10 Top Things To Do In Rome For The Pristine And Pure Experience

Rome is the capital of the world’s most powerful ancient empire located in Italy. Rome is one of the best European destinations for many years because its’ sacred art, delicious cuisine, ancient history, vibrant markets, and breathtaking architectural marvels are worth exploring. Rome is also considered the best city in Europe for the honeymooners because history-loving tourists will find amazing history around each nook and corner. The Rome streets are Instagrammable, and even eateries, they are cozy.

Rome is an ancient eternal city that inhales and exhales an abundance of history. The capital of Italy is buzzling with stunning cathedrals, iconic plazas, and renaissance architecture.

If you are figuring out what to do in Rome? We are shedding some light on the 11 top attractions to visit in Rome that are world-famous. So, whether you are in Rome for one week or more than a week, this list will help you pull together an amazing experience on your Italy tour package.


 1. Party In Testaccio


You should visit Testaccio if you want to make extravagant party scenes on your Italy tour package. Testaccio is one of the best districts in Italy, which is known for its amazing nightlife scenes. There’s no shortage of funky bars and nightclubs in the Testaccio. If you are short on budget, you can still have delicious meals in the low priced restaurant in the streets of Testaccio.


 2.  Enjoy A Relaxing Evening At Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps is positioned in the heart of Rome fanciest district and is one of the popular places in Europe for couples. The place got famous Roman Holiday scenes was filmed here in which Audrey Hepburn Gregory Pack once romanced. But these days, the Spanish Steps have become the romantic hot spot for the young couples – be it be locals or tourists. You, too, can spend a relaxing evening at Spanish Steps with BAE. Hearing the guitar music by the locals and watching the sun setting is a must-do thing to do in Italy.


3. Hang A Padlock On Ponte Milvio With A Romantic Message

Ponte Milvio

If you are traveling to Rome on your honeymoon vacations, then your honeymoon would not be considered complete without hanging a love lock on Ponte Milvio. It is one of the best things to do in Italy for honeymooners. Earlier, the Italian locals started hanging padlocks with a romantic message carved into them for their lovers who were on the lamppost of Ponte Milvio Bridge. The bridge is featured in many Hollywood movies before 2007 in which actors and actresses throw the key in the Tiber River just as a gesture of eternal love. 

However, in 2007, the lampost collapsed due to the heavyweight of the locks. This stops nothing from the people to the locks with a carved message everywhere if you are visiting Rome with your family, head to the eternal bride of Ponte Milvio in the evening to soak the romantic vibes.


4. Tour The Colosseum

Colosseum rome

Around 90% of the tourists across the globe know Rome with the mere mention of Colosseum. The place is dipped in rich history. This one of the famous places to visit in Rome is inaugurated in 80 A.D with 100 days of games such as animal fights. Once Colosseum was considered as the largest arena and can accommodate upto 50,000+ people inside. How amazing is it sounding? The history of the Colosseum is so amazing that even after centuries of neglect, most of the arenas are still intact. If you are a historical buff, then you would mind exploring the Colosseum just like approx 4 million tourists visit it yearly.

ADVICE – There’s a price you need to pay to enter into the Colosseum and get tickets for the hassle task. To skip the lines of ticket, book. Your Italy vacations with Culture Holidays.


5. Marvel The Marvelous Architecture Pantheon

Pantheon rome

Explore the shrines of all Roman Gods; Pantheon is a temple for all the Roman gods. It’s a burial place of Rome Kings and other worthy Roman personalities like Raphael. According to the archeological experts, the Pantheon was built in 126 AD and is one of the famous Roman attractions. You should marvel at the marvelous architecture Pantheon, which is dotted with architecturally perfect buildings. Don’t miss walking inside. It’s opening hours are 9:00 am to 7:30 pm.


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6. Toss A Coin In The Trevi Fountain

 Trevi Fountain rome

Planning to visit Rome? Then you can’t skip tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain because it’s one of the most awesome things to do in Rome. According to the many locals living in the surrounding area, I believe that anyone who throws a coin in the magical fountain will return to Rome for sure the second time. Trevi Fountain is a striking fountain and is surrounded by the tourists who are mad over to take Instagrammable selfies. Shop, eat from the street hawkers selling affordable souvenirs. We suggest you head to Trevi Fountain in the early morning or in the night to witness its magic and meet amazing locals and tourists alike.


7. Feel Lost At Centro Storico

Centro Storico

Do you want to lose yourself in the streets where the Rich Romans live, cozy cafes are dotted, and charming private courtyards are present? If yes, then get ready to lose yourself in the perfect cobblestone streets of Centro Storico. Exploring the countless alleyways, streets, and churches of Centro Storico is the topmost thing in Rome. There are shops to purchase souvenirs like carved wooden items, precious jewelry to fix your fashion and wardrobe. Also, the streets of Centro Storico are dotted with Instagrammable restaurants, trendy cafes.


8. Stroll The Campo de’-Fiori Market

Campo de'-Fiori Market

How about getting a local Romans to feel? Wondering how? Go shopping or strolling and shop or watch the people purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-quality salads, sandwiches. Your visit to Campo de’-Fiori will reward you with an abundance of local cultural experience even if you don’t stop just only strolling.


9. Explore The Iconic Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Roman Forum is one of the most iconic attractions to visit in Rome for those people who want to take a classic tour of Rome’s history. Considered to be the center of ancient Roman civilization, culture, Roman Forum is an ancient hub and is surrounded by the remnants of ancient buildings. Embark on a full guided tour of Roman Forum to witness the majority of the structures, temples, and triumphal arches. You should defo explore the Roman Forum, which was once considered the center of Roman Public and Political Life.


10. Discover The Rome History At Palatine Hill


With the emperor’s palaces, manicured lush green gardens, medieval churches, discover the Rome history at Palatine Hill that overlooks the Roman Forum. You just need to shed around $15 Dollars in which you’ll explore the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill if you book your Italy tour package through Culture Holidays. Expect to see the monuments from every significant Roman era’s history. Did we mention that you can watch the 2nd-century palace which was made by the mad emperor who’s obsessed with the drop-dead serious obsession of amazing architecture?

So, now clear about what you should do in Rome? And if you still have doubts like what you should do in Rome and how many days do you need in Rome, then check out our experience-driven Italy tour packages. You will get all your answers.

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