World’s Highest Cemetery: Mount Everest : Get To Know Everything About It 

In the year 1923, the British mountaineer – George Mallory had decided to conquer the majestic Mount Everest. The very next year in 1924, George Mallory lost his life when he was hiking Mount Everest. The dead body of George Mallory did not found even after 75 years of his death, and one day on 1 May 1999, his body was found under the 300 meters of snow, and the body was found frozen. 

In 1953, the two mountaineers – Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay successfully climbed Mount Everest. After that, around 4,000+ people have climbed Mount Everest till now!  

Positioned approx 30,000 ft i,e, 1,955 m, every year around 800+ mountaineers go for Mount Everest hiking. But, surprisingly, the maximum hikers never come back. 

The way British Mountaineer – George Mallory has died is still not justified. The same goes for the 300+ mountaineers who go hiking Mount Everest have died mysteriously. Even the scientists and researchers have no answers for the unplanned death of the mountaineers. All they could do was to predict the cause of the deaths. Even after so many deaths, why thousands of mountaineers go for Mount Everest hiking every year? Why mountaineers die? And is the Mount Everest is responsible for the death? 

Recently, we have all seen the pictures of heavy crowd that went viral in which hundreds of mountaineers are stuck in the traffic of the mountaineers. And the news that came after that has surprised everyone in which 11 mountaineers lost their life. This absolutely shows that Mount Everest the highest Cemetery in the world where dead people’s bodies never come back. The body gets buried under the snow sheets. 

What Is Mount Everest? 

Mount Everest is the highest point on the earth and is the highest mountain range in the world.


Where Is Mount Everest Located? 

The Himalayan ranges are also spread in the neighbouring country of India, Nepal. Mount Everest is in Nepal. 


Why Do Travelers Want To Hike The Mount Everest? 


Hiking the Mount Everest is in the bucket list of every traveller. The enigma of hiking the world’s tallest peak – Mount Everest is itself an experience, and many travellers want to hike the same because if they come back alive, they have the best stories of their bravery.


Even After The Highest Mountain Peak In The World, Hiking Mount Everest Is Technically Easy


Mountaineers don’t consider Mount Everest hiking that much hefty and difficult. Many mountaineers claim that the more challenging hiking apart from Mount Everest is the world’s tenth 10th highest peak – Kanchenjunga where in the year 1950 till now, only 130 mountaineers tried to climb out of which 53 are have lost their lives during the hiking. 


Hiking The Mount Everest Requires A Special Permit, Which Can Be Availed Through Nepal Government 

Nepal is a gorgeous country neighbouring India and is known for its alluring lakes, and breathtaking natural landscape. But Nepal is among the poorest countries in the world. The Nepal Government earns well by giving the permit to hike Mount Everest, which ultimately results in enhancing the country’s economy. In only USD 11,000, Nepal Government gives special permits to conquer your dream of hiking the Mount Everest. The travellers who get the permit does not require to pass the fitness test. Maybe that’s the reason why many inexperienced mountaineers have lost their lives. 


Why The Cases Of Death Are In Abundance During Mount Everest Hiking? 

Providing cheap permit that too without reviewing the fitness of the expeditors, many travellers pay more amount than the usual to the expedition companies in Nepal to embark on the hiking Mount Everest. On the way, such type of travellers are the sole reason why human traffic are found on Everest. Such expeditors have no experience of hiking the difficult trails, and they have never ever hiked the snow-clad trails that are the reason such people takes time to hike which ultimately results in a traffic jam on the Everest. 


The Human Body Is Not Made To Withstand Such Heights

After 8,000 ft above sea level, the human body can’t withstand such heights, and thus, most of the travellers result in vomiting, headache, Acute Mountain Sickness. The Everest Base Camp is itself 17,000 ft height. Afterwards, to reach the summit, one needs to hike 13,000 ft straight height trail. 

Recently, where the traffic pictures went viral on Mount Everest is situated at 22,000 ft – 29,000 ft. This place is known as the “Death Zone”. After reaching such height, no mountaineers take a halt point because taking a halt point means – INVITING THE DEATH!

At such heights, the oxygen present in the cylinder is very precious and important. If the oxygen presents in the cylinder finish, then the amount of oxygen in the head or mind starts diminishing due to which travellers lost the sense of thinking, breathing, and deciding anything! 

There are so many dead bodies buried inside the snow sheet at Mount Everest. There is a reason why it is called the world’s highest Cemetery in the world. 

Tell us in the comments, what are the things you know about Mount Everest. Do you want to hike the Mount Everest? If yes, then let us know in the comments section. 

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