Explore The 8 Best Local Markets In Delhi For Local Shopping Experience On Golden Triangle India Tour

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Apart from the skyscrapers and their own working offices, there is a lot in Delhi. The capital of the country is quite rich in terms of cultural heritage. Already, a lot of traders have been highly appreciated here. Many types of businessmen came here and stayed here on the strength of their mind, as well as spread their business in a big way. Today I am going to open some secrets of Delhi in front of you, which will be fun if you come with your own eyes.


In this blog, we will tell you about the 8 best Delhi markets for shopping for unique things.


  1. Sarojini Nagar Market – For Women Shopping


Sarojini Nagar Market


Delhi locals and international travellers who visit Delhi on Golden Triangle India Tour never miss exploring Sarojini Nagar Market, the epitome of street shopping experience for women. The reason for this is that there are many types of cheap clothes and other goods sold here, which you will find here only in the area of ​​one square kilometre. And yes, don’t hesitate to bargain.



  1. Palika Bazar – Gaming Console And CD’S


Palika Bazar


Palika Bazar in Delhi underground market and is known for having all kinds of “underground” items. Here you will find fake jerseys of sports as well as packed deodorant bottles which are filled with water only. You will get everything here. But this market became especially famous because cheap Chinese formats of expensive gaming equipment were available here.


  1. Tank Road – Branded Jeans In Cheap Price


Tank Road  market delhi


You can get your fashion and wardrobe fixed at Tank Marg, which is the largest denim clothing market in Delhi. Jeans prepared here go to the whole city as well as other places in India. You can sew the back of your jeans by saying whatever brand you like, and the seller will happily agree to you.


4.  Nai Sarak Market – Famous For Books


Nai sarak market Delhi


On the new road, you can find every type of book. Whether it is school-college books or mythology books, there is nothing that you will not find here. Here you will also find books taken in old work at very low prices. If you want, you can also sell your old books here.


  1. Chandini Chowk – For Wedding Shopping


Chandini Chowk - For Wedding Shopping


If you want to organize a wedding in any corner of India or to attend a wedding in India, then you should purchase your clothes from the cloth market of Chandni Chowk. This is because, in Chandni Chowk’s cloth bazaar, there is a plethora of ready-made clothes made from all kinds of police stations. Indian clothes sold here are inexpensive as well as are in keeping with the times. Moreover, the shopkeepers are also very friendly in nature.


  1. Satya Niketan – For Mouthwatering Western Food In Affordable Price


Satya Niketan


Want to enjoy cold coffee and pizza cheaply without setting notes on fire? Satya Niketan Market is ready to welcome you. This place is located right in front of Venkatesh College, located on the southern campus of Delhi University, where the fabulous cafes will give you a taste of food from all over the world at one place for cheap. Also, the crowd here comes from college, so it’s one of the best places in Delhi for dinner and lunch.


  1. Saket – Elegant Malls For Luxury Shopping


Saket - Elegant Malls For Luxury Shopping


If you want to buy clothes for yourself to decorate for a special occasion, then you will find new fashion apparel at DLF Place and Citywalk Mall in Saket. Here you will find all types of luxury fashion brands under one roof. Simply put, you will not be disappointed at all by coming here.


  1. Tilak Nagar – Lip Smacking Street Food


Tilak Nagar - Lip Smacking Street Food


No doubt that there are a myriad of places in Delhi for street foods, but Tilak Nagar is amongst one of the unexplored food points in Delhi. The eating places in Tilak Nagar are famous for serving Punjabi cuisine which will eliminate your gastronomic sins.


We hope that now you have the best knowledge about which markets you should explore in Delhi on your India Golden Triangle Tour after the travel restriction ends.


Do you know a few more markets in Delhi for shopping? You can also let us know in the comments.

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