Golden Triangle Tours are unique because the trip covers three major destinations in Northern India. The tour includes Delhi- the capital of India, the next is Agra which was once the capital of the Mughals and the last one is Jaipur- the land of deserts and royal kings. On this tour you can view the magnificent architectural heritage which has been built and established by our former kings. You can learn about the cultural values which have been combined artistic richness to produce buildings of outstanding beauty. Delhi stands on seven successive cities and has a heritage built up during hundreds of years of history. You can visit and compare Old Delhi and New Delhi and visit some of the wonderful religious, royal and political buildings too. Modern life in Delhi is also exciting. There are marvellous shopping malls and markets, wonderful restaurants and street vendors selling delicious food. In the next trip to Agra, you can see the Great Taj Mahal which is recognized as the seventh wonder of the world. No-one can fail to be moved by its beauty. Moreover, apart from this, here one can explore Agra and various other magnificent historical monumentsí which were built by The Mughal emperors. For the last part of the trip, our travellers will go to Jaipur, known as the pink city because of its wonderful pink buildings and city gates. This colourful and vibrant city is also the location of the Amber Fort, a historical site of outstanding interest and beauty.

You must have acknowledged by now about the royal magnificence of this exceptional travel circuit which affirms to be the best for travelers. Golden triangle tours stand among those eminent tours that are classic and comprises inimitable facets of the prosperous Indian territory. To endow you all of the glowing bright facets of this incredible destination of India named as golden triangle we bring to you some of our exceptional golden triangle tour packages. Our diverse range of golden triangle India tours not only comprises the three glowing cities but also merges with some prominent tourist destinations of India so that our visitors can get the best of this incredible country. With the exclusive traditional, cultural, historical and amazing architectural features of India we blend one of the other places that holds similar or completely distinct facet to add more to your journey. This will add some more fun and rejoice to your holidays making it your unforgettable journey to incredible Indian subcontinent. We even offer different golden triangle tours that vary the duration and modes of transportation and are equally different from one another in some or the other way. So choose from this exceptional range and enjoy your golden holidays in India.