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Mock Wedding

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Marriages in India are celebrated with all the grandeur and pomp. We specialise in organizing Mock Weddings for our Incentives with special emphasis on active participation of all the group members.

To start with a draw of lots will decide the lucky couple for the mock wedding followed by the group being divided into two parties. One is the bridegroom family and another bridal family.

The bride and groom are dressed in specially tailored colorful bridal clothes. All the accompanying guest in the wedding procession are given dress and a turban each to wear.

Decorated Elephant or Horse drawn chariot for the groom to ride which is led by a brass band and other musicians and a group of wedding guests. The firework continue untill the dancing wedding procession reaches the bride's place. The entrance at brides place is richly decorated with fresh flowers and leaves where the groom and the wedding party are welcomed by the brides parents, close friends and relatives with garlands of fresh flowers. Venue of wedding ceremony is decorated with lights and flowers. The bride and groom are seated on ornamented chairs on a stage where they exchange the wedding garlands followed by cocktail and dinner with folk dances, music etc. After dinner the Hindu rites and rituals begin with priest chanting Vedic hymns and mantras from the ancient Hindu scriptures before the bride and groom surrounded by close friends and relatives. Then the groom and the bride take 7 rounds of the holy fire burning in the centre of of the small decorated square (mandap) taking 7 vows of marriage in front of everybody where they exchange rings and tie the knot.

Themes can be arranged for mock wedding.

Your arrival is like an historic event full of pomp and grandeur. Relive the experience as musicians trumpets your arrival. Elephants and Camels decorated on Royal Indian Tradition salute you while ladies in ethnic costume await you with tikka and adorn you with Marigold flowers. A welcome drink soothes you before you launch into the excitement of a new experience.

You are welcomed with all royal pageantry and style. Cocktails and a lavish gala dinner spread on a lawn or garden with the accompaniment of music and dance followed by the fireworks. The venue is decorated with colourful lights.

Dine with royalty in their private palace. (Maharaja's participation is subject to availability)

Take a camel cart ride to the sand dunes of the desert lit gold by "mashaals" (lighted torches) and bonfires. Then in the shelter of the tents and an even bigger canopy of stars sip a welcome drink while "Langas" and 'Kalbeliyas" serenade you with Rajasthani dance and music. End an idyllic evening with barbeque dinner and fireworks.
Where "Chokedars" escort you to a "Daawat Khana" (dining room) and gracious hostesses in silk "shararas" and veils fill the air with "attar" (Mughal presume) and a rain of flowers. Where you can sit down to flamboyant dances and row upon row of sumptuous Mughalai delicacies served in a manner befitting royalty.

Enjoy the exciting cruise on river Mandovi with live Goanese band while cocktails are served with Goan snacks and sumptuous buffet dinner on board - a real Goan evening. The Goan culture is largely influenced by the erstwhile Portuguese rule which reflects in their food and music.

For guests at one of the world's most romantic hotels, there is one night like no other. Take a tranquil ride in the antique royal barge of the House of Mewar. Under the canopy of stars relish Mewari specialities favoured by the Maharanas of Udaipur as you circle the mystical Lake Palace Hotel.

Tusker ahoy! Get astride like a Maharaja and play a game so royal, the start is celebrated by a royal military brass band. While the punding of "nagadas' (huge Indian drums) heralds you arrival, you are welcomed warmly by a tableau of camels, elephants and ladies in traditional attire. After the final chukkar, folk artists regale you with music as a lavish spread of food brings down the curtains on this royal event.

The Palace on Wheels, perhaps the greatest train journey. The Royal coaches drawn from the house of different erstwhile rulers. The opulent décor evoking the age of the Rajput grandeur and luxury of the past. Be like a Maharaja for all 8 days of your journey.

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