10 Reasons To Visit India – That are Genuine

“Do you know visiting India can make you feel alive again”?

Nestled in the heart of every traveler, India is a country that carves such a deep, lasting impression on a traveler’s mind. It is one of those countries in the world that rightly personifies the idea of traveling to a destination that blazes its way more than any other nation in the world. It has lush green beauty, exotic architecture, concentrated intensity of colors, cobalt blue lakes, snow-blanketed mountains, handsome forts.

10 Reasons To Visit India

Tourists who visit India are bewitched with its vibrancy, interesting rituals, and beguiling festivals. It’s hard to frame the enticing beauty of incredible India in a few words, as must-do experiences in India are plenty, and things to do in India are in bunches.


If you ask us, the best part of traveling to India apart that India is relatively affordable to travel, we would say that India will cuddle you in its warmth vibrancy, local slang, and scrumptious street food.

india travel is heaven

To put it differently, Culture Holidays brings you the best of the best experiences to have in India. Our guide to India covers all the vital information you need for a trip to India. From historical places to towering mountains; from divine temples to gurgling lakes, be prepared to get amazed by the number of mesmerizing experiences you can tick on your India tour package.


Tips For Travelling To India For The First Time


  • Forget The Stereotypes

Forget The Stereotypes in india-travel

India is both modern and traditional, poor and rich, chaotic and serene. You have to keep this in mind and don’t bind yourself in any stereotype thinking. Avoid traveling to a region that doesn’t sound safe by first sight.


  • Embrace The Diversity

Embrace The Diversity while traveling in india

India cannot be defined by specific particular culture and religion. There is a diversity in India that acts as a magnet for tourists who flock to India.


  • Wear Coverable Clothes

Wear Coverable Clothes while traveling india

It is not about you can’t wear western clothes in India, but on your India tour package, you should keep in mind that Indian people are respectful towards their culture. There are prohibited areas like temples, villages, where you should avoid western outfits.


Tip: You can wear sleeveless Kurtis (similar to a western tunic top) with salwars (baggy Indian pants)


  • Avoid Travelling In Night


For sure, you should avoid traveling to any of the places to visit in India at night time if you’re traveling solo. India has a different way to lure the tourists even in the nights too! I advise you to travel at night only when you have got a full guided tour booked with Culture Holidays.


I urge you to not to make travel plans alone in India at night because you are maybe new to India, and there are some of the places that have a dark side in India and may give you the daunting experience.


How To Get There?


There are thousands of direct flights from almost all International countries to visit India. Traveling to India is very affordable.


How Many Days Are Enough To Cover The Best Places To Visit In India?


Frankly, it’s something that we can’t tell you! I mean, how can someone mention the days to cover the top places to visit in India when there are tourist attractions like Kerala, Kashmir, Pondicherry, Delhi, Mumbai and much more?


However, the top things to do in India and places to visit in India can be maximized if you would book your India tour with Culture Holidays.

Experiences In India That Will Force You To Pack Your Bags :


  • Going Glamping

Going Glamping on visit in india

Experience the glamping adventure on your India tour package and connect with nature and luxury at one place. From the towering mountains of Ladakh to the dunes of Rajasthan, this unique activity is becoming the new lavish experience that should definitely be in your India bucket list of experiences.


Going glamping in the lush green jungles, amidst the beaches is a relaxing thing to do in India.


  • The people

Meet with The People in India travel

India is a country that welcomes its tourists with their open heart. No matter whether you’re traveling to famous tourist places to visit in India, or you’re traveling to some rural areas, you will encounter many hospitable people throughout your exploration. From the hospitality of Ladakh homestays to the tasting the local food into a local’s home to simply wandering around the streets and encounter children playing, the warmth of Indian hospitality will surely touch you!


  • The Chaos

cheos in India

On your trip to India, embrace the chaos in any part you visit. There may be endless traffic jams, crowded streets, delays, unwanted honking of horns, daunting motorbike engines and narrow street lanes occupied with rickshaws and local food vendors. But even the chaos in India is so worthy of visiting.


