6 Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Venues In The World To Tie A Wedding Knot

If you have made it past an awkward first kiss, first date, and you have met with their parents and also convinced them to marry their daughter, then it’s time to plan the further course which is considered the most important event in the couple’s life. Yes, we are talking about the wedding. Sure, you can tie a wedding knot in any place nearby to your house. But if you treat your soulmate special, then we think your wedding also must be very special. How is it resonating with you? 


While selecting a far-flung destination for a wedding, there are plenty of destination wedding venues in the world that will make you confused since each of them are breathtaking. We have done the homework for you and have scouted the top 6 destination wedding venues in the world where you and your soulmate can tie your wedding knot in full bliss. Here we go: 


1. Santorini


Santorini is one such wedding venues in the world, which is worth all the hype it gets. The Greek Island of Santorini matches with your bride’s beautiful dress and its whitewashed houses breathtaking cliffs, and cobalt blue roofs match the endless expanse of the glittering ocean below. You can turn up on the wedding heat on one of its pristine beaches. The sunsets in Santorini are itself the feeling that you must indulge in your wedding day! 

One of the perfect wedding locations in Santorini is Le Ciel. It’s an elegant venue that offers clear volcanic views and magnificent sights of the pristine blue Aegean Sea. This wedding venue in Santorini is set amongst the Caldera Cliff. You can combine the breathtaking views with personalized cocktails, and mouth-watering cuisine and let the team of professionals assist you in making your wedding unforgettable. 


  1. Fiji


Picture this; you are walking down an aisle of soft white sand and the rhythm of cascading crystal blue waves welcoming you! This is what a wedding in Fiji looks like. With a cluster of around 3000 islands South Pacific archipelago, you would find it hard to finalize an island for your wedding since most of the islands in Fiji are drop-dead gorgeous to bask into a wedding.


From the stretch of palm trees to sun-kissed beaches to colourful coral reefs, Fiji could be your best beach destination wedding venue if you are looking for an exotic, beachside wedding. Trust us, you and your soulmate would fall in love with the breathtaking setting of the cobalt blue coloured beaches. 


Culture Holidays advice is to staple your wedding at Laucala Resort Island. With 25 villas spread across its vast landscape, Laucala Resort is the place where you can throw a lavish wedding party next to the turquoise blue waters, and tropical rainforest. A Marriage in Fiji is a magical experience.


  1. Tuscany


Tuscany is a beautiful region that is located at the heart of Italy. It is one of the leading destination wedding venues in the world. With rich culture, intriguing history, and amazing architecture, this bucket list destination has endless fields of stunning vineyards and planning a destination wedding in Tuscany transports you to the world of tranquillity and romance. Also, sunset in Tuscany appears as they belong to some storybook. So, if you are planning to start your new life together, give Tuscany a mileage. 


One such boutique hotel to add strokes of romance and royalty on your Tuscany wedding is Borgo San Pietro. The hotel is nestled in the Tuscan Hills and is an elegant 13th-century villa. The hotel is equipped with sprawling gardens that will give your wedding a luxury royal touch. Couples before their marriage can turn their romance on at the hotel private spa bliss. 


4. Rome


Rome is one such destination wedding venue in the world that doesn’t need an introduction. If you want to set a precedent for a marriage that will stand the test of time, fly to Rome to kickstart your destination wedding, venture to Rome to unlock the city that has been transformed by many of history’s most significant figures like Julius Caesar. If you select Rome your destination wedding base, then your guests can create their moment of history, and your soulmate too would love to weave your wedding knots at the magical Rome. 


If Rome is your dream destination wedding spot, then head to the 5-star hotel Hassler, which is the most talked-about wedding spots in the whole of Rome. Couples can unlock the breathtaking views of the city while gazing out upon the Roman skyline. If you plan your wedding at the 5 star Hassler Hotel, you can let your guests enjoy the private saloons for ceremony locations. 


  1. Portugal


Picture this; fairytale castles, sun-kissed beaches, and world-renowned mouth-watering sea cuisine. This is how you could expect from your wedding in Portugal. Known as the best wedding destination in the world, Portugal is located next to Spain and has something for you and your guests. The destination has turquoise blue waters, enigmatic castles that give a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. 


Fly to Portugal if you SOULMATE wants to fancy a wedding like a princess. If you are looking to find a place in Portugal for your wedding venue, hit the Palacio Do Freixo which is a blissful 18th-century palace enveloped in rustic charm and Frech Style Gardens. From basking in the Portuguese sunshine to hearing the cascading waters of the nearby flowing rivers, the Palacio Do Freixo is the ideal place in Portugal to exchange wedding vows. 


  1. Sri Lanka


If you are dreaming of exchanging wedding vows in a kaleidoscope of exotic, vibrant colours, then pack your bags and ask your guests to fly to Sri Lank. Located in the majestic Indian, this south Asian destination is one of the most affordable international destinations to plan your wedding. It has rainforests, endless sunset bathed beaches, Buddhist ruins that will transport you the world of old storybook romance. However, the country of Sri Lanka is known for its lush greenery and emerald tea plantations, but there are plenty of locations in Sri Lanka where you could plan your destination wedding in style. 

For a blissful wedding ceremony plan your wedding at the elegant beach sanctuary and book Frangipani Tree. it’s the place where you and your guests can enjoy your wedding at the pristine beach while hearing the turquoise waves of the majestic Indian Ocean. The property boasts three villas featuring nine exquisite suites. Not to mention, but your guests here will also get a luxurious experience if you find ren out the Frangipani Tree. 

So, which wedding venue excites you the most to plan your destination wedding? You can let us know! If you want to unlock more specific information like what to do in the particular wedding venue, switch to our contact page section and fix all your concerns. 

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