10 Persuasive Reasons To Visit Bali Now!


Are you one of them tourists who think Bali is all about sun-drenched beaches, then my friend, you are mistaken. There has never been a better time to get down to Bali and indulge yourself in plenty of amazing things to do. There are things to watch, soak, and admire in Bali that is more than it’s best beaches. In fact, it ha some of the divine temples, spa parlours, gorgeous sunset points and beautiful waterfalls to go that makes it one of the best place to travel in 2019.




If you too are researching for why Bali should be high on your bucket list of things, this Bali travel blog post will erase your doubts and will also tell you about what are the top places to visit in Bali that are not flooded with tourist masses. Keep reading, and I’m sure you will agree to travel to Bali.

On your trip to Bali, try your hands at these activities in Bali. Don’t miss out to read the entire blog if you have visited Bali more than once. This Bali travel blog will inject in you the reasons to pack your bags and head to Bali.


  1. Currency Is Worth Considering




The sole reason why everyone is so crazy about Bali and you should too is its currency. The currency conversion rate in Bali makes Indians, and US tourists feel good. As 5,000 INR is equal to 1,024,498.90 IDR of Bali and 10 US Dollars is equal to 144815.50 IDR of Bali. This sums up that you can have the best luxury in your budget constraints without compromising the quality of your vacations.


  1. Food



If you have concerns like most of the tourists that going visiting Bali would not be suitable for your masala (spice) eating tongue, then you are in constant flux. The food of Bali is the sole reason why you should hit up for Bali.  


  1. Beaches, Beaches, and Pristine Beaches


You will fall in love with beautiful beaches in Bali that are paradise to visit on your Bali trip. The best way to find the secret beaches, as well as famous Bali beaches is by taking scooter ride in Bali. Taking a scooter ride to hop the beaten off the path and pristine beaches will allow you to explore the tourist occupied beaches like Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Padang Padang. Hop on the scooter and see some quiet and deserted beaches of Sanur, Uluwatu, Serangan.



You will find one thing common throughout your beach hopping venture that all of the beaches in Bali are white sand and clear blue water to swim, surf, snorkel and relax. Thus, irrespective of which beach you visit in Bali, it’s for sure that your experience is going to be worth remembering.

  1. Luxury Defining Resorts



Be like most of the tourists who fly to Bali Indonesia in search of luxury defining resorts that are destination themselves. Get yourself geared up to spend the blissful vacation time in a simple beach hut to super post-romantic resorts in Bali to villas overlooking the majestic ocean. Bali has a wide range of romantic resorts to make your stay a lavish one if you are considering to visit Bali on a honeymoon trip.

Most of the honeymoon resorts in Bali are equipped with a private pool, and in house spa treatments with an attached tropical garden where doing yoga and meditation is the best thing to do in Bali.


  1. Perfect Climate


The best part of Bali is that it one of those popular honeymoon destinations around the world which is ideal for visiting throughout the year. It is very rare that Bali experiences hurricanes or storms, which makes it the best destination to visit. The temperature of Bali is moderate, and it’s never getting too hot like other Southeast Asian destinations. The average temperature of Bali lies between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Tip – Read about the best time to visit Bali.


  1. Honeymoon Photo Opportunities




If you are looking to fly to a place that will give you ample opportunities to fancy a selfie and couple photoshoot giving you the romantic backdrops, Bali is perfect. This Indonesian Island experiences thousands of destination weddings to each month, and it is no surprise why Bali is the popular destination for tying a knot.

If you want to read about what are the best experiences in Bali to make your sweetheart say yes on Bali honeymoon, click here!


  1. Bali Is Beautiful Beyond Belief



With gorgeous sunset points like Mount Batur sunrise trek, world-class beach clubs, lip-smacking Balinese cuisine, Bali is now the trending destination to visit both for backpackers and honeymooners. The reason is convincing. Bali’s natural beauty is beyond belief, which should be experienced rightly on a trip to Bali. Whether it’s the rice terraces of Ubud, secret canyons and coral reefs, Bali will astonish you with its impeccable beauty.


  1. Bali Is Totally Safe




Bali has become a world-famous destination because of another reason. It is totally safe to travel to Bali. It has a good safety record that is quite good in comparison to other nations like Vietnam. You can explore this Indonesian island nation even in the night also without thinking much upon. If you are visiting Bali as a solo female traveller, we wish you good luck!


  1. A Shoppers Paradise

Shopping Hopping Bali

Shopping is the art of entering gently into your sweetheart’s heart, and there is no such place to become a shopping spree than in Bali. You have the privilege to do countless shopping, fancying your wardrobe with local handicrafts, branded summer clothes, and handmade fabrics. The best thing about shopping in Bali is it is very cheap or affordable. Hop the town of Kuta and Seminyak to get your fashion fixed. Show some bargaining skills too!

Looking for the last reason to visit Bali? Click here and find not only one but multiple why Bali should be your next destination. If you want to ask what are things to do in any of the destinations in Bali specifically, ask us! We can make your Bali Indonesia trip very easy, and hassle-free.



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