Set Your Heart Aflutter With These Best Things To Do In Singapore

Set Your Heart Aflutter With These Best Things To Do In Singapore

You Must Know: 

  • People having Australia, Switzerland, Norway, USA can enter into Singapore without a visa for 90 days
  • Bing the city of multi-millionaires, luxury could be found wherever you visit in Singapore
  • It has a very well organized transport system including flights, local buses, cabs, and trains
  • Singapore is totally safe for solo travellers 
  • Get ready to pay a hefty fine on smoking in a restricted area


Famed as the Lion City around the globe, Singapore is the ideal destination for couples for not one, not two but so many reasons that you would fall short of all the fingers in your body. Before moving forward, tell us one thing that did you know that Singapore was a fishing village before urbanization evolved it to a beautiful island city. Yes, that’s true. Singapore’s geographical size might be small, but things do in Singapore list is exceptionally big. If you and your bae have been craving an island vacation, the Lion City will do perfectly. 


But what are the romantic things to do in Singapore? Don’t go anywhere, we have done the homework for you. Have a look at our list of the best things to do in Singapore:


When Is The Best Time To Visit Singapore?

Due to its location placement in Southeast Asia, Singapore generally remains hot and humid throughout the year. You will only feel cold when you are somewhere in an airconditioned place like malls, hotels and more. Although Singapore is an excellent country to visit all the year-round, some travellers seek specific knowledge about its best time to visit. Here is the answer :

July to September: This is the festive season in Singapore where thousands of travellers come to explore the profuse facets of Singapore. This is the time when the Great Singapore Sale and Singapore Food Festival turn on the holiday mode on!

February to April – These are the months to travel in Singapore to unlock munificent outdoor adventures like watersports and much more.

November to January – Now these are the wettest months in Singapore and also the time when Singapore experiences the heavy downpour. So, chances are huge that your adventure would get restricted only to the few things and places to visit. 


  1. Share A Walk At Gardens By The Bay


We all have imagined walking natural surroundings with superb architecture, just like we have seen in many sci-fi movies. You don’t need to dream anymore as there is a human-made garden in Singapore named Garden by the Bay which spreads in the span of 249 acres. We bet you that your better half will fall in love with the beauty of flower dome. And yes, don’t miss out on a date at the restaurant on the tallest’ tree’ with international dishes to satiate your taste buds.


  1. Stay At Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Have you watched a picture of a hotel with a 150 m infinity pool on the terrace with the skyline view of the city? If so, just know that it is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and it is in Singapore. You can call it 21st century Stonehenge due to its structure. Pamper your partner and yourself with luxury here and soothe your eyes with the view you get to witness.


  1. Enjoy A Day At Universal Studios



A day at Universal Studios is a day full of fun, adventure and excitement with your better half. It is an amalgamation of 24 rides and attractions in which 18 are uniquely in the Singapore branch and how could we miss the seven theme parks it has in its abode. Hollywood, Madagascar, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World and Far Far Away. No matter how big we get, we miss our childhood favourites like Mickey Mouse and Universal Studios in Singapore will bring your long lost love for cartoon characters alive. Google Universal Studios in Singapore and let the pictures do the talking.


  1. Explore Sentosa Island


Away from the skyscraper side of life in Singapore, Sentosa Island is the perfect escape for couples to have some cosy time at Siloso beach. Swim with the dolphins, go on a cable car ride, flying Trapeze at the starting of the day followed by a romantic lunch at a beautiful restaurant. Fun and love is the new way of romance, isn’t that true?


  1. Ride the Singapore Cable Car


Nothing would be more romantic on your Singapore tour package other than taking the Singapore Cable Car Ride and watch out the city shine from the panoramic heights. The cable car ride in Singapore is itself a fun frolic encounter since you will be sitting inside a safe glass cabin where you will be moving on a ropeway Sentosa Line or Mount Faber Line, soaking in the gorgeous panoramic views giving you and your sweetheart romance kick. 

Timings- All 7 days a week from 8:45 AM to 9:30 PM


  1. An Evening At Mount Faber Park


Located just around 22 km from Singapore Airport, Mount Faber Park is mainly known for boasting impeccable sunrise and sunset. If you and your sweetheart are genuinely looking to have a romantic encounter with virgin beauty, then you must bring your own meal at this park and watch the sun rising slowly. We urge you to reach the highest point of Mount Faber to spot the baby Merlion, which is not as tall as the Merlion at Merlion Park, but it will give you the glimpse. The baby Merlion is three meters tall and is approved by the Singapore Tourism Board. 


  1. Delve Into Little India



If you and your adorable partner have explored enough of ultra-modern, legit skyscrapers, and natural friendly parks on your Singapore honeymoon experience and wanted to delve into the taste of India in Singapore, then visit ‘Little India’ in Singapore. Tucked around 20 km from the Singapore Airport, Little India is located in Serangoon Road and is a must-visit place if you want to witness the Indian vibes and its culture. 

From Hindu Temples to almost all types of Indian cuisine, Little India is the place to visit in Singapore if you want to discover the half portion of what it’s like to actually being surrounded with the most mindful people we all know them as the Indians. 


  1. Eight reasons on our list are




Can’t find it? Why don’t you check out our Singapore tour packages and slice as many as the reasons to visit Singapore with your family, sweetheart or with your gangs of the wanderers.

Also, tell us whether you find things to do in Singapore listed in this blog is helpful? What are some of the experiences that blew your mind after reading this blog?

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