India On Mind? Check Out The Swoon-Worthy 10 Romantic Places In Delhi, India, For International Tourists

Do you know? Delhi is the only place in India, where romance has no “If’s and “But’s.” 

Frankly, if someone tells you that Delhi is manic, crazy, and super polluted, then ask them to mind their own business, because Delhi, India, is not about what you have heard on Television and social media. Instead, if you have doubts, erase them by embarking on an India trip.




Well, if you ask us, Delhi is the capital state of incredible India and is one of the best tourist attractions in the Golden Triangle India Tour Package. This exotic city has everything that acts as a magnet for local as well as international tourists as well! In fact, Delhi is the only place in India that allows tourists to really experience the “Mini India.” Means, in Delhi, you will locate everything! Whether it’s any cuisine food, handicraft items, precious gemstones, jewellery. 

With everything under its belt, Delhi is a place to enjoy a few days on your India vacations. So, if you have planned your India trip, make sure to include Delhi for a sightseeing trip with you babe, and go local at these romantic places in Delhi, India tour package. Wondering how? This is our job to tell, read on!


Can You Tell Readers About The Right Time To Visit Delhi, India?




Absolutely YES! Delhi is a wonderful place to visit throughout the 365 days! But, for your knowledge, there are Summer months in Delhi starting from April mid to September mid. It is the time when Delhi experiences heat around 28 degrees Celcius to 45 degrees Celsius. However, in-between months like July and August are monsoon months, and if you visit Delhi in July and August, you will get to romance in the tropical monsoon weather. 


How To Get Around Delhi, India?




Since the capital state of India, Delhi has ample arrangements for tourists. With excellent connectivity from the countries like US, UK, and Australia, you can take full advantage of affordable flight tickets if you will take a direct flight. 

Expert’s Tip – However, if you are residing in India already, then train journey, road trips via personal car or a private cab, is an excellent way to get around Delhi’s famous tourist attractions. 


How Long You Should Make Delhi Your Romance Hub? 



Well, that depends on how romantic you are! Seriously! We are not joking. Being the major inclusion in Golden Triangle India Tour, Delhi captivates the interests of tourists with its divine temples, Gurudwaras, Ancient Forts and romance-driven places. However, it is suggested to make Delhi your romance hub for at least 2 to 3 days!


Glad To Hear That! So, What Are The Romantic Places In Delhi For Couples?

Read the full list out of swoon-worthy romantic places in Delhi to put your wonder into romance lust. Here we go!!

  • Qutub Minar



For the concentrated dose of history, explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Delhi, Mehrauli region. Qutub Minar is a photogenic minaret that is frequently visited by international tourists. You will get to view the numerous significant monuments while you are there. 


  1. Lodi Gardens



One of the finest places in Delhi for walking hand in hand with your spouse, Lodi Gardens is a lush green place bewitched with the serene environment, fresh air, and romanticized aura. There are tombs inside this beautiful garden which acts as a tourist magnet. Couples can take advantage of the peaceful environment inside Lodhi Gardens and spend some ME time. 

The garden is free of cost to explore! The entry and exit timings are 6 AM to 7:30 PM. 


  1. Zoological Park



The Zoological Park is yet another romantic place in Delhi for couples where they can walk hand in hand and watch over more than 100 animals including white tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos, and much more! There are eateries option available outside the zoological park, Delhi, and international couples can explore artificial wildlife by paying around 200 INR per head only!

However, be assured about the timing of the zoological park, since opening times depend on the season tourists are visiting. 


  1. Garden Of Five Senses



Avoid the public display of affection, and get a romanticized picnic at the Garden Of Five Senses. It is an amazing place to spend a romantic time watching beautiful greenery and flowers. You can savour tasty local as well as cuisine food as there are restaurants for couples to share a romantic evening with scrumptious meals. 


  1. Deer Park



It is a wonderful place adjacent to the Hauz Khas Complex, that boasts a natural environment for the Deers, Birds, and Ducks. Planning a visit to Deer Park will be revitalizing for you since there is a lake surrounded by lush green trees overlooking the Hauz Khas Fort too! You should visit this romantic place in Delhi if you are finding locations on India trip for photography opportunities. 


  1. Plan A Movie Date 


Plan-A-Movie-Date in-delhi

This activity is something which not most of the vacation planner company offer to international tourists on their Delhi exploration. But, if you book your India trip with Culture Holidays, chances are very high that you will get to explore Delhi like a local guy! 

There are myriads of rooftop cafes that offer couples the chance to watch a romantic movie overlooking the milky clouds and shimmering stars. We could arrange this romantic activity for you. How is it sounding?


  1. Chandini Chowk



The heart of Delhi, Chandini Chowk is a chaotic place, but it demands a visit if you have come to India for the local street food. From scrumptious foods like Chole Bhature to Jalebi to Paranthas, give your tastebuds the new sensation with the local cuisine of Chandini Chowk. 


Note – All of the locations as mentioned above for couples in Delhi are located at a proximate distance of not more than 1 hour. Even some of the places are tucked at a very proximate distance. 


Tips For International Travelers On Their Delhi Exploration:

  • Do not share your details with any outsider that you don’t know, and avoid engaging in an argument with locals.
  • Do not book an instant cab ride to explore Delhi tourist attraction. Instead, book an all-inclusive Delhi tour package to avoid hassles.
  • Do not travel at night, and avoid visiting any place in the night alone. 
  • The best you can do is to take your vacations with Culture Holidays to venture Delhi like a local. 
  • Skip eating anything offered by the people to you, no matter how decent they look!
  • Make your hotel bookings in advance!
  • Avoid wearing western clothes in Spiritual and religious places. 

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