Top 8 Things To Do In Krabi In Thailand That Will Fill Your Heart With Love & Adventure

There are tons of places to visit in Thailand, and each one is more beautiful than the next! With so many attractions to explore in Thailand, you might wonder which best place to visit in Thailand would reward you with the outstanding vacation experience. How true is that? Fret not! We are here to help plan your next excursion to Thailand!


If you intend to explore one of the famed Thailand attractions, you must bookmark Krabi in your bucket list of attractions in Thailand. Positioned in the southern part of Thailand, Krabi is mainly known for the paradise for all sorts of vacationers, Krabi is where you will find the most outstanding sand-sational beaches, picturesque limestone cliffs. The shoreline of Krabi in Thailand is considered perfect for unwinding and laid back holidays. 

From watersports like kite surfing to kayaking and snorkeling, this tropical slice of paradise in Thailand is also very much famous for its markets, nightlife, and street food too! Now get to know about the most awesome things to do in Krabi in 2020, either with your soulmate or with your family or with your corporate group of friends. 



  • Pick Island Hopping Excursion



Get mesmerized with the best thing to do in Krabi and go on an island-hopping excursion in Krabi. Spend your entire day by simply wandering hopping the islands and check out the same place where the Leonardo Di Caprio movie – ‘The Beach’ was shot. Your island hopping tour will take you the James Bond Island too, where you will get to see the same location where the movie – ‘Man with the Golden Gun’ was filmed. 


Island hopping trips in Krabi are known to make beach lovers get awe-inspired with the white sandy beaches and pearl green waters. Islands like Poda Island will transport you to the old world charm since it has a bamboo plantation, rocky cliffs fringing the amazing beach. Also, explore the Tup Island and indulge in snorkeling experience. 


Tip – Go on an island hopping tour via speedboat and unlock the glorious sunset on the Krabi beaches.  


Expected Tariff – INR 1950 onwards 


  1. Witness The Nightlife At Ao Nang


Indulge yourself in the vibrant night scene of the main beach town in mainland Krabi, and explore the nearby parts of the Krabi as well. Ao Nang is a resort town and is known for its flabbergasting vibrant night scenes. The place is lined with many bars, and live music joints where you can shake your legs on the beats of the music and kill your starvation with the drool-worthy food. 


  1. Awash Your Stress At The Klong Thom Hot Springs


Get yourself healed by taking a dip in the Klong Thom Hot Springs, which are positioned inside the glorious rainforests. These Krabi Hot Springs are cut into the rocks, and the source of water is the deep-rooted thermal springs that are located inside the volcanic chambers. You must take a plunge in the Klong Thom Hot Springs since it has medicinal properties to heal diseases like skin problems and hair problems. Unlock the feeling of complete relaxation by taking a dip in these hot springs. 


  1. Explore Phi Phi Islands


If you are looking to do the best things in Krabi, you won’t regret exploring the Phi Phi Islands. Renowned as the most popular beach destination in Thailand province, Phi Phi Island is where ‘The Beach’ movie was filmed. Thus, the Phi Phi Island came into consideration and more and more tourists are flocking to this paradise every year. From majestic limestone cliffs to sun-drenched white beaches, you could explore this tropical paradise on your Krabi visit. It takes approx 45 minutes to reach Phi Phi Islands from mainland Krabi. 

Astonishing Fact – Phi Phi is a cluster of two islands – Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. The former one is notorious for its amazing beaches. The later acts as a magnet for the tourists who get attracted by the lovely shores and adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking. 


  1. Unwind At Koh Lanta Yai


If you want your Krabi trip handpicked with the best resorts, sun-kissed beaches, and absolute blue beaches, Koh Lanta Yai is an island for you! Located about a two-hour drive from mainland Krabi Town, Koh Lanta Yai is enveloped with serene beaches where you can swim, surf. Snorkel and relax at your own pace. The best part of unwinding at Koh Lanta Yai is that this island is best for budget vacation seekers. Plus, if you are a watersport lover, you can take certified diving lessons at the driving schools in Koh Lanta Yai. 

You will find this place less occupied in comparison to Phi Phi Islands yet since Koh Lanta Yai is not on the tourist radar, and we don’t know why! You can take driving lessons on surfing at the various diving school presents there. However, the best thing about unwinding at Koh Lanta Yai is that this island in Thailand is super affordable in price as compared to Koh Phi Phi Island.


  1. Embark On A Food Tour


You wouldn’t have to go all the way to open the fusion of flavors from Thailand on your Krabi vacations. Thailand is famous for its spicy cuisine food along with street food. From the cuisine of Thailand to the cuisine of other Asian countries, killing your starvation on Krabi is one of the best things to do in Krabi.

In just around $10, one can have a full meal with beer by the beach hearing the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. I flew to Krabi from India and went on a gastronomic tour around the streets, food stalls, and the night markets. You, too, can enjoy a plate of Thai or Tom Yum Soup, Guay Teow (Noodle Soup), Som Tam (Spicy Green Papaya Salad), which are very liked by the locals and tourists in Thailand. 


  1. Go For Rock Climbing


For adventure-loving humans, one of the awesome things to do in Krabi is testing your adrenaline with the rock climbing adventure. There are many rock climbing tours tucked around the picturesque mountain cliffs at the side of the beach that you could pick in the Krabi visit. Most of the rock climbing tours are performed in the nearby islands of Railay Beach or Ton Sai Bay. 


  1. Relax, Rejuvenate By Authentic Spa Treatment At The Beach


Now after having days well spent in Krabi’s best beaches and nearby islands, your body would surely need a rest! And what’s a better way to pamper your body and mind with the authentic Thai Massage by the beach? Release your stress hormones and revitalize your mind, body, and soul with the Thai massage along the beach. 

You just need to make sure that your resort is a beachside one and it has the massage parlors too. While the options for massage also includes foot massage, back, and shoulder massage. 


  1. Shop At The Night Markets


If you are visiting Krabi with your sweetheart on a honeymoon vacation, then enter straight into your sweetheart’s heart by letting her shop at the night markets. Take your wandering shoes out and stroll the night markets of Krabi to sample the wide varieties of Thai street food. 

This activity in Krabi will take you to plenty of shops where you can purchase souvenirs like local handicrafts, t-shirts, and much more to charm your wardrobe and house. For bargaining lovers, Krabi’s night markets are the place to go since you can showcase your bargaining skills here too! 


Getting Around Krabi


There are loads of taxis, Tuk Tuks, which you pick for getting around Thailand. To explore the nearby islands like Phi Phi Islands and more, the preferred and the ideal mode of transport is the speedboats.

That’s It!

Now you have a huge list of things that are must do in Krabi in Thailand. All you just need a thrilling Thailand vacation package that best fits into your budget and interests. So, check out our best selling vacation packages to Thailand that are customizable as per the traveler’s requirements. Click here!


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