5 Travel Resolutions To Make In 2019

So, you are cramming this post and it’s obvious that you are an avid traveller or love the idea of travelling to different destinations. Don’t you?

Maybe you’ve travelled to your dreamy destination, maybe you want to travel to your dream destination. Well, in the very first week of New Year 2019, what are your travel resolutions? Haven’t thought about to make travel resolutions?


Travel the world


Fret not! This New Year 2019, worry less about your monotonous life and focus more on the travel resolutions that best fits your taste. Make an unmistakable choice to experience something new, or revisit a destination in a different season, make your vacations more meaningful and resolve to travel differently this year.

Here are our tips to add more value to your travel diary to live a happier and more the fulfilling year 2019. Take a look!


Visit Dream Destination

1. I Will Visit My Dream Destination In The Whole New Light

Sure, festive holidays like Christmas, New Year are great to start your journey. But have you ever ponder upon the thought of visiting your favourite destination in the offseason? Well, if not, then you should. Wondering why? This will enable you to book cheap flight tickets as well as affordable accommodations options too if you’re planning to visit any European country.

You can cover the well-trodden route with a fresh perspective without burning a hole in your pocket/. What else do you want extra?


travel solo

2. I Will Open My MInd To New Opportunities

This is my personal favourite resolution of this 2019. Wondering why? Because the best part about travel is opening up or broadening your perspective and ditch your usual routine and shake your old believes that disable you to travel.

Get out of your comfort zone, travel solo, make new friends, create memories on a new destination that will last with you forever.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone will shift your perspective and will lead you with better possible outcomes also.




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3. I Will Travel Responsibly

With a constant boom in the tourism sector, responsible for travelling is what everyone is not aware of. You could travel responsibly on the destination in which you’re planning to visit.

From taking the reusable water bottles to become a volunteer or supporting local communities to say no to animal abuse, travelling with responsibility will feed your wanderlust soul wit immense fulfilment.

Don’t just read what we’re saying, in fact, be a change maker in the community so that your future generation would enjoy the sustainable way of living in our mother earth.


make a resolution to skip your gadgets

4. I Will Maintain Distance With My Gadgets

Do you know that 47% of humans miss the unmistakable moments with their partner on the destination they visit? This is because everybody wants to showcase their travel or envy the pictures of travelling on their social media profiles.

This year, make a resolution to skip your gadgets while you’re travelling with that special someone and get yourself engaged in the surreal beauty of the destination you’re visiting.

Trust me, you won’t regret this decision. Absorb the charm of the destination with your own eyes rather that photobombing that destination.



5. See Something Which Is At The Verge Of Extinction

The thrill of ecotourism has come and long past for many tourists, but you have to make a decision to peer something endangered in 2019. That is probably a glacier or a rainforest or some natural world.

This resolution presents a great excuse to book experience to the Amazon, Antarctica or low-mendacity Caribbean islands that are some hurricanes away from extinction.

Throw all your worries, let Culture Holidays craft you the unparalleled trip of your choice. We know what the guidebooks don’t.  For more travel inspiration, read our blog posts.  I’m sure you’ll find your adventure in the words I’ve written.

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