12 Best Beaches In Goa That Are Every International Traveler’s Dream

DISCLAIMER – The tourism industry is doing every possible thing to recover from the pandemic, and if all goes well, travel restrictions will end, and life will get back on the track. Not only travel restrictions, but the whole world’s pace has slowed down. So, we urge you to stay inside your home, stay safe for NOW!


In this blog, we will tell you about the famous party destination of India, Goa, which is also famous as the most visited bachelorette destination by Indians. Before we take you to the virtual tour of Goa beaches in India, you should know that Goa is one of the least affected COVID-19 states in India.




According to our inhouse travel writers based in India, the first trip of friends in Bachelor Life is to go to Goa. Once four friends gathered in Goa, the friendship was successful. The mind does not forget cheap wine, late-night parties, lots of beaches to roam, Goa. When sips of alcohol go in, countless secrets come out.


Not only Indians but tourists coming from abroad are also crazy about Goa. Large masses of international travellers come to see the shade of the panorama prepared between a contiguous Goa next to each other. So today we will talk about the top 10 beaches of Goa that deserve the place in your India tour package itinerary!




Divide the world of Goa into two parts, North Goa and South Goa.


North Goa is the hub of party and adventurers, while South Goa is filled with peace and simplicity. Whenever you plan Goa, keep these beaches in mind, so that at the time of coming, there is no feeling of regret that, ‘Hey man, don’t go around this time’.


  1. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach

Located in North Goa, Arambol Beach is surrounded by small hills and freshwater lake on its either side, Arambol Beach has a total length of 15 km. Arambol is one of the few beaches in North Goa where money has not established its roots. A peaceful atmosphere is also the reason for tourists visiting, both Indian and foreign. In the middle, you also get to play dolphins, and many adventure sports are also played.


  1. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach

International tourists crave to sunbathe in the white sands, bamboo huts. If you are also one of them, then explore the Man dream Beach. From paragliding to unique picnic experience, you will have a good relaxing time at Mandrem Beach. Don’t miss the sea turtle watching experience at this Beach.


  1. Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach

There is a beach in Goa where you could find the large gathering of Russian crowd, and that beach name is Morjim Beach. This is the staid paradise of North Goa. Famous for birdwatching, or bird watching, this place can be called the quiet place of quiet people, where there is neither a late-night party nor noisy music, just like your type.


  1. Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach

Picture yourself amidst a tranquil shore of the sea, cold waves, golden sunshine falling from the sky and soaking feet in the waves of the sea, a glass of vodka in one hand and a sea dish to eat in the other. This is what you will experience at Chapora Beach. Large rocks of black lava, white-coloured sand in front and pale blue undulating water in the middle give Chapora a paradise for tourists. Probably the best Beach to play water sports. Add Chapora Beach name to your travel list now.


  1. Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach

Goa’s Vagator beach is one of the tranquil and relaxing beaches with a seductive glow. This Beach of Goa, made on the side of the hills, is pleasing in a white sheet of sand. What else to say if there are coconut trees. In search of a peaceful place, make a plan here to spend a relaxing evening and day out with your family, friends, or soulmate at Vagator Beach.


  1. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Who told you that beach parties in India, great music, mouth watering food, delicious sea cuisine and cold beer is not possible in India? Travellers who visit Ashwem Beach never return empty-handed and disappointed.


  1. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach

This beautiful beach is situated just behind Aguada Fort. One of the cleanest beaches in Goa, you should go there in search of a long walk, where there is no third between you, your girlfriend and the cool flowing muddy air—aroused by what you read? Now imagine the level of experience you will get at Candolim Beach. A must visit Goa beach on India tour package.


  1. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach

Do you know that Goa tourism earns a lot from this Beach? Earning but below the beauty here, it is the best beach for swimming. For water sports, this Beach remains highly debated amongst international travellers. The Diving Institute of Goa is also located here. Make sure to stay here to make your diving experience unique.


  1. Colva Beach

Colva Beach

It is also named in the list of the best beaches of Goa. For lovers, it is a successful deal for a luxurious royal dinner or a great nightlife. This Beach has got the title of happiest among the people around you; you have to go there to know why it is so.


  1. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach

High-grade food, sizzling nightlife and local market, in three words you will roam Benaulim beach. It is a bit far from the common beaches; buffalo fight makes this place special. The sun setting in the evening is very worth seeing from here. Come here in search of a relaxed place with a beer in your hands one evening.


  1. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is one of the most visited Goa beaches by tourists. This Beach is among those famous beaches of Goa where people come to see the sunsets. Plenty of palm trees make this Beach economically prosperous. There are also parties on this Beach, but not the loud noise, the quiet music. Polem beach is the last beach in South Goa. Be sure to come while watching birds and seeing dolphins.


  1. Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach

One of the beaches in Goa, which did not become very famous and this is the reason that makes Ashwem Beach special. Very long roads in this Beach very close to Morjim beach make it special. Meanwhile, some species of sea turtles are also conserved. You can reach this place by borrowing a bike.


So put these Goa beaches on your checklist for your next visit to India after the travel restriction ends. For best deals on India tour packages, contact Culture Holidays.

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