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Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal

Relations between Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and Nepal Embassy in India have consistently been close and have reflected the historical, geographical, cultural, religious and linguistic links between the two nations. During the period of Jawaharlal Nehru, India and Kathmandu initiated their intertwined relationship by signing the India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 1950. After that many other treaties were made between India and Nepal which cemented a “special relationship” between Indian Embassy and Nepal Embassy. As Nepal is a land-locked country, surrounded by India got special preferential economic treatment in which the people of Nepal will get the same economic and educational opportunities as Indian citizens. Since the early fifties, India's regular assistance in almost every field has significantly contributed to the development of the economic infrastructure in Nepal. The Embassy of India and Embassy of Nepal are consolidating the treaties which were made between these two countries.

PO Box No. 292,
336 Kapurdhara Marg,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Telephone: 00-9771-4410900, 4414990
Fax: 00-9771-4428279
Email: pic@eoiktm.org (Press and Cultural Wing)
Web: www.south-asia.com/Embassy-India

Applicants are advised to check whether the Embassy is working on a particualr day. An appropriate notice is put up in the Embassy premise about the forthcoming holidays.