Why Is Changi Airport In Singapore Is A Destination In Itself?

Seven times in a row, if an airport is named best in the world for the seventh year running, you can guess the charisma of it. Crowned as the best international airport in the world for the seventh consecutive year, Changi Airport in Singapore is ranked as the best airport in the world.


As per the travellers or passengers voting from all across the planet, Changi Airport topped the charts at the Skytrax 2019 awards. The Changi Airport in Singapore passengers to travel across 200+ destinations. This airport was the 19th busiest airport in the world in 2018. It greets passengers with 5,000+ arrivals and 80 airline departures in a week.


Why Is Changi Airport Named As The Best Airport In The World For The Seventh Times?

The Changi Airport in Singapore is not just the airport, in fact, it’s a destination in itself. Listed amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore, Changi Airport allows guests to do other enchanting things other than waiting for their flight. 

One can pick the customised package itinerary to Singapore’s Changi Airport that will allow you to pass your time at the time of layover depending on how long your stopover is. The airport authority has made ample arrangements for the passengers with which you can delve into amazing experiences for 2-3 hours to 5-6 hours just before your flight commences.


Heart-Stopping Things & Experiences At Changi Airport


  • World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall


Witness the breathtaking indoor waterfall inside Changi Airport in Singapore. The airport houses the world’s largest indoor waterfall which is approx 40-meter height. The positioning of the indoor waterfalls is tucked in the vicinity of the forests and trees. 


  • Shiseido Forest valley


Explore the Shiseido Forest Valley and witness the myriad of trees sprouting inside the airport. You will be witnessing around 900 varieties of trees and palms. 


  • Canopy Park


If you intend to book Singapore vacation packages and you have kids with you, then Canopy Park is a paradise for the kids. It is spread over approx 14,000 sqm area and is mainly known for its lush green trees. While it’s a fantastic thing that kids can enjoy playing games since the Canopy Park houses play areas or spaces. 


  • Changi Experience Studio


You can also unlock the working an aviation industry knowledge at the Changi Experience Studio at Changi Airport. One can witness the interactive games, immersive shows to open the great time at the airport.


  • Shops At Changi Airport In Singapore


With 170+ shops located staple inside the Changi Airport including fashion stores, accessories stores, liquor stores a souvenirs stores, Changi Airport is the place where you can shop till you drop. Mainly known for offering the best Duty-Free Shopping experience, Changi Airport is notorious for international brands like Kappa, Daniel Willington, Zara, Nike and much more. 


  • Duty-Free Liquor 


One thing that entices travellers like you and us is the duty-free shopping that opens up the opportunity of purchasing the cheap price alcohol. The featured liquor brands that you can shop at the Changi Airport include Johnnie Walker, Chivas, Hennessy, The Macallan, Conca Y Toro and more. 

We hope you have helped you enough to know why Changi Airport in Singapore is itself a destination. What are you waiting for? Go on, jump right in! Check Singapore vacation tour packages at Culture Holidays to set your heart aflutter with the best things to do in Singapore.

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