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Indian Embassy in Madrid, Spain

Working of Indian Embassy in Madrid, Spain and Spanish Embassy in India is the result of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Spain during the Prime Ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru with the opening of the Spanish Embassy in India and Indian Embassy in Spain in 1956 and 1958 respectively. Both the Embassy of India and Embassy of Spain are promoting the people to people contact because both Spanish and Indians share much in common like great love and affinity towards family, strong sense of identity etc. The Spanish people and Indian people feel warmly towards each other which ultimately leaded to the cultural and economic tie up between India and Spain. Indian Embassy in Spain and Spanish Embassy in India are also enhancing the bilateral relations to promote the trade between India and Spain. There are more than 50 Spanish Companies having their offices in India and a number of IT Companies like TCS, Satyam, Wipro, and Infosys have opened their offices in Spain. Recently, in October 2007, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has selected a Spanish Company FCC, to complete the metro connection up to the airport which further deepened the relations between the Embassy of India in Spain and Embassy of Spain in India.

Embassy of India, Madrid, Spain
Av. Pio XII, 30-32,
28016 Madrid
Telephone: 902901010, 911315100
Fax: 913451112
Email: info@embassyindia.jazztel.es
Web: www.embajadaindia.com

0900 hrs - 1800 hrs (Monday - Friday)
1300 hrs - 1400 hrs Lunch Break
Consular Section
0900 hrs - 1230 hrs (Monday - Friday)
Tourist Office
0900 hrs - 1700 hrs (Monday - Friday)

Applicants are advised to check whether the Embassy is working on a particualr day. An appropriate notice is put up in the Embassy premise about the forthcoming holidays.