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Indian Embassy in Mexico DF, Honduras

Relations between Indian Embassy in Mexico DF, Honduras and Honduras Embassy in India are cordial and friendly. Diplomatic relations between India and Honduras were established in 1994. Embassy of India in Panama is concurrently accredited to Honduras. In 2005, India has approved a credit of millions to Honduras and Bajaj gifted three-wheelers to Honduras Tourism. Honduras offers visitors tourist attractive places that are amazed by the warmth of Honduran hospitality with pristine beaches, breathtaking mountains, lush jungles, challenging rivers and fascinating ancient ruins, eco-tours, inexpensive scuba diving, river rafting, and mountain treks. Both the Embassies of India and Honduras have formulated some principles of issuing different visas. As per the rule, the current practice is to issue a visitor's visa, usually restricted to 90 days at a time. Not only this, business visitors are also required to submit evidence of financial solvency.

Chancery address: 1025 Budapest, Buzavirag u 14.
Phone: +36 (1) 325-7742, 325-7743
Fax: +36 (1) 325-7745
Email: chancery@indianembassy.hu

Monday to Friday
9:00 to 17:30 hours.

Applicants are advised to check whether the Embassy is working on a particular day. An appropriate notice is put up in the Embassy premise about the forthcoming holidays.