  • The Glorious Himalayas

The Glorious Himalaya of India

India is home to the majestic snow blanketed mountain peaks including Everest, K2, and Kanchenjunga. During your India tour packages, you will have the chance to cuddle up by the jagged, arid mountains of Ladakh, also called the Land of High Mountain Passes. While you can enjoy plenty of things to do in Ladakh like trekking, camping, admiring pristine lakes, consider visiting North East India.

From green-clad hill slopes to ageless forests, North India is blessed with snow-covered mountain ranges. You will find plenty of romantic hotels in North East where enjoying the snow-capped views from the room window is the best things to do in India.


  • For The Love of Beaches

beaches of India

If you want to turn on the #beach mode after making mountain affair in India, then you would be spoiled of the sun-kissed beaches India has From the beaches in Kerala to beaches in Gokarna to Goa, India is a country that has some of the most idyllic beaches in the world.


Though, many of you may be heard that Goa is the place to enjoy the beach vibes. However, this is true, but visiting Goa to satiate your beach cravings on your India tour package is not an appropriate choice as beaches in Goa are heavily occupied with mass tourism, in fact, the whole Goa state is a party paradise and thousands of tourist flocks to Goa every month which makes tourists think that there should be alternative of Goa.


So, visit Gokarna. Gokarna has a maximum of secluded beaches in Asia. Did we mention that Andaman also has the finest beaches in India? Indulge in watersport activities and dive into the beaches to get familiar with the underwater marine life.


  • Festivals


India is a country of festivals, or you could say that festivals are synonymous with India. Such is the diversity and vividity of India that most charming festivals in the world are celebrated in India with full enthusiasm and happiness. From Diwali to Holi to even Christmas and Eid, every festival in India has its own significance.

If you want to be part of the finest festivals in India, consider taking our India vacation packages.


  • To Meet The People

Meet with The People in India travel

I got stuck in the demonization in India and fell short of cash as there was a system change in the whole country. I was being one of the people who was feeling difficulty in getting cash as banks are heavily occupied with locals of India. I read somewhere that if you are in India and get stuck in any problem, find the colorful turban men. They will surely help you! I visited Gurdwara and told the Sikhs about my problem. They assisted me with the money as well with the food.


These are the words of foreigner tourist in when he went for solo tripping in India and falls short of cash. You will receive a celebrity type of hospitality when you are on your India exploration. Locals in India are very helpful and never hesitate to help tourists with all they have.


  • For Wah Taj

the taj mahal

“Waah” is the Indian slang that locals use for elaborating the excellence of something. Such feeling will come from your heart when you visit one of the World’s Seven Wonders, The Taj Mahal. This architectural masterpiece is built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife, – Mumtaz.


Admire the beauty of magnificent Taj and get ready to elevate your senses by its white marble shining. Taking India tour packages and touring the Taj Mahal is one of the finest reasons to visit India.


There are plenty of accommodations options near Taj Mahal where guests can enjoy the view of this white marble excellence from their window while sipping their drink with their sweetheart.


Tip – Taj Mahal is an Instagrammable place to visit and doing couple photoshoot there is one of the best things to do in India.


  • Bewitching Forts, Palaces, Lakes


And colorful cities too! Rajasthan is the romance, action, and history packed destination to visit India. It has forts that are royal, lakes that are shimmering, and palaces that are destination themselves. This vibrant state of India has a routine beauty, no matter if you want to do desert safari with camping under the stars to enjoying a thrilling wildlife safari at Ranthambore National Park to enjoy boating in Udaipur Lakes and admiring the whole lot romance to the next level, Rajasthan will staple the memories of blissful India vacations.


From cuisine food to trending festivals to colorful Pink City of Jaipur and the Blue City of Jodhpur, visiting Rajasthan on India holiday package is one of the best things to cherish in India.


  • Searching for the tenth reason to visit India? Why not self experience it and tell the whole world that India is an amazing place to visit? Slice out as many as reasons to visit India as India is a country that will welcome you with heartwarming hospitality.


If you don’t want to miss out the action, romance, and mindful affair in India with it’s best places to visit, check out our India tours.


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