How To Stay Emotionally, Physically, And Spiritually Healthy During The CoronaVirus Epidemic?

You can take preventive measures, but beyond that, you have to stop your inner saboteurs from taking over your thoughts and control your lives.


The specialized agency responsible for public health, the WHO (World Health Organization), has coached us about how to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus to stay physically healthy. But how many of you are worried about attaining emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health amid the global coronavirus epidemic?


To Stay Emotionally, Physically, And Spiritually Healthy During The CoronaVirus Epidemic


How do we stay emotionally healthy when many around us are fearful? Nowadays, people all around you, and I have a fear of coronavirus in their heart. People are not stepping outside their houses, and only those who need are going outside with a fear of this epidemic in their hearts daily.


Many countries are affected, many died, the governments of the nations are doing their best, but the condition is still wrong and worse. Italy has registered the most number of deaths after China, and they are crying for help from God!


Everyone around us is living on the edge, and is afraid and even continually thinking that what if he or she does have the signs of being infected by COVID-19. All around you, and we are living in fear. But that is the problem…


YES!! Taking preventive measures is the best thing. But apart from that, you should stop letting your inner saboteurs take over your thoughts and control your life. Don’t create the panic inside your head that you will be in the web of this epidemic. Instead, harvest you physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy to prevent the coronavirus. Wondering how?


Here are the proven techniques for managing your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual well being balanced in the outbreak of CoronaVirus.




Don't get in touch with the people - Corona


Don’t get in touch with the people who are coughing, sneezing, and avoid contact with the people wearing a mask. Stop going in public places malls. Use public transportation and visit grocery stores when in need only! Don’t wear the mask for more than 24 hours, and later, dump it into the Dustin property!


Stop meeting everyone around you and stay connected inside your house. Avoid exchanging personal items like shoes, food, clothes, and even your accessories or gadgets. You don’t know where this virus will get into your body.


You can prevent infection if you will wash your hands for 20 seconds after coming from anywhere outside, even from at your terrace or parking. You must do this before and after eating your food as well. Also, avoid touching your body parts to prevent the infection as possible.




And if you believe that you or some other people are infected around you, then the best you could do is to call the doctor and seek medical assistance. The concerned doctor will let you know whether you seek medical assistance in the hospital or not.


Eating fruits like apples is a great option to break the effect of COVID-19. Apple is considered as nature’s medicine in the form of food, that’s why there’s a famous proverb – “An Apple A Day, Keep the doctor’s Away.” According to a world-renowned nutritionist, consuming apple helps you to fight with diseases and body problems like –


  • Colon cancer
  • Blood sugar
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Weight loss


Include an apple diet balanced meal in your eating habit because apple is considered as all-rounder fruit to prevent diseases and helps in fighting off anything that risks life.






Feelings and thoughts could be different, but they are connected with each other.


According to the scientific experts and many researchers, the fear center of our brain – our amygdalas – remains in overdrive when we create the panic situation in our head first. Scientists on this have to say that our body, the mind, is being programmed with the belief that this or that particular virus, illness is “DEADLY” when we hear around us the expected deaths and infected person.


If you consider the studies of the world-renowned researchers like DR. Bruce, then you would come to know that biology of stress is responsible for up to 90% of the illness. The irony is that fear and anxiety are scientifically proven elements to harm your health, which also results in putting you at risk of everything, including heart disease, cancer, common cold, and more!


When an individual conveys the condition of pressure or stress, the discharge of stress hormones closes down the resistant framework to monitor the body’s vitality for fleeing from the apparent stressor – the transformative ‘battle or flight reaction.’


The question on everyone’s lips is the same. What can I do to protect myself from the virus?


According to DR. Bruce – the American biologist, stress causes and ignites fear, and fear is the prime reason that creates and pumps stress in our body. What does this mean? It’s simple – that the fear of coronavirus is more destructive than the virus itself!


The more negative energy you gather in your mind to defend yourself from a perceived danger, the more you are prone to sickness and disease.


All you have to do is to control a response to the situation, which brings fear in your mind.




meditate on your own space


This isn’t to state there is no reason to be concerned, or that we should disregard the sound guidance of doctors experts and general wellbeing specialists. However, frenzy and dread are not from God. Quiet and expectation are. What’s more, it is conceivable to react to an emergency genuinely and intentionally while keeping up an inward feeling of quiet and expectation. Be imaginative and meditate on your own space.


Counsel a sacred book to peruse, assemble your family to discuss the great deeds of life, share your best noteworthy experiences how God is present to you, even amidst emergency, and practice gratefulness for your life. Do a similar that interfaces you with God, practice GRATITUDE. The intensity of appreciation is stunning, and it opens all the ways to mindful and careful living.


Pick Anxiety Relief and Self RegulationTools Like Gratitude, Thankfulness, Mediation, Yoga to kill the dreadful idea of the coronavirus.


These otherworldly tips I’ve shared here are basic practices for changing how you experience your encounters. You can choose, “I’m going to leave this alone a chance to rehearse the intensity of positive reasoning. This is a chance to fortify my otherworldly confidence and trust the voice of my Higher Self.”


We need to assume liability for our contemplations since we really have a major effect on everything that is occurring around us. You’re reading this right now because there’s a piece of you that trusts you can change your conditions through your musings, convictions, and vitality. Pay attention to that and be a piece of the arrangement during this season of coronavirus uneasiness.


Trust that you have the open door right currently to change the vitality. You can move the vitality in your family and your locale. At the point when you avoid potential risk, take them with confidence and a positive goal. You do this by making statements like, “I’m washing my hands right now, and that is guarding me safe.


It’s totally different to wash your hands with that vitality than to wash your hands from a position of, “I’m washing my hands since I’m scared.” There’s an altogether different vitality around it.


I feel a major duty to appear and bolster you right now as we move through this emergency as a worldwide network. I trust these instruments serve you. Bring one or every one of them into your day by day life at the present time. Take a full breath. Grin. We are good at this time.

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  1. Thanks for this wisdom. I consider Culture Holidays a well spring of peace and positive living. The lessons I learned during my visit to India under the tutelage of Mr. Sanjay Bhasin have served me in so many ways. The methods of practicing meditation, embracing gratitude, even the breathing exercises and positive affirmations changed my life so much.

    We will get through this C19 crisis and I look forward to again return to experiencing the world along with my friends and clients with Culture Holidays. Blessings on all of you.

    Doris Anderson, Owner
    Houston, Texas USA

    • Thank you very much Doris for your kind words.

      We are glad that the transformative trip and sessions by Mr.Sanjay has made a positive impact on your life.

      Definitely we will come out of this Covid-19 situation soon and we look forward to have you with us soon

      Stay safe.

      Love and regards
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