How To Spend 4 Wonderful Days In Bhutan After Removal Of Travel Restriction?

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Excluding Indian, Maldivian and Bangladeshi people, every other country’s tourists require a visa to travel to Bhutan.

Bhutan is the only destination in the world where you will see a smile on the face of every other local individual. Bhutan is a small landlocked country sharing its borders with two powerful nations – India and China. India is considered to be the best friend of Bhutan since the Bhutanese government purchases army equipment, and Indian Armed Forces have to train their army people.


This small landlocked nation is highly popular with the name of “The Land Of Thunder Dragons because of its smiling culture. It is the only country in the world where success is measured with Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and it is a real thing. Approx 800,000 people reside in Bhutan, and all of them truly embrace their cultural and traditional values.


Bhutan is located amidst the Himalayas and is a mecca of natural wonders where trekking, national parks, ancient monasteries, vibrant festivals call every type of tourists – be it adventurer, spiritual.


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Important Things To Know Before You Go!


International tourists after the lockdown will end have to land at Paro International Airport. If you choose to be smart enough and make Culture Holidays your travel partner, you’ll meet our local guide outside the airport to receive you and welcome you! We will take you to the capital town of Bhutan, Thimphu, which is approximately an hour journey from international Paro Airport.


You will find a range of luxury hotels options in Bhutan. Still, you must know that there are a range of 3 to 4-star accommodations in Bhutan like Hotel Bhutan, which is just a minute walking away from the City Center and it is also located near the Bhutanese Crafts Market.


Day Wise Things To Do In Bhutan :


Day 1:


Bhutan is home to a huge number of grand climbs, and you should go to Thimpu at SANGAYGANG to open the flying perspectives on the capital town. The half-hour climb will be short but long enough to assemble a craving.


Later on, you can go to the FOLK HERITAGE MUSEUM RESTAURANT for an early lunch and have your first Bhutanese dinner most validly. This is an incredible spot to set up your taste buds for all the nearby nourishment that is coming to your route and as you probably are aware.


A major spread of dishes is put on your table including the renowned Ema Datsi (Chilies with cheddar); indeed, chillies are utilized here as the essential fixing, and the hotness relies upon how they have been cooked, the sooner you become accustomed to them the better.


Make Buddha Point your next stop, a 54-meter high sculpture of the Great Buddha Dordenma which houses more than one hundred thousand littler sculptures made with bronze and gold, of Great Buddha Dordenma himself. This magnificent sculpture is situated amidst the mountains sitting above the southern part of the city. It speaks to the body of the Buddha and makes an ideal spot for an instagram post.


Also, you should visit the MEMORIAL CHORTEN, a stupa speaking to the psyche of the Buddha, the most strict milestone in the city of Thimphu. You will see local people recounting petitions and spinning supplication wheels a clockwise way, which is the standard for every single, strict structure in Bhutan.



Day 2:


You should start your second day by taking a 2-hour drive to the city of Punakha through the DOCHULA PASS, a mountain pass at 3,100 meters rise situated making a course for Punakha. An away from the Himalayan range can be seen here, including the Mount Massangang, the most elevated pinnacle of Bhutan.


On coming to Punakha, you can’t miss making a beeline for CHIMI LHAKHANG (FERTILITY TEMPLE), a spot visited by tourists for touring and numerous couples from all around the globe who look for the gifts to imagine.


The last stop for the day should be at the most well-known spot to visit in Punakha, THE PUNAKHA DZONG, the regulatory focal point of Punakha region. A superb post arranged in the most beautiful area. This is an unquestionable requirement accomplished for some ravishing snaps, see with your own eyes.



Day 3:


Nothing could pound the excitement of walking on the third day of your Bhutan holidays and wondering what the grand valley sees. You could go for another climb and this opportunity to KHAMSUM YALLEY NAMGYAL CHOETEN, a stupa based on a slope. A 30 brief ascension, marginally more testing than the one in Thimphu but justified, despite all the trouble.


If you are lucky enough, the chances are high that you will observe a strict custom at the top. Watch the Buddhist priests reciting mantras while playing their musical instruments within sight of the consuming incense in the yard.


The following stop on your Bhutan schedule on the third day should be PUNAKHA SUSPENSION BRIDGE. A design wonder stacked with supplication signals that extend around 170m long over the Po Chhu waterway. One for the adrenaline surge and amazing photography opportunities.



Day 4:


Trust us, leaving the beautiful Punakha valley won’t be easy but it will be essential for your next experience in Phobjikha Valley. If you book your Bhutan tour package with Culture Holidays, at that point, we assure you that you will be engaged during the long drives so for the following 2 hours.


Before you would arrive at your obscure beds, you can embark for the GANGTEY NATURE TRAIL, an incredibly pleasant level trail you will be compelled to set aside your sweet effort to investigate the wild and take a million photographs. Toward the finish of this trail, you will reach the BLACK NECKED CRANE CENTER, an asylum for the dark necked cranes of Bhutan, a spot where you can gain proficiency with about them and if karma is your ally, you may even observe one very close.


Before making a beeline for your lodging, you should make a snappy stop at the SANGCHHEN DORJI LHUENDRUP NUNNERY where our travel guide will disclose to all of you about the nuns in Buddhism and the history behind this spot while appreciating ethereal perspectives on the Punakha valley.


Last But Not Least, Why Bhutan Should Be Your Next Destination :


  • Bhutanese local people are amazingly warm, inviting tourists.
  • The nation is overly ok for a wide range of travellers.
  • It’s the world’s only negative carbon country with 70% of greenery.
  • Bhutanese hot cuisine is worth relishing.
  • Farm stays, and homestays are more well known in Bhutan than hotels and resorts.


You are allowed to ask anything about travelling to Bhutan in the comments section. Meanwhile, till the time when travel restriction is not lifting, brush up your knowledge by reading a range of blogs on our website.

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