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Indian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania

Diplomatic relations between Indian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania and Romanian Embassy in India were established during the Prime Minister of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1948. The present relations between the Indian Embassy and Romanian Embassy can be traced back to ancient time when Indian civilization and Romanian civilization share much in common. It was in 1926 that Rabindranath Tagore visited Romania and received a Doctorate degree. Many cultural and educational exchanges have been made between India and Romania. After the establishment of democratic government in Romania the relations between Indian Embassy and Romanian Embassy were further deepened in terms of values and aspirations in the fields of international relations. Indian Embassy and Romanian Embassy are also promoting the culture and tourism industries of their respective countries and India welcomed Romania for the joining European Union in 2007.

Embassy of India, Bucharest, Romania
11, Uruguay Street,
Sector 1, Bucharest,
Telephone: 00-40-21-2225451, 2228715
Fax: 00-40-21-2232681
Email: sscom@embassyofindia.ro
Web: www.embassyofindia.ro1

Monday - Friday
09 00 Hrs. - 17 00 Hrs.
Application forms for consular services are received at the Embassy between:
Monday - Friday
09 15 Hrs. - 12 30 Hrs.