Get Over God’s Own Island Bali And Switch To Kerala In India: Here Is Why

Does your definition for the perfect destination where lush green environs, pristine waterfalls, heartwarming locals are restricted to Bali only? If yes, then bookmark this blog post because, for me, Kerala is the definition of perfect. 


God has put a bit of everything in Kerala, too, just like Bali. Located in the South Indian region of India, locals call this paradise ‘God’s Own Country’ for a reason, and I visited Kerala previous week and have episodes the same that Kerala stands rightly on its name. The Country Of God’s!

From enthralling wildlife safaris to serene backwaters trips, from vibrant rainforests to manicured tea and spice plantations, Kerala is very unique from the rest of India. Make sure to visit Kerala on your India vacation in 2020. 

Here are a few interests pulling reasons to visit Kerala in 2020 that will make you believe that Kerala is true, God’s Own Creation, just like Bali. So, lend me your ears because I’m going to transport you to the real world of Kerala. YASSS!! 


  • Clear, Calm And Pure


One of the safest places for solo travel in India for females, Kerala, is clean, calm, tranquil, pure, and a very flabbergasted place to unlock the abundance of everything. From heartwarming locals to streets lined with the shadow of trees, you would hardly encounter any littering because people of Kerala are law-abiding. 


  • Tranquil Backwaters 


While searching for the specialty of Kerala, visitors can unlock the most unique staying experience, which lies in its tranquil backwaters. Experience the many faces of the backwaters life in Kerala by cruising in the houseboats, which go along the palm-lined fringed canals. 

One of the best places in Kerala for backwater cruising is Alleppey. Guests can choose to seek romantic accommodation in various resorts that are lined along the tranquil backwaters.

If you are looking to fly to Kerala on your vacation package to India, you have the best option to stay in a traditional houseboat, which is equipped with a private bathroom, kitchen, comfortable room, and even private balcony to enjoy the glorious sunset views. 


  • The Whimsical Variety Of Nature


Guests who are looking to encounter the whimsical variety of nature on their Kerala trip will be left in wonder since Kerala’s nature has truly something for everyone. From its beaches to backwaters, from lush waterfalls to landscape wrapped in green environs, the national parks in Kerala, to are must-visit if you are a wildlife loving person. 

The most talked-about National Parks in Kerala are Eravikulam National Park, Periyar National Park, Silent Valley National Park. 



  • Picturesque Beaches 


The Country of God’s, Kerala, houses one of the best beaches in the country. Varkala Beach in Kerala is India’s only cliff beach that will leave you spellbound with its white powdered sands. You can take a romantic stroll at Marari Beach too, which is a very scenic beach like Varkala. 

The variety of beaches are in abundance in Kerala, and Kappi Beach is sure the place to enjoy a sea view while gazing at the backwaters. In short, go and visit Kerala, and tell us in the comments section if we have missed any beach of there? 



  • The Manicured Tea Plantations 

The-Manicured-Tea-Plantations in-kerala-india

Visiting the numerous tea plantations in Kerala is one of the top reasons why you should visit Kerala in 2020. Guests can unlock enchanting experience by making a stay amidst the lush green environs, which will evoke the sense of holidaying in a paradise amongst the tourists. 

Munnar is one such place in Kerala, which houses sprawling tea plantations and emerald greenery. From misty hills to tropical forests, experience the rarest of rare flora and fauna and wildlife in and around Munnar. 


  • Drool-Worthy Spicy Food


Kill you starvation with the good vegetarian and non-vegetarian food on your trip to Kerala. Trust us, you won’t find any bad food in Kerala no matter where you will eat, big or small. From all the days I have spent on my vacations to Kerala, the best part of wandering around Kerala is to sample the drool-worthy sea cuisine mixed with authentic Kerala spices. 

The must-try food in Kerala is paper-thin dosa that comes with coconut chutney, masala potatoes, and Sambhar (without which the Keralan dosa is not complete without gorging on). 


The Best Time To Visit Kerala?


All the 365 days are the fitting time to travel to Kerala, and there is no bad time to visit Kerala. 


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