Why Budget Travelers Are Going Crazy About The Best Homestays In Ubud?

Ubud is one of the best places to visit in Bali no doubt, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s the cultural heart and soul of Bali and is a topmost place in Bali where accommodations come with all types of travellers. Whether you are a budget traveller or a luxury seeker, Ubud is where you will find many homestays that offer nice landscape views outside your room. 



The heart and soul of Bali – Ubud is enveloped within lush greenery and houses the range of pristine waterfalls under its belts. It is located approx 40 minutes away from the Bali international airport, and you should visit Ubud because it came under the spotlight when Julia Roberts – EAT, PRAY, LOVE movie was filmed here. Ubud is a tourist magnet for those who want to get bask in the manicured greenery of Bali. 


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Ubud is a heavily forested town in Bali that houses a range of best Bali resorts that are a destination in themselves. However, not everyone can afford to stay in luxury defining Bali resorts, so YES!! Homestays in Bali are inexpensive because they are made with an intent to accommodate the budget travellers. Although the homestays in Ubud serves as an amazing alternative to the expensive Bali resorts and in terms of hospitality, there are many homestays in Ubud offer great breakfast and nice views too without making a hole in your pocket. 


Scroll down to discover what homestays in Ubud are good for couples, family travellers, and solo travellers. World Class hospitality is 100% guaranteed because Bali is known for its world-class hospitality! 


  1. Ayu Homestays


Ayu Homestays


If you are travelling to Bali with your family or on a solo expedition, then explore Ubud’s famous attractions and bookmark your stay at the Ayu Homestays. This Ubud homestay is located at a proximate distance to local Ubud’s attractions. You can expect to unlock the greatest Balinese hospitality at this homestay because the family establishment runs ayu Homestays. It’s an amazing homestay property where you can stay in a room that is attached with a private terrace to stumble upon the sunsets and sunrise. Also, tasty meals is yet another reason to bookmark your stay at the Ayu Homestays. 



  1. Nirwa Homestay


Nirwa Homestay


Well, if you book your Bali vacation package with Culture Holidays, the chances are high that you’ll explore Ubud’s Blanco Renaissance Museum and Saraswati Temple along with strolling the rice terraces. Our Bali tour package to Ubud includes a stay in Nirwa Homestay, which is affordable homestay property in Ubud surrounded by the long stretch of rice terraces. You will unlock the moments of peace, seclusion and calmness during your stay at the Nirwa Homestay. Also, the interior of the homestay is inspired by the traditional and the trending blend of architecture, plus, it boasts the comfy rooms where 24-hour room service and private terrace comes complimentary. 


TIP – If you’re looking for the low cost homestay in Ubud that offers healthy breakfast, then this property is for you!



  1. Rumah Roda


Rumah Roda


Located within the 40 km from the airport, Rumah Roda homestay is located which is famous amongst the tourists because the cultural attractions like Saraswati Temple, Ubud Palace, and local Ubud Market are positioned at the proximate distance. Ruma Roda rooms are elegantly decorated, and most of the rooms have their own cosy terrace where you can steal a kiss with your sweetheart if you are planning to fly Bali with your BAE! From warm hospitality to convenient location to delicious breakfast, Ruma Roda is a dreamy homestay to stay in Ubud. 



  1. In Da Garden


In Da Garden


Travellers who are travelling to Bali in search of what are the best homestays in Ubud for the couples must end their search at the In Da Garden. Is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the serene sounds of emerald nature. You can channel your inner yogi and practice the more mindful practices like meditation, asanas into a stunning open garden. The location In Da Garden is located very near to the Ubud shop’s, bars, and restaurants, that’s why we suggest you pre-book this property. 


Culture Holidays Pro Tip – This homestay can arrange a bike, scooter and even tickets for you to watch the Balinese dance. 



  1. Pemulan Farm


Pemulan Farm


If you want to satiate your gastronomic cravings, then staple your stay at the Pemulan Farm, which is also a part farm and part culinary school. Guests who stay here experience the enriching taste of Balinese cuisines. If you are a couple, don’t forget to take the cooking masterclass together. If you book your tour package to Bali, Ubud with Culture Holidays, you will get the complimentary breakfast, dinner, free transfers from sightseeing for the one day! However, if you are interested in exploring the local market, you can ask the Pemulan Farm staff to arrange the market hopping tour with you!


  1. Tri Upasedana Homestays


Tri Upasedana Homestays


How about getting access to the traditional side of Balinese culture on your Bali tour? You can access the pure culture side of Bali if you stay at the Tri Upasedana Homestays because this homestay property in Ubud features the idols of the local gods and goddesses and many international guests across the planet want to stay the Tri Upasedana Homestay. After all, complimentary breakfast, airport transfers, laundry services and free warm Balinese hospitality is sure to amaze you!


So, pack your bags and go explore Bali on budget with Culture Holidays. Flick through our experience packed Bali tours and book your Bali seats as low as possible!


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