills. With pedal boats for lease, undulating hands, the array of coconut timber, and tea and espresso plantations, site visitors have masses to keep them busy should they tire of the long, huge stretches of soft sand. famous for its backwaters and lush inexperienced hillsides, there may be masses to enjoy about a destination that is merely sand and sea. But those beaches have greater to provide. Kerala’s seashores aren’t most effective ample but additionally of a nearly of a universally excessive nice.

Tree House Stay Kerala

10. Sign-Up For Tree House Stay

In case you’ve been following your nostril and need to get the fine lodging alternative, I advise you to signup for tree house live to make your romantic fantasy come true. The homes are made of wood and bamboo along and have netted home windows. Get this rustic to enjoy with the one that you love or with your closest of buddies and create recollections right here, with a purpose to all the time be etched in your coronary heart. you’ll have exceptional birds for business enterprise, up there!

So guys, what are you waiting for? I’ve organized the Kerala travel guide by type of experience to the type of activity. There is more to treasure in Kerala apart from all of these mentioned experiences. For that, you need to uncover God’s Own Country on your own. Jam-packed with numerous adventures and life-changing experiences, Kerala is waiting for you! Gear up for a thrilling time in Kerala! Happy Travelling fellas.

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