My Mom Is My Favourite Travel Companion: Here Is Why

If you are like me, who have a whole lot of wanderlust in your blood, then I’m sure you have a listing of destinations you would like to visit in your life. Tell us, if you can resonate with this saying. However, for traveling, there are myriad factors to choose from. But the one then stands throughout the trip is with whom you are traveling with. Whether it’s your friends, brothers, or colleagues, your travel companion is the one who decides 50% that how your trip is going to be. 

But have you ever thought of going on a vacation with your mom? If not, then you should right now! Why? This is our job to tell, read on!




Your mom is the only one who understands you more than you do yourself. What does that mean? This means that she can be your best travel companion too on your vacations, and could add 10X fun, excitement, adventure, and lots of wonderful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

I’ve been to my adventure to Sri Lanka with my mom before this month, and I can’t wait to tell you why I found my mom the best travel companion. Those who share common interests with their mother would relate to my blog!


  • We Both Have The Same Cravings For Food



For me, food is one of those options to enter into the heart of the places I visit. Since I’m a travel blogger, I have cravings to savour the delicious food of new destinations. When I was on my Bali trip, I had sampled the local dishes of Bali that are great to savor. 

Fortunately, my mom and I share the same love for the food we consume right from our home to vacations. Whenever we make a journey together, we both prioritize where we are likely to satiate our cravings for the same food with the same amount of fun and adventure too!


  1. I Get Clicked By Family Photographer


Tell me if you can resonate with me. Whenever you travel, you need someone to take maximum snaps of you, so that you can showcase your vacations over Instagram and Facebook. And guess what? My one and only love, my mother and I enjoy each other’s company when we get some leisure time. 

Either it’s a weekend getaway or a long summer vacations, my mom is an amazing photographer who well understands the poses that I flaunt in front of the camera. And did I told you that she doesn’t get irritated when I ask her to keep clicking my pics? 


  1. I Get To Share My Best Memories With The Most Loving Person In The Whole  World

Get-The-Most-Loving-Person-In-The-Whole World

If you go somewhere special, you want to talk about these experiences with the men and women who matter the most to you. If I am doing something I want to remember forever, I need to have my mom right by my side. 

And there is nothing greater to go on a vacation with your mom, and sharing the love of travel with the lady, who means everything to you. How is it sounding? 


  1. She Is My True Friend


A best friend is someone who will cause you to laugh, have your back, and can be down for the adventure. That not only clarifies the best travel companion, but it is also an accurate description of my mother. She’s the PB to my J, and you can’t break that bond apart.


  1. It Saves Me From Having To Recap A Trip To Her Later


I’m someone who calls her mother pretty much every single day. When it is not a phone call, I’m at least texting her. If she is on every adventure with me, I don’t have to recap all of the adventures in the future. Plus, it’ll save a ton on roaming fees and international data plans.


  1. Same Activities Entices Us


I am my mother’s daughter. Therefore, I love doing anything she’s doing. We never need to argue about what to do on our travels, because we’re so like-minded. As a matter of fact, on our upcoming cruise, it was so easy choosing excursions, since we instantly picked the very same ones.


  1. The Liberty Of Peaceful Freedom Strikes Me 

I could be my authentic self when I’m about my mom, and it’s such a relief. I could be upfront and honest about what I wish to perform, and don’t need to go with whatever flow everybody else is going on.

If you want to share your travel story where your mom/brother/sister or girlfriend was your traveling partner, the good news is you can share with the community of enthusiasts travelers — wondering how to share? Glad, you ask this! Drop your comments below, and we’ll contact you and answer your queries.


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