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Pune Mahadji Maharaj Shinde ChhatriPune, also Poona, city, western India, in Maharashtra State, at the confluence of the Mutha and Mula rivers. The city is part of an important agricultural and manufacturing region. It is also noted as the site of several institutions of higher learning, including the University of Pune (1949) and Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (1917). Several 17th- and 18th-century palaces and temples are in Pune. Population (1991) 1,566,651.

Pune is at the confluence of the Mutha and Mula river, surrounded by hills and lies in the natuaral settings having pleasant climate. Pune is a significant milestone in the history of India. For many years Pune was the pulse of the Maratha land and has given India some of its most memorable personalities. Raja Shivaji, the Maratha king who defied the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb was brought up in Pune. The city also served as the Head quarters of the mighty Maratha Empire under the Peshwas. After the fall of Maratha Power, Pune became an educational centre. Many social reforms were initiated in Pune. During the lifetime of Lokmanya Tilak, Pune had became the nerve of national politics. The city has provided many social reformers, revolutionaries, political leaders, researchers, scientists educationists, and players.

Pune today, is very much a modern city, but still retains its quaint old values and traditions. It is one of the fastest growing industrial area. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It boost a fine University and number of educational institutions. It is a Military Cantonment, the Head quarter of Southern Command of Indian Army, Air base for Jaguar,Mig29 and Su30 Aircrafts of Indian Air Force.

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