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Indian Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand

Indian Embassy in Wellington and Embassy of New Zealand in India are the result of bilateral relations between India and New Zealand which have traditionally enjoyed cordial and friendly relations share a common English language, a strong democratic setup, judicial set-up, a love for cricket, members of the Commonwealth and both attained independence 60 years ago. After the collapse of Soviet Union, India renewed its economic reform program and enunciated the 'Look East' policy. This policy of India strengthened the relations between Indian Embassy and New Zealand Embassy and both became the founder members of the East Asian Summit in 2005. The Embassy of India and Embassy of New Zealand are promoting the tourism of India and New Zealand respectively. New Zealand has a rich and fascinating history with stunning rugged landscapes, gorgeous beaches, a temperate climate, fascinating animal and plant life, and environments attracted to visitors from all over the world.

High Commission of India
180 Molesworth Street,
PO Box 4045,
New Zealand
Telephone: 00-64-44736390-91
Fax: 00-64-4-4990665
Email: hicomind@hicomind.org.nz
Web: www.hicomind.org.nz

9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on all working days

Applicants are advised to check whether the Embassy is working on a particualr day. An appropriate notice is put up in the Embassy premise about the forthcoming holidays.