9 Snow Destinations In The World That Are Amazing To Rewrite The Tales Of Winters

Doesn’t travel in the winters always seem that little bit more magical than any other time of the year? Obviously, it does! Wherever you are and whatever your age is, there is always that excitement kick when you see and think of the snowflakes falls from the sky! Some people are truly lucky since they reside in the nations where snowfalls are usually common, while others still want to get lucky to be somewhere in the world that actually gets snow. 

If you are someone for whom the snow is a bit of mystery, then we have got you covered with this blog post. If you too want to blow your Instagram with the best winter snaps, then you need to check out and the 9 Snow Destinations In The World, where you can rewrite the tales of the winters with your special someone. 

Join us on an adventure through the best picturesque snowy destinations in the world – it’s gonna be SNOW-MUCH-FUN!

9 Snow Destinations In The World:-

1. Hopfgarten


If you have never stepped into a fairytale land, then this town in Austria could give you that feel. Hopfgarten in Austria is a magical snowy town which gets blanketed in snow, and it’s powdery slopes, alpine views from every angle can bewitch tourists. There’s more to admire in Hopfgarten if you are someone who loves snow encounters. 

2. Norway


Norway is the winter wonderland like no other and is known amongst the tourists for its shorter days, longer nights. Imagine spending some time amidst the jaw-dropping fjords, gushing waterfalls, snow-capped peak mountains. And yes, you could not forget the opportunity to witness the magical Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights). You will have the opportunity to unlock the flashes of green and yellow light that dance across the sky and offer you the stunning backdrops for the snowy, breathtaking scenery of Norway! 


3. Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

This place in the United States is known for its gorgeous year-round landscapes that really blooms in the winters. It has dozen of ski resorts, hot springs to take a bath in, beautiful vistas to treat your eyes, and a vibrant nightlife to get indulge in. From skiing to natural hikes bird-watching adventures, you can try your hands in the myriad of winter sports adventures. Lake Tahoe is known for approx 125 inches of snow a year in winters, so you can make a snowfall too and have a snowball fight with your friends or soulmate. 


4. London


If you ask us, then one of the most admired snowy destinations in the world is London. The place in England really gets draped in a blanket of snow. When you visit London, you will get to unfold the reason why fresh snow in London acts as a major pull for tourists to the locals and explorers from all around the globe. If you are seeking a snowy destination for your romantic vacay, then London could be your best bet. 

Couples will have the chance to witness the burning orange wintry sunsets. 


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5. Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA

One of the best known windy cities in the world, Chicago, in the USA between the months of January to February, gets transformed in the white winter wonderland. If you are planning a visit to the destinations where you could spot the snow, coldest temperatures, then Chicago in the USA is a sight to behold. Here the temperature can drop so low that Lake Michigan freezes over – one of the best experiences you will get here in Chicago!


6. Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

This place in Japan is one of the most dramatic winter landscapes in Japan and is a highlight winter attraction in Japan, which is pretty much known for its Japanese Macaques, snow monkeys. You can take a bath in the hot springs at Jigokudani Monkey Park and even watch the snow monkeys and Japanese macaques doing the actionable things. The hot springs at Jigokudani Monkey Park are relaxing to warm up your body, soul, and mind. 


7. Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake, California

It’s a small city which has now become the popular winter vacay destination during the winter. Big Bear Lake has ski resorts and family-friendly Snow Summit ski resort where you can spend quality time on a glorious winter vacay! The Big Bear Lake Village – which is the commercial area of the ski town is lined with local shops, boutique hotels, and dazzling restaurants that makes Big Bear Lake the perfect place to bask in the snow season and create some winter memories. 


8. Saariselka, Finland

Saariselka, Finland

Saariselka in Finland is a primary winter attraction in the northern Finland region and is known for its Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, where tourists flock to stay in one of the dozens of glass igloos across the planet. Here staying in the igloo will elevate your vacation experience like nowhere. One can enjoy unprecedented views of the Northern Lights while staying inside the igloos. If you want a more traditional cozy ambiance, you can ask for a log cabin. 


9. Switzerland


No list of the top winter destination couldn’t get completed without mentioning Switzerland. Its known for enthralling snowboarding experiences and 24*7 jaw-dropping inspiring snowy mountain backdrops! Imagine starting your day with skiing or boarding on the snowy slopes and ending your day while gorging the Swiss cuisine and Swiss Chocolate from your ski resort. What else do you want more? 


So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite snow destination in the world, and enjoy your winter vacay away from the sweltering heat. 


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