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Hampi Travel Guide

Hampi Travel Guide

Hampi, one of the historical destinations of India Tour & Travel and the seat of the famed Vijayanagara Empire was the capital of the largest empire in post-Mughal India. At one point of time, diamonds were sold on the streets of this Empire! The Empire later became famous for its support towards renovation/reconstruction of temples through out India. It also became renowned for re-establishment of Indian culture, its support for music, art and literature. With the prime purpose of caring for the people and their welfare, this Empire stretched physically covering Karnataka, Andhra and Maharashtra and became a by-word for golden rule. The splendid remains of palaces and gateways of the broken city tell a tale of men infinite talent and power of creativity together with their capacity for senseless destruction.

Every rock, every path and every monument at Hampi speaks the same language; a language of glory and beauty. However, Hampi is a great place to spend a few days wandering around and discovering the rich landscape with lush palm, banana and mango trees nestled near the river. Some other tourist attractions of Hampi India Tour are Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Monolith Bull, Lakshmi Narasimha temple, Hemakuta Hill temples, Big Shivlinga, Vithala Temple (the famous Stone Chariot is located here), House of Victory, Hazara Rama Temple, Royal Enclosures, Queen's Bath, Zanana Enclosure (which also houses the Lotus Mahal), Elephant Stables, Achyut Raya temple, King's Balance, Statue of Ugra Narsimha, Virupaksha Temple, Mahanavmi Dibba, the Stepped Bath and the Matanga Hill (from where one can see the most beautiful sun set ever), Dongi in the Tungabhadra river is a beautiful rock caused by erosion over the years.

The famous festival of Hampi is the Vijayanagara Festival which is organized by the Government of Karnataka in December. In this festival, Dance, drama, music, fireworks, puppet shows, spectacular processions, all combine to recreate the grandeur of the bygone era. In April 2002, Karnataka Government officially set up the Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority with wide-ranging powers as well as a State Level Advisory Committee to develop and maintain the World Heritage Site of Hampi, an important place of India Tour and Travel.

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