9 Affordable Beach Destinations In The World For Tropical Vacations

We know that you both love each other because you may have proposed to her on Valentine’s, and she said YES! And now, if you are wondering where to go for affordable beach destinations for honeymoon, then you must read this blog post in which we have curated the best knowledge for both of you water-babies. 


People all around the globe have a specific season for the beach adventure and mountain expedition. When the snow starts in one place, the other destination in or outside the same country experiences the other beach climate for holidays. 

budget beach destinations


But in a few tropical budget beach destinations in the world, you can enjoy unwinding romantically at the sun-swept beaches with your sweetheart. Now don’t raise thoughts like a honeymoon vacation to the beach destination is expensive. NO! It’s not!! 


You both can enjoy sand and surf throughout your honeymoon holidays at pocket-friendly expense. Check out our list of 9 absolute cheapest beach destinations in the world that offers excellent value for the honeymooners. 


  • Greece



Greece glitters for honeymooners because it is amongst the cheapest beach destinations around the world. A few travel bloggers consider Greece beaches the best in comparison to the Italian, French beaches. You can fly to Greece from across all the destinations and land at Athens., then at there, hop on a ferry or cruise to your favorite island in Greece.


The few Greek islands for beaches are Zakynthos or Corfu to soak turquoise blue water vibes. Halkidiki area on the mainland is another option for basking in the crystal clear waters if you are tight on the budget. 


PRICE – You can find accommodation starting @ USD 15-20$ per person. Plus, feasting on the food is also a very affordable thing in Greece. 



  • Bulgaria




The neighboring destination of Romania, Bulgaria, is positioned on the shores of the Black Sea and is one of the low cost beach destinations in the world. Here, accommodation for a two-star hotel starts @ 26 USD, including breakfast. Bulgaria is tucked on the banks of the Black Sea and gives solid competition at low cost price accommodation in the honeymoon resorts. Couples should head to Albena, Balchik, and Sunny Beach for the typical sun-kissed beach experience. 


HOW TO REACH – Book flights to Sofia airport in advance to get the discounted deals. 



  • Philippines



The Philippines is the charming honeymoon archipelago in Southern Asia and considered the most affordable beach holiday destination in the world. With approximately 7000 islands under its belts, the Philippines have one of the longest coastlines in the world that are dotted with the most pristine beaches in the world. You can fly to Manila and then head to the pristine Boracay Island, the country’s capital. 


If you fly between the Philippines between June to September, you will get discounted accommodations starting @ USD 20 per night. Also, the street food in the Philippines is yummy to savor that starts @ USD 1O. You must visit Boracay Island because its world-famous for its beach party spot. 



  • Vietnam



I don’t know why Vietnam is not a famous beach destination in the world, just like its neighbors – Thailand and Indonesia. I mean, the country boasts approximately 3,444 km of coastline – excluding the islands that are also dotted with lots of pristine beaches for the budget honeymooners. 


If you and your baby are surfers, unwind romantically at the China Beach. The water there is clean, pristine, and has excellent sands. You will find accommodation starting @ 7 USD per night. How amazing is that? 


HOW TO REACH – Board a flight to Da Nang, the third-largest city in Vietnam and then travel to Ho Chi Minh City from your initial destination. Buses and luxury trains are the cheapest modes of transport to explore the Vietnam country’s side. 


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  • Thailand 



Who doesn’t know about Thailand? The previous year, around 2 million people have been to Thailand across the globe because it has a tropical climate, turquoise blue beaches, and romantic islands that are dotted with a beautiful coastline to take romantic strolls with BAE. This south Asian country is known for its delicious sea food that sells on streets, and natural beauty in abundance. 


Although Thailand is famous for its ancient temples that are world-renowned when it comes to beaches, it’s hard to beat the Thailand beaches, you must head to Koh Samui, Koh Chang, the beach paradise. At Koh Chang, you will find accommodation around the Lonely Beach in starting @ $10 PER NIGHT. 


To enjoy snorkeling, head to Koh Tao. Party animals can head to beach parties at Koh Samui and Koh PhaNgan, also famous for full-moon parties. Reaching Thailand’s islands via a very is an easy and affordable mode of transport. 


HOW TO REACH – Fly to Bangkok and then board a ferry to reach the island of your choice. 



  • Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka


Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Beaches like Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka personify how expensive cost and soothing beaches look in actuality. Named after a small picturesque town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is approximately 98 km from Colombo, and you can reach there via train journey while witnessing the outstanding views of the Indian Ocean. 


Hikkaduwa beach is dotted with affluent restaurants, shopping stops. The waters of the Hikkaduwa beach is perfect for swimming with your BAE. Swim and surf your heart out at the pristine Hikkaduwa Beach and watch the frosty orange sunset on the shoreline with your beloved! 


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  • Zadar, Croatia


Zadar, Croatia

Weave your beach romance moments at Zadar in Croatia, the finest European summer destination for the beach-loving honeymooners. Zadar is a pretty coastal town in Croatia, which is a mecca for basking at the quiet pebble beaches.


Your visit to Zadar is not restricted to the beach only; you can explore the nearby islands on a ferry and discover magnificent nature parks of Plitvice and Krka. 


For the perfect and action-packed beach experience, explore the Dubrovnik, which will captivate your interest with its sizzling beaches. This coastal town is much cheaper than the other islands in Croatia in terms of flights, accommodations, food, and more! 



  • Bodrum, Turkey


Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is one such destination in Turkey that has been dotted with seaside resorts, affluent bars, cheap accommodation, and the hoards of sun-seekers. Such is the charm of this Turkey’s beach destination that every year, thousands of honeymooners get crazy for beach romance at Bodrum. 


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  • Mirissa, Sri Lanka


Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa is one of those clusters of sleepy villages along the south coast of Sri Lanka. There are plenty of low cost accommodation options for the couple. Mirissa is a paradise place for couples who love tranquility, serenity, and peace. 


What makes Mirissa the affordable beach town in Sri Lanka is the fact that it is set aside from the mass development of the west, so it’s obvious that tranquility is dotted around each corner you visit. 


From whale watching tour to surfing lessons and exploring the nearby areas on the bus, Mirissa is a super affordable beach destination for the couples where accommodation starts @ 20 USD per night!



Got your eye on that romantic beach honeymoon? Now’s the time to stop dreaming and start inquiring about your beach vacations.

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