Why Everyone Is So Crazy About Bali? And You Should Too!



Like most of the travellers, I always wonder why Bali is famous for? But after spending a few days in the gorgeous Bali, I’ve finally learnt why people go to Bali again and again. It is the aura of Bali that even after more than 17,000 Indonesian Islands, Bali ranks the top on the touristy radar and the reasons are persuasive.

If you too want to know why Bali is so magical, my this blog post is for you! Bali is one of those island nations that will make you fall in love with its breathtaking beauty right from when you put your first step over there. Expect Bali to be modern in ambience and traditional in art and culture.

This blog post will tell you the best reasons to visit Bali. Keep scrolling!


Getting There In Bali


Direct flights are easily available from India as well as South Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.


Getting Visa In Bali


If you are Indian, embrace this Bali travel blog as you don’t have to worry a second about where to attain Visa. Bali offers Visa on arrival to Indians for 30 days to explore the amazing tourist destinations in Bali.


5. Experience The Raw Intensity of Naturally Beautiful Beaches


Get ready to get amazed with the white powdery beaches. Beaches in Bali are rich in giving your adrenaline a quick rush as you can do most of the watersport activities like surf breaks, parasailing, snorkelling and can witness the sun setting with from world-class beach resorts too.

Explore the underwater marine life in Bali and enjoy the white sand of beaches that are located at Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Ubud.

Click here to read more about where our best beaches in Bali are located.


4. Be Awed By The Culture of Bali


With it’d beach clubs, infinity pools and sunkissed sunset viewpoints, don’t think Bali is restricted to only this! It’s also a cultural hub to soak some cultural as well as spiritual vibes. Visit the Cultural Heart of Bali – Ubud and admire the culture of Bali. If you have time, it would be best for you to watch the cultural show performances in a theatre over Ubud.


3. Visit The Divine Temples


If you want to make, your prayers answered on your Bali trip, embrace your visit to the mystical temples in Bali. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Wondering why? It is because Bali is home to some of the temples like Besakih Temple and Goa Gajah Temple, that you should definitely visit for a spiritual awakening.

However, click here to get to know about more Bali Temples.


2. Find The Hidden Gem And Fancy With Your Friends


Sure hotels in Bali are luxury defining, and it’s rice paddies are Instagram worthy. But the best experience from a destination comes when you learn to get out from your comfort zone and explore the hidden gems. You will relate to this after you will start exploring some hidden holiday destination in Bali. One such destination is Canggu, which is not on the tourist radar.

If you want to learn what Canggu is famous for, click here!


1. Walk Around To Meet The Friendliest Locals


From a long time, Bali is famous for many compelling reasons. But one such reason that brings the same crowd, again and again, is the hospitality. Balinese people are the friendliest and heartwarming people in the whole world. Walk around in Bali to meet the heartwarming locals. If you have time, we advise you to stay in the homestays in Bali to soak the proper Balinese vibes.

Do tell me whether my this blog on Why Everyone Is So Crazy About Bali? And You Should Too is convincing for you or not. Or tell me, if you have visited Bali, what are your favourite places to visit in Bali? And what are the reasons that hit you hard to backpack for Bali? However, you can click here to learn freshly prepared tourists destinations to explore Bali.



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