Frequently Ask Questions

A VISA is required to travel to India or any other country, so if you want to make your VISA, then you have to contact India embassy in your own country.
Basically this is suggested to book any trip as early as possible because Air fare fluctuates, in the trains seats are limited and at time your will not get preferred Hotels, so if you want to travel in India, it’s better to book your ticket as early as possible.
Generally 50% of the total tour cost in advance need to be paid and the rest of the payment you can pay either before your arrival in India or by cash on your arrival in India but is some cases you need to pay even more than 50, like for special luxury tour and Air fares.
Once if you will make the initial deposit as per our advance payment policy, immediately we will book your tour and send you the confirmation for the hotels within next 2- 3 working days.
On your arrival at airport and railway station our person will be there and wait for you at the airport or railway station with the ply card of our company “CULTURE HOLIDAYS “on which your name will be written. Alone with that you will be provided with 24*7 contact numbers our company so in case of any need you can contact us. You will even get the Contact no of our representatives.
The price paid for your package covers everything included in the package. The only additional charges to the package are state and/or local taxes and certificate fees. Consult your certificates for those charges. Taxes normally depend on time and locations of travel and are paid while traveling.
Sorry, none of the resorts or hotels, we use allows pets in the rooms.
Our packages are planned and organized for individual, families and even for groups, where we book and schedule you trip accordingly. Every package is separately books and organized, so if your friends want to come then for them you have to do separate booking of hotels and tickets.
After purchasing this vacations package, you may either speak to your representative or who is handling your file. They will be happy to help you and answer all your questions you have. You can reach us in many ways; like you can mail your questions, and even call us.
Yes, our representatives will be always there to assist you in the best possible way and will personally check your opted tour package, helping you enjoy your leisure trip.
One can make their payments through Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX), Online Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Demand Draft and Cash.
In general the payment has to be made at the time of booking. And for complete booking Please ask booking agent about specific payment policy which applies while booking process.
If you will get the availability of the room then you can get your room but for that you have to pay extra cost of the room.
Yes, we can add extra nights to your package to fit your individual needs. But the additional nights in the hotels are just depends on the availability of the rooms. So if you wish to add extra nights, simply contact someone in our reservations department and inquire about availability.
The price paid for your package covers everything included in the package. However, normally the entrance fee to the monuments and lunch and dinner is not included in the package, so if you want to take you have to take care of that.
Yes, they will surely assist you for your lunch and dinner and even they will suggest you the best hotels also and apart from this they will be always their help while you in your entrance fee and local currency.
Yes while entering into some monuments and temples you have to follows the norms, in temples and other monuments you have to open your shoes outside the temple at shoes counter and you have to cover you head and shoulders and below waist , you have to wear the cloths which can cover your keens.
If you are doing Jungle Safari or making train tickets or Air fare then you have to show your passport copies.
Vaccine suggestion is given for any country you are travelling. You need to take vaccination of Hepatitis A, Typhoid Malaria and Yellow Fever.
Basically October to March is the best season to travel in India, April to June-summer season, and July to September is rainy season where you will find less crowded and Hotel can be easily available so if you want to visit and explore India, then you can come .
Generally you are travelling in any of the country to the drivers, belle boy and guides to keep tehm happy and that is played for to them for your satisfactory journey.
Drivers/ Reps Rs. 100 – 150
Bell boy Rs. 50 - 75
Drivers/ Guides for long trips spread over many days Rs. 150 - 200 per traveler/ day
Drivers/ Guides for half day/ Full day sightseeing trips Rs. 200 - 250
Your trip will not be insured in India and you have to ensure your trip from your own country.
After full payment you can do it but only in some cases. As per the other policies like hotel cancellation, or date change, here in these case you have to bear the payments.
Yes we will provide you, but in case of travelling you need to require wheel chair so it better you carry your own wheel chair.
In this case you have to go through full terms and conditions and yes you can do the cancellation but then you have to pay extra for that In case of hotel and car you have to pay cancellation fee in some cases.
In India drives and not really fluent in English but they can easily communicate and can convey their message and understand whatever you will say.
Yes you will get special language guides in major cities, but for that you have to pay extra, because the special language guides charge extra. If you want special guides in small cities, then will check the availability and will inform you accordingly.
Yes, after you sight visit you will get time for shopping.
Yes, you can bring clothes and our representatives will help you to distribute the clothes and gifts.
The moment you will book you train tickets you will get to know about you train No., and the time of boarding into the train, our representatives will help to known about your seat no and coach no.