Wills deserve a way

We do not think it fair that any disability, physical or mental should rob an individual of dreams and opportunities to succeed. That is why we want to try our best to level the field so that every willing man can be seen to independence.

A portion of our profits will go towards empowering the disabled and their dependent families by giving them required means like setup of a small Enterprise or training in handy skills so that become enabled to earn for themselves.

This way, we will not only be feeding their mouths today, but feeding their future for a better tomorrow.

For stories in their eyes

Our view of this world is beaten to present shape only because of our elders. They have safeguarded in their memories traditions, cultures and a righteous way of life. If you ask us, we are in debt.

Think. Who would have taught us what all we know if not for them?

We can never hope to repay even a fraction of the love they have showered on us but even so, Culture Holidays has set its mission to now love and honour them for all they have done. To this end, we use a portion of our profits to provide for our beloved elders’ needs; empower them once again to stand their own ground and spread their valuable wisdom in the world because that is the most generous gift they can give to the whole humanity.