Top 5 Budget International Destinations Are Perfect To Plan Your Next Trip In 2020

Travelling does not only calm your mind, but it also refreshes you from within. When you plan to visit the foreign destination, it’s enigma is different, there is something different in visiting an unexplored international destination. Many people fly to travel to explore the foreign land, and the rest of the people just write about their trips in their diary. The main reason why many people only plan their trip and not visit is the budget. 

It’s a myth that exploring the foreign international destination is expensive, and this is the reason why many tourists drop their plans for exploration. But what if I say that you can discover the experiences on international destinations in local budget then I am sure that you won’t cry in the name of budget. 

Today, in this article, I am disclosing to you about such budget international destinations that are perfect to plan your foreign trip in 2020. Keep reading!


  • Bhutan 


Bhutan is known for its breathtaking beauty. It is also famous amongst tourists by the name of ‘Land of Dragons’. Bhutan has many facets, including intriguing history and natural beauty. On your Bhutan visit, you can experience Buddhism vibes very closely. There are many ancient monasteries in Bhutan where you can watch the monks praying, and you too can also seek divine blessings. Bhutan is a neighbouring country to India. 

So, if you are planning an India vacation package in 2020, make sure you also explore the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan. Exploring Bhutan won’t make you broke if you will act wisely. You must have to travel to Bhutan via flight, and that flight must be booked before 3 to 4 months of your visit to Bhutan. 

Best Things To Do In Bhutan – 

  • You can go for rafting adventure against the rapids and strong currents while screaming with joy and thrill. 
  • Head to Tiger’s Nest Monastery to get to know the great traditional values of the country.
  • Stretch, tone and purify your mind with the mindful practices like yoga, meditation retreat.
  • Opt for a biking trip in Bhutan and make your bike pass through paved roads and discover thrill at each turn. 
  • Indulge in camping in the lap of glorious Himalayas in Thimphu and wake up with the views of stretched lush greenery. 

Days Required – 6-7 days!

Tariff – 285 USD per person. 


  • Thailand 

If beaches, nightlife, and street food, your travel ingredients then head to Thailand in South East Asia. This country is known for its green meadows and hills and what draws 2 million + tourists in Thailand in 2018 is its culture and religious significance. Thailand has many ancient temples, and affordable hotels to make any traveller feel comfortable in budget expenses. The beauty of Thailand will leave you awe-struck!

Best Things To Do In Thailand – 

  • Explore the capital town – Bangkok, where mornings are different and nights are for party animals. Go on a food trail and devour the cheap street food in Bangkok. 
  • Marvel the stunning architecture and its regal history at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.
  • Hop at the Phang Nga Bay – James Bond Island and gaze at the magnificent view of the surrounding green hills straddling the bay’s jade-green waters.
  • Enjoy the joy of shopping on a boat and shop the fresh tropical fruits, coconut water, home-cooked food, flowers and local handcraft at the floating market in Thailand. 
  • If you are a beach lover, swim, surf, snorkel at the beaches of Phi Phi Islands. The island is known for its night party scenes too!
  • Seek divine blessings at the Chiang Mai Temples that are known for its religious significance amongst the locals as well as tourists. 

Days Required – 6-7 days!

Tariff – USD 495 per person.


  • Nepal 


Nepal is one of those affordable countries that is not on the tourist radar, and we don’t know why! The amalgamation of natural beauty, peaceful vibes, religious aura, Nepal is famous amongst the trekkers since it has the Mount Everest. So, if you are trekking enthusiasts, you must consider Nepal to satiate your trekking cravings! From the breathtaking Himalayan views to ancient Hindu Temples, from pristine lakes to enthralling wildlife, make your plans to visit Nepal, and you won’t regret it!

Best Things To Do In Nepal – 

  • Head to Boudhnath Stupa in the capital Kathmandu to unlock the spiritual side. 
  • Fancy an adrenaline adventure by doing paragliding in Pokhara and enjoy the snow-capped mountain views surrounding the Pokhara. 
  • Embark on a jungle safari in Chitwan National Park and spot rhinos, elephants, hundreds of bird species along with The Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • It will be a sin if you won’t try bungee jumping in Nepal, the most admired adventure sport in Nepal. 
  • Practice yoga in the lap of Himalayas, and stretch, tone, and purify your mind while rejuvenating your senses. 

Days Required – 5-6 days!

Tariff – USD 285 per person.


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  • Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the neighbouring destination to India that resembles much with India in terms of culture, history and landscapes. Sri Lanka is home to many pristine beaches and seashores where you can spend your days and evenings. From historical elements to affordable budget stays, the wildlife in Sri Lanka is intriguing, and yes, you can go touring the UNESCO Heritage Sites including Gale, Kandy. If you are planning to explore Sri Lanka in 2020, you will be flabbergasted with the greenery in Sri Lanka which is in abundance. 

Best Things To Do In Sri Lanka – 

  • Sway your heart out at palm trees and swing at the Instagram famous beach at Dalawella Beach.
  • Enjoy the most beautiful train trip that commences from Kandy to Ella. The train takes you through the lush green tea plantations and provides you with the views of the outstanding mountains. 
  • Surf and chill at the clean, white-sanded beaches at Wijaya Beach, Mirissa Beach and Arugam Bay!
  • Rent a tuk-tuk that will lead you to tea plantations, viewpoints and waterfalls.
  • Climb the square-shaped Sigiriya Rock which is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka.

Days Required – 4-5 days!

Tariff – USD 352 per person


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  • Singapore 


If you want to transport yourself in the future, then Singapore is the best destination to visit in 2020. Known as the smallest country in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a great mix of amazing architecture, opulent hotels, and extravagant shopping places. The Changi Airport in Singapore is a destination in itself where you can do things like duty-free shopping, fine dining and much more. Did we mention that communication won’t be the barrier in Singapore if you are planning to visit? Singapore is a country where Chinese, Indians, and many other nationality people resides. 

Best Things To Do In Singapore – 

  • Take a walk down the Haji Lane and shop souvenirs, dine at the coffee shops, and indulge in the hippie’s vibes. 
  • Watch the balance between nature and technology at the Gardens By The Bay.
  • Get to see the tourism icon of Singapore at Merlion Park. The statue spots waters from its mouth.
  • Open 360 degrees views of Singapore from the Singapore Flyer which is approx 165 m height.
  • Unlock amusement and sci-fi city vibes at the Universal Studios. It features 24 hours ride, and you can enjoy Transformers show and Shrek 4-D shows.

Days Required – 4-5 days!

Tariff –  USD 423- 564 USD


So what are you waiting for? I have described everything, including what to do, and what to see. Now tell us, when are planning to visit any one of these budget international destinations in 2020? 

If you think anything is missing in the list and it must be added, drop down your comments!


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