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Haryana Travel Guide

The word Haryana is derived from two words “Hari” which means God Vishnu and “Ayana” means Home. So, the name Haryana means “The Abode of God,” It is a green state well known for its wheat, rice, and milk production. The state of Haryana was carved out of the Indian state of Punjab on 1st November 1966 and Chandigarh a clean, planned, educated and corporate city became the capital of both Punjab and Haryana which is also administered as a Union Territory of India. Some of the tourist complexes in Haryana are Badhkal Lake, Dabchik, Jungle Babler, Karna Lake, Bhindawas Lake, Kala teetar, Agroha Complex, Rakhigarhi, Sohna, Dumdama, Sultanpur Jheel, Star Monument, Kurukshetra, Surajkund, Yadvindra Gardens and Saraswati Forest etc.

Haryana is the place where internationally famous Surajkund Crafts Mela is held every year in the month of February to promote Indian arts and handicrafts. Gurgaon one of the famous districts of Haryan is emerging as a major hub for the information technology industry. Haryana has mix population with majority of people follow Hinduism and the main gods worshipped are Shiva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Hanuman and Kali, apart from others. The Muslim population constitutes about 5% of the total population who are divided on the basis of casteism - the Asharf or Sharaf (noble) form the higher caste and the Ajlaf (base or mean) is the middle with Arzal (lowest of all) coming at the end. Besides this, Christians, Jains and Buddhists are few and scattered across the state, while Sikhs are in large numbers in central and west Haryana. Haryana has three major seasons – Summer Season (April to June), Rainy Season (July to September) and Winter Season (October to March) and this is the best season to visit Haryana

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