Top 8 Places To Visit in Greece In 2020

When you want to explore the most picturesque travel destinations of the world, then never forget to take a glance of Greece once in your lifetime. It is stretched over a thousand islands and territory from the South Aegean Sea to the middle of the Balkan peninsula. Due to the astounding beauty of its serene sandy beaches, this sun-kissed European country is famous for its rich ancient history. Unfolded with the different aspects of contemporary western society, this place has hidden a huge range of Greek destinations for a travel lover. Now, it becomes difficult for travelers to pick any particular place from the bucket of amazing places in Greece. If you have not yet experienced heaven on earth, then your experience will be fulfilled after exploring these:

Top 8 Places to Visit in Greece in 2020. 



One perfect visual treat to eyes, Santorini is the traveler’s forever choice as a romantic destination snuggled in the Aegean Sea. One of the most romantic Cyclades islands in the world, this place is accentuated by the beauty of its mesmerizing sunsets and breathtaking view of the ocean from the windows of classic whitewashed houses. While you book the ticket, Santorini is the place you should not miss in Greece. If you are wondering which island in Greece is the most beautiful, then you should visit the archetypal village of light-toned houses of Oia, located northwestern tip of Santorini.



If you want to explore the prettiest place in Greece, never forget to visit the most desirable party island, Mykonos, belonging to the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. This place is highlighted as the fishing-village bay. Myriads of classic Cycladic architecture and perfect clutter of whitewashed houses are making this place more visually appealing for the traveler. The beautiful beaches make the perfect mise-en-scène to see the sunset.



Zagori is one of the most unique places to visit in Greece,famous for itsremarkable scenic beauty, breathtaking geology and famous National Parks. This mountain region of Pindus in north-western Greece in Epirus is marked by 46 villages intertwined with modern roads. One of the most immaculateand dazzling places of Greece is historically famous for its 18th century stoned arched bridges. The divinity of Vikos Gorge can be witnessed from the Astrakas Mountaintop to the cascades of the Voidomatis River over the background of Mt. Timfi.

Secret treasuresinvolve the swimmable Ovires natural waters in summer, astonishingly breathtaking Drakolimni alpine lake,the Kalogeriko stone bridge,15th century AgiaParaskevi monastery and an amazing view from the monastery of Spileotissas on the Viodomatis River.


Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini

Located at the hub of bird migration route on their way to the Hungarian steppes, Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea, Lake Kerkini is flora and fauna kingdom superficially pulled-off in 1932. Thus, it is famous as one of the most naturally beautiful places in Greece. It has nested thousands of rare birds, gigantic sized water lilies, and variety of fishes over the panoramic view of the Belasica and Krousia mountains. Besides nesting more than 227 non-migratory birds, Kerkini is also the resting place of 19 species of reptiles, unusual buffalo herds, more than 10 species of amphibians and hundreds of insect varieties.

The endangeredPelicans, Pygmy Cormorant, and heron colonies are seen in the recovered grassland. Located in Serres with Thessaloniki 100km away, this place is heaven for a nature-lover and a birdwatcher in autumn and spring and every day throughout the year. The reserved land is also the paradise for romantic boat rides, canoeing, biking, horseback riding, 4×4 off-roading, and hiking.



A history that dates back beyond 1100bc and occupied by Byzantine Empire, Phoenicians, Persians, and Ottomans, Thasos is known for its scenic beauty which is accentuated by blue sky and blue sea, sandy beaches and green flora. Nature lovers can see themesmerizing ravines, cascades, footpaths from HrisiAmmoudia-Limenas, Kallirahi-Prinos to Maries-Prinos. You can easily witness the sanctuaries of Greek gods and heroes from Artemis, Poseidon, Dionysos, Heracles and Cassius with an amazing sight of the Acropolis and a theatre built in 5BC. If traveling is for fun and adventure, then you can get the real pleasure of water skiing, scuba diving, boat riding, and windsurfing here. It can be extended from the golden beaches such as ChrysiAkti, Marble Beach and Beach bars.

Naxos Island

Situated at the southern side of Greece, Naxos Island is much talked about for the myth-surrounded Mt. Zeus. Comparatively less explored by the travel-lover, Naxos is the main focus of Greece because of the port towns occupied by cube-shaped, whitewashed houses and medieval Venetian mansions. This place is found to be one of the greenest islands in the Cyclades with fertile valleys and high mountains. The sandy and long beaches are perfect for water sports, swimming and relaxation.


Mystras, Peloponnese

Mystras is a village surrounded by mountains in the vicinity to Sparti, Laconia, which is named as a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. It is highly talked about for its archaeological site as Mystras. It is famous as one of the most distinguished medieval town in the Byzantine Era. This archaeological site involves well-conserved Byzantine churches and distinguishable Fortress which are the most popular places for the travelers.


Delphi Theatre, Phocis

If you are still wondering after reading the entire write-up where you are going to get the most amazing experiences in Greece, then forgetting Delphi Theatre in Phocis would be the biggest sin. This modern town is located on the south-western stimulus of Mount Parnassus in the Phocis Valley. This amazing archaeological site was builtover the hill. Amazing valley in the 4th century and now classified as a UNESCO world heritagesite, this amazing historic site in Greece can accommodate up to 35 rows holding up to 5000 guests where different plays, musical events, and poetry readings can bethoroughly enjoyed.


